Date: 16th December 2017 at 9:05am
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A great post by Eddy1 in the article comments yesterday.

Time to give more of our youth a chance?

Eddy1 said:

“Interesting that Wolves had only one player over 27 in there team tonight.” (Their win over over Sheffield Wednesday putting them seven points ahead in the league – even though their fans still aren`t travelling in numbers to celebrate having the best team by some way!)

He continued:

“I know we have injuries but we have some great youngsters ready to go , surely with Davis as our powerful forward player it would be a great combination to have O’Hare scurrying around him to pick the the half chances?

In defence we have Suliman who represents England but isn’t getting a look in. Gabby will be in the squad or on the bench as soon as Bruce can get him in, how much longer do we have to put up with underperforming players in a claret and blue shirt ????

“We are dropping points here and there and the teams above are slowly but surely creating a gap and the chasers behind us have caught up and with big games against teams in the top eight coming up …. which we don’t seem to win (???) its a concerning time which could see us out of the play-offs positions let alone anywhere near top two come January !!!!”

Thoughts Vital Villans, would you put more of our younger players in? Even if it is only introductions as subs maybe? And personally, rather than developing Onomah, who seems off the pace anyway, why not see what Jack Grealish can do for us now he`s back fit?


5 Replies to “Is It Time To Give Our Villa Youth More Of A Chance?”

  • I’d like to see O’Hare in the mix more, he’s a real bulldog, just won’t give up the ball… unlike some of our players who go missing.

  • Yes, our youth should be given more of a chance, but they won’t be given that chance unless it is really, really desperate. Look at Davis. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve got no other striker fit/available, he’d still be either in the U23s or on

  • Very good point. Especially about Onomah… I really like him, but he has a lot of poor games. IF we could sign him permanent ( for a reasonable price) i would be all for preserving with him because he will IMO become a very good player eventually… But

  • Agree that we don’t want to do Spud’s work for them, the better Onomah does the higher his price anyway. Get Jack in as soon as possible. The rest of the youth? Get them in slowly.

  • May be the odd one, but I wouldn’t be confident with us throwing too many in at once. Young players are typically inconsistent – look at Davis, 1 week he looks tremendous, the next he has a touch like Gestede. We do seem to build our youngsters up too muc

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