Date: 18th October 2006 at 10:43am
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Juan Pablo Angel once again seems to have split opinion after we asked if the Columbian striker was a spent force or not.

50% have backed him and said he’ll come good.

21% are confused and said after the game against Spurs they really aren’t sure anymore.

17% took the hard line and said he is a liability and should be sold leaving 12% saying he is a squad player at best.

I can’t remember a player for many a long year that fans seem to keen to see succeed, he really does appear to be such a likeable chappy and with him being our record signing (at £9.5 million) the Villa faithfully are just willing him to show us the form of a few seasons back when he broke through the 20 goal barrier.

You’d have to suggest that time is running out though, he’s GOT to start banging the goals in and NOW in order to impress the new manager who lets face it, could have some money at his disposal if the current strikers don’t start obliging goal wise.


13 Replies to “Is Juan Pablo Angel A Liability?”

  • There seems to be a special relationship between Angel and us Villa fans, or is it just me? Most strikers wouldn’t get these sort of results from fans after the lack of goals but it just seems everyone at Villa just wills Angel to come good.

  • A defining season for Angel. He’s a class-act, no doubt. But he should have buried those last-minute chances against Chelski and the Spuds. Will Sutton be Angel’s saviour ?

  • JPA is a confience player – When he has this, he is great – I loved his arrogance when he was interviewed on Sky after the Scunthorpe game – However, he has missed more penalties in recent seasons than he has scored, which is unacceptable as a striker – I

  • You are right about there being a special relationship JF. Its because Angel felt like the fans signing after the pound sign protest and so ever since then he has been our pick really and not one of the managers. I think also, most Villa fans can see th

  • I know what you mean, but I think most of the Villa first 11 are favorites of the Villa faithfull. We have never had a big squad so have always kinda known the players we had more. Angel was a special signing and he has had a couple of great seasons and

  • He’s our best out and out centre forward and until that changes lets get the holte end chorus to add extra power into those magical shooting boots.

  • I’ve never been convinced he’s good enough. I’d go much further and say in his final season here, Crouch deserved to keep his place ahead of him too in spite of Angel’s goals that season. And I am even less convinced in him now. He still doesn’t work hard

  • Baros10 I quote from your post “He still doesn’t work hard enough”
    Now i was at the game on saturday and he covered every blade of grass. He dropped deep , he went wide , he did all that we could of asked (apart from the og and the missed penalty. Lol) A

  • Blimey guys. Hold the phone! The guy wasn’t being used as an out and out striker until Sours. He has been there to hold the ball up and bring the mid/f into the game. He and Sutton will be an excellent combo if we can get him fit

  • I too like JPA but he needs to start putting the ball in the back of the net and stake his place before the Transfer window opens again or MON will get someon else in who can. The same goes for Baros who still looks like he panics in front of goal and wou

  • I like JPA, and believe that he’s started the current campaign in fine form. Is he a long term answer though? No, I dont think he is. We desperately need quality goalscorers, and JPA, one season apart, has never proved to us that he’s capable of scoring consistently.

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