Date: 15th June 2018 at 7:00pm
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It seems that we are open to offers for Albert Adomah if the Birmingham Mail are to be believed. The 30-year-old may have been our top goalscorer last season, but the club’s need to make at least £40m in player sales this summer means a number of hard decisions will be made.

Albert’s former clubs Middlesbrough and Bristol City are said to be the teams most likely to make bids, although the player himself is keen to stay at Villa Park.

On the face it, selling your leading scorer shouldn’t be something we should be considering. A wide man who can score 15 goals in a single season is a tremendous asset, especially when you need goals from all over the pitch in a 46 game season.

The Ghanaian international’s contribution to getting us into the playoffs was undoubted. On top of that, the return of Robert Snodgrass to West Ham means our goal threat from wide areas is already significantly diminished.

With all that being said though, there are a number of reasons why a sale does make sense. At 30 years of age, our no.37’s value will only diminish in the next few years. He has another two years to run on his current deal, and after a red-hot campaign in front of goal, he will be a player that other Championship sides will want to sign.

At the end of last season, his form had also dropped off pretty significantly. Just one goal and two assists in his last 12 league matches wasn’t anything to write home about.

If those performances extend into next season, and his 2018/19 campaign proves to be a lot less fruitful in terms of goals, we couldn’t sell him for much next year with 12 months to run on his contract.

In contrast to Chester and Grealish, Adomah is someone who could be replaced more easily, either through smart recruitment or, more likely, by looking towards the youth ranks with Andre Green and perhaps even Corey Blackett-Taylor.

There will be no easy calls in terms of player sales this summer, but if Adomah does go for a decent fee, I can certainly understand the decision-making process behind it.

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3 Replies to “Is Selling Villa’s Top Goalscorer A Good Or Bad Idea?”

  • Adomah had a very good first 2/3 of the season for us, once he disproved Bruce’s initial assessment of him. I fancy his goal tally will remain his record when he comes to hang up his boots.

    I would rather keep him, but because he was part of a swap deal, his sale would probably help our FFP cause better than most. I think I am correct to suggest the whole fee from his potential sale would contribute to the calculation made in addition to his wages, of course. If he had been bought for a specific fee, he would have his sale price discounted by his original fee divided by the remaining years of his contract.

    Overall, if the reported saving of £50M has to be found, then Albert, Grealish, Chester and Kodjia will be key men to focus sales upon. I think Grealish and at least two of the others will have to be sold. If I had to choose, Chester would be the one I would retain because Terry and Samba have gone and Elphick looks likely to follow. However, I should imagine Bruce would rather hang on to Kodjia, although I wonder if his best days may have passed.

    The sale of Grealish is key to our rescue bid, but Adomah probably lies a distant second in the list of those to help claw back some dosh.

  • If the FFP rule is based on their original fee and length of contract, I cant see that selling Kodjia would benefit us too much. We paid about £12m for him and after last season I couldn’t see us getting any more than that. I’d prefer to keep hold of Albert too, but I’m hoping for big things from Green next season so hopefully we can cover that one

    • It’s individual season losses only mate. FFP is right in principle but cocked up in application. Re Kodjia’s fee might be £12m upfront, but that’s spread across his contract, not paid in one lump sum. That’s why the press reports ‘doom, we’re doomed’ BS won’t actually make a telling difference if we sold Grealish, Chester etc. The money recouped is in instalments unless we can strike a now, non-football deal, and get an upfront payment.

      We can sell Grealish for the best £50m price given the wrong reports of a £50m hole. If he signs a new contract spread over 10 years…our FFP hole is reduced by £10m only, so in the 3 yr assessment, the fact we have £40m more to come in is worth the word of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson combined. It counts for nothing and that’s why the principle of FFP is correct, but the enaction of FFP is an utter joke.

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