Date: 5th September 2017 at 2:06pm
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I saw this article in The Sun (was also mentioned in brief in the Birmingham Mail)

I asked Villa owner Tony Xia:

Fair question I think, not had a reply – fair enough – but have re-tweeted him to ask again and said:

What is it about?

Well, there are already reports that Xia hasn`t been able to follow through on the purchase of the film company. He had agreed to buy 51% then schedule payments for the rest of it. Xia on twitter says the deal is still on. However the co-founder and chairman of Millennium Films says in another report it is off. say: According to Millennium co-founder and chairman Avi Lerner, the deal is dead. “They paid us $20 million and the deal is now dead. As far as we know, it`s dead. The deal was for a little over $200 million for 100% of the company. They gave us $20 million on the come and they were supposed to pay us and they gave us many reasons why they couldn`t. It was this, it was that. It`s very simple. It`s dead. There is no secret deal. I will find another buyer or continue as we are.”

Now reports say that the Chinese Government has set new directives in Beijing to stop the flow of money out of China and into British football clubs.

The Sun say That means fans of Southampton, West Brom, Aston Villa and Birmingham, who were expecting to see some lavish spending, will have to think again. {And Wolves now also}

The Sun quote Ji Zhe, director at London-based sports marketing firm Red Lantern and an expert on Chinese football told AFP this will have an impact … “Most of them will have to make continued significant investment into playing staff and all other areas of the football club in order to compete. This impact could then have a knock-on effect to the clubs as investment dries up. Chinese owners could realign their focus and the clubs can suffer both on and off the pitch.”

Zhe says ‘a firm brake` has been put on football because the Chinese Government is looking to ‘tackle the outbound flow of money.”

I will try to bring this up at the next Villa fan consultation group meeting this month.

Gulp, bit of a worry !?


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  • The article in The S*n doesn’t really elaborate on HOW the Chinese government are curbing spending outside the Chinese economy – would be interesting to see what exactly they are doing. I know they have basically banned the lavish spending on foreign big-

  • I imagine the TV money will be more than adequate to rebuild in the first couple of seasons IF we go up.

  • (edit as above was done at JPA’s request btw, not cutting anything out! Forgot the edit stated it had been done!)

  • Yes, no thought police on here. I am just incompetent and can’t cut and paste properly, it seems!

  • can anyone tell me exactly how much the good Dr has invested in the villa to date, excluding the £83 mil we received as prize money and parachute?

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