Date: 28th July 2006 at 11:31am
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They say in America that it ‘ain’t over until the fat lady sings’.

Well, according to Cleveland Browns spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz, the fat lady is singing.

He said on the Lerner interest in Aston Villa: ‘His interest is over.’

Lerner, as we all know, approached Villa with a major interest in the club but having become disillusioned with negotiations following a meeting with Doug Ellis, abruptly put a halt to proceedings.


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  • Wish we knew the truth about this. Some say Randy objected to the banker being present (no not Doug – the banker) in which case I think Doug was right. Others say Doug upped the anti, whilst others reckon he wanted to retain some control. In which case he

  • What can we do to oust Ellis out for good. He is not running the club for the good of us supporters and it is very worrying. We are on the bring of getting rid once and for all. What can we do to finally rid of him.

  • Fact is that Ellis has never valued the fans – except those in corporate boxes. He cannot conceive that the club means as much to us as it does. He believes he is the only one to care because he is chairman. I remember seeing the board sacked in the early

  • This is so frustrating. I am spending all day on news sites and Villa sites just hoping for some news, any news. I really hope Lerner will come back to the negotiation table.

    UP The VILLA

  • Not so concerned about Lerner pulling out (we’d have been saddled with debt and dunkin’ donuts at half time – I’m a traditionalist, I prefer no debt and a Balti pie) but what does concern me is Deadly Herbert’s negotiating stance. His alleged insistence o

  • Does anyone in Villa land know what this new consortium mentioned in the Evening Mail is? I’m in Chester and there is no news of it here.

  • Another day, another consortium…this one is called AV06 and is London-based and led by a international lawyer named Pdfield. Evidently he helped set up the Serbian government in 2001…useful experience, I’d have thought, when tackling the post-takeover

  • typical..were all biting our nails and the club have come and said……nothing…maybe we should bombard their site with emails asking for an explanation

  • Yes Lerner has pulled out, but let’s not forget that Neville hasn’t met with the Coffin Dodger yet. If he adopts the same ignorant and un-coperative stance with Neville, we’ll end up stuck with Ellis. The more I read about his dealings with Lerner and his

  • Have followed tylervilla’s suggestion and sent this e-mail marked FAO The “Chairman”!

    I am writing to ask you for an update on the situation regarding the takeover. As usual Aston Villa treats it’s supporters with the usual level of contempt and we ar

  • First time poster. Distraught villa fan here. Constantly visiting websites trying to find positive news on the lerner bid, untill this. I was reeled in by ellis, yet again. Even though i know nothing about lerner and his proposals, just the thought of

  • Here is the response to my e-mail to the club for clarification on the takeover. Not much of a surprise really. “This is the official website of Aston Villa FC and Aston Villa PLC. As such, we are restricted to what we can actually publish regarding the t

  • If Lerner is so easily scared off by a bumbling old fool who lives in cloud cookoo land, then I’m glad Doug did what he did. I’m not in any way excusing Doug but we need a strong leader, not a whimp. People talk about Lerner as a sucessfull business man

  • Douginabox, I know that they can’t fuel speculation but are there any rules that say they cannot act to crush unfounded roumors? That would help immensely!

  • That’s what I asked him VOTN, but it seems that they are unable/unwilling to comment on anything. I had a discussion with someone heavily involved in the matchday programme on the train back from White Hart Lane in 2001, who said that the club would not a

  • VOTN That email response is a standardised one as I have had it also. I have sent another one back just asking for the facts of the situation as i too would hate to fuel speculation. I also invited him to look at this site to get an idea of how miffed we

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