Date: 14th April 2009 at 4:45pm
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Martin O’Neill has confirmed that is it hugely unlikely that Martin Laursen will play again before the end of the season.

This is something most fans have feared and thought for quite a while now, but now it’s confirmed.

Laursen has been out since the Albion game in January, where he was rushed back/wanted to get back way too early and we are paying for that joint mistake now.

Speaking on the official site, O’Neill said:

‘Martin is struggling. There’s not much more to say. He’ll be struggling to play again before the end of the season.’

As for our other injury concerns, shall we go in order:

Gabby Agbonlahor

‘Gabby came off the pitch on Sunday with a hamstring niggle. It seems to be getting better. But we are awaiting the results of a scan which should be through some time later this afternoon.

‘At the back of the doctor’s mind is a concern that he may have strained it. That would make him doubtful for this weekend’s game. He certainly seems to be responding – no doubt about that – but he still remains a doubt for the West Ham match.

Freddy Bouma

‘Wilfred has suffered a bit of a setback over the past week. He was doing well – he played in the Tottenham reserve game but his ankle felt sore afterwards.

‘He is a little bit uncomfortable at the moment. He hasn’t trained but it shouldn’t be too bad. I feel he has just had a bit of a setback. We hope it’s days rather than weeks.’

The good news – Emile Heskey

‘Emile has trained for the last couple of days and that is encouraging for us. It would be good if he could make it for the weekend.

‘We will see how he is later in the week because we have a few days yet. But at least he has been out training and he is certainly making progress.’

So there we go, no Laursen, no Bouma, who knows on Cuellar, and potentially no Gabby…..but Heskey could be fit for Wet Spam.


16 Replies to “It Keeps Getting Worse”

  • ‘great’ about Heskey! Awful for Laursen, I think many of us fear the worst, lets hope he bounces back and proves all wrong again. As for Wilf, to be honest I’d prefer to see him back and fully fit for next season, why risk him this close to the end of the season? Get him sorted and he will be a great ‘new’ addition to the squad.

  • Even if Wilf is ‘fit to play’ I think we should only use him sparingly to give him a physciological boost for next season. Nicky Shorey deserves a run until the end of the season. If he does well, then at least the left back position will be covered by those two plus O’halloran coming back from injury. Sadly, we must forget the Great Dane, and any games he does play treat as a massive bonus. I feel MON should try very hard to bring in Matthew Upson. Natural left footer, he will give us experience and balance. If Laursen is fit, that would be a great partnership, but Cuellar, Davies and Knight could also play well alongside him. MON please don’t play Carew AND Heskey up front. Carew is in great form, but tires after 70 minutes. Give Delboy a start if Gabby is out, and use Emile as a replacement for John in the last twenty when he tires.

  • i was expecting the laursen news. its actually the other knee than the previous career threatening injury. he must have some sort of natural weakness in his knees. so annoying because with him fit we might have had another 10-15 points so far, hes that good.

  • Presuming everyone is fit you should pick your best team. Carew and the Fonz up front and give them the kind of decent run that Petrov and Gabby have been given – or at least if not 2 years, how about 6 games? Please.

  • We’ve missed Laursen, unquestionably, but why on earth have we missed him so much when we have over £20m worth of centre backs in the squad?? The quality of a team’s defence is less about the quality of the individuals, and more about organisation and tactics employed. Either we payed well over the odds for Davies, Cuellar and Knight, or O’Neill has proved incapable of organising the defence, and providing it with the protection it needs. Actually, I think it’s a touch of the former, and a whole lot of the latter, but either way, O’Neill is at serious fault.

  • I think, Cuellar, Knight, Davies are all improvements on what we had. Even Mellberg was prone to glaring errors! We tend to forget about those! I think those defenders are capable of turning their form around but they need to start getting abit more help from the midfield and brad Friedel. We just lack a leader at the back and a bit of communication… You take John Terry out of the Chelsea defence and you saw what happend last night!

  • I think if Laursen did not get injured and we had have sent a better team to Russia we would have had 4th spot in the bag. I have read today that O’Neill will not pay £15m for Defour. He needs to – if, sorry WHEN, we lose Barry he is an IDEAL replacement. I know a lot of what people have heard is from the paper but I have watched him play and he really is awesome!! Whatever we get from the Barry sale should all be used to buy this guy!

  • yeah, that article was a bit of 2+2= 5 to be honest though, MON had talked the other day of not paying over the odds for a player, that article then picked up on the £15m Defour link. I think what MON is saying is he’d be able to spend good money on top players but won’t spend good money on players with an over inflated price.

  • Suppose that is the trouble with defenders Hitman, same as keepers, if they make errors they can be highlighted because they are very costly, whereas if a midfielder makes a gaff it doesn’t have the same consequence. You can’t talk about the bearded wonder like that though! :o)

  • we shouldnt risk bouma now, there is no point. get him fit, get him a preseason, and get him ready for august 14th. shoreys performance was superb against everton – he deserves to start.

  • Can someone pls explain why Heskey being fit is “great”? I thought we were all decided that he makes our team lose shape? He played in all our worst performances of the season, so why should his return be “great”? I would rather we went with Carew and the Fonz. Keep Heskey on the bench in case of no other choice!

  • we should keep hesky on the bench evan when we have no choice. if l had my way l would send him back to wigan and ask for our money back as he is not fit for purpose lm sure martin as still got the receipt

  • Maybe the Fonz could learn from Heskey? Actually,why would he want to learn how NOT to score goals?! 😉

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