Date: 27th June 2018 at 4:20pm
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With fans clamouring and demanding a proper statement from the club since news of the financial fallout Aston Villa were now dealing with having failed to gain promotion back to the Premier League last season, Dr Tony Xia has finally re-engaged with the fans this afternoon.

With some thinking our owner had gone into hiding, others believing his interest had waned and plenty just sitting there scratching their heads as they tried to work out how we had allowed things to go so spectacularly wrong – Xia breaking his silence today is to be welcomed.

Sadly, the message doesn’t actually inform of us anything and it certainly doesn’t answer the questions fans have raised over the past few weeks. It’s a missed opportunity sadly for some real answers that would’ve clued fans into what is going on, and with a bit of thought I don’t believe the answers he could’ve given us would materially have altered his negotiating position or put any potential deals at risk.

I guess each fan will have their own opinion.

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