Date: 18th April 2009 at 8:18pm
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Martin O’Neill has said on the official site that he is furious that we were denied a late penalty, and the chance of taking all 3 points today.

Funnily enough I thought we had 90 minutes to take all 3 points myself, considering we scored so early I don’t think it was a lack of a penalty that lost us the game it was our inability to put the match beyond them and as usual comical defending in the final 10 minutes that we can thank for that.

Anyway, O’Neill focused on the stoppage time event where it seems James Tomkins ‘punched’ the ball away whilst under pressure from John Carew.

‘It was so clear. You have to be bale to see those. Their player clearly punched the ball away. It is not even as if it brushed up against him.

‘But that’s the way it’s going for us at the moment.’

Going for us – are we again reliant on freaky own goals and penalties in order to win matches?

O’Neill described the way we attacked today as ‘exhilarating’. Must be honest, I thought it was anything other than that.

We had plenty of attacks and plenty of chances but again we didn’t really look dangerous. One of those days where we’d keep huffing and puffing and you’d have put more money on players being in the 6 yard box and putting it wide.

Kind of how we’ve looked all season to be honest, it’s been a long time since you really thought we would attack and score, we’ve lost that edge.

‘Going forward we were exhilarating – really brilliant – but we were unable to see it through.

‘Brad made a good save early on and then we played very strongly after that. We broke forward and had countless chances – with Ashley and Gareth going very close.

‘To be honest, with 25 minutes gone, we could have scored five. We were unable to get that second goal, which would probably have seen us through.

‘We are just out of the habit of winning. I think we have been absolutely brilliant in the last three games but we have taken just two points. Winning, like losing, becomes a habit. But I think we deserved more this afternoon.

‘The performance was absolutely outstanding going forward and we are highly entertaining, probably because we are unable to close the games down. It would be great if we could.’

The last few games have been entertaining, but we haven’t been all season despite our PR. And yes we need desperately to close games out, take our chances and secure points. We haven’t been doing that and we’ve been lacking in that department all season.

We can talk about tranfers until our hearts content, but we don’t have players on the bench who can change games. The closest we get are players who are out of form or who simply haven’t performed when they have started.

We can attack for 90 minutes but if we miss guilt edged chances, and fail in the final ball it counts for nothing. That is what we are suffering from at the moment, we are too wasteful.

But O’Neill is right ‘Winning, like losing, becomes a habit.’

I know I’ll get shot down again but hey ho – that habit was broken against CSKA and we still haven’t recovered.

Coincidences are often just that, but there’s no denying we lost our way after the UEFA capitulation and the question on many fans lips at the moment.

If we are challenging the Top 4 again next season, we will throw the Europa? O’Neill already said in the circumstances he’d do exactly the same thing, so could we be in for another season where we lose our spark and the players potentially rebound against a decision to not challenge for silverware.

Especially when it had been built up into such an event all season?


15 Replies to “It’s All The Ref’s Fault – The Verdict”

  • Was ‘thinking fair play MON’ when i read the 2nd paragraph, but then i realised he hadnt said it.

  • We could have been 3 up at HT but so could West Ham ! It was a perfectly fair result . I wish he’d wake up and smell the coffee he’s starting to ramble on like O’Deary . Friedel had far more to do than Green .
    I thought it was played like a pre season friendly to be honest

  • We have plenty of guile fitness team spirit and desire,But im afraid up front we lack any real class,And it has cost us quite a few times again this season when we have dominated games.

  • albarnista shut up oneill is not under pressure for gods sake. think where we were when he joined villa to where we are now. have a bit of perspective.

  • Ric have some respect. And for perspective, we are in no different a position to where DOL had us. Debate the points, not the poster.

  • Sure, DOL ‘had’ us in this position, but he didn’t consistently keep us there like MON has. Ridiculous to suggest this mike_field, with respect…

  • Offering a fact before more fans turn on each other Olof. DOL had us around here, it’s a fact. He didn’t carry it on the second season, MON has managed that BUT when DOL had us here he didn’t spend as much, he used a squad most seem to think was relegation material and he was working under the contraints of Ellis.

    With respect the parellel is as objective as you can get. The cynic says DOL’s side in this position didn’t capitulate like we have either. It’s not a ridiculous comparison, it does provide perspective.

    But for the record do I need to state DOL was a lying disgrace of a manager and personally I think he should never darken football’s doorstep again?

  • We’ve used 21 players this season in total and before we get to ‘we won the league in ’80-’81 with 14’, we’ve played a lot more games. Much of the time the current first 11 never got taken off in the early and middle part of the season and this is beginning to show now. Petrov and Barry were magnificent for 70 minutes, then tailed off. Carew, who has had a bit of a rest due to injury played until the whistle. This is the problem we have now and it is because we haven’t rotated like other teams. You could say in the long run Arsenal’s injuries have been beneficial in that Fabregas and Adebayor are coming back fresh and up for it.

  • Everyone could see that we were getting over run in midfield,i was screaming to replace Heskey with a midfielder but he brought on the Fonz meaning we needed another goal to win it and we played crap 2nd half.

  • Disappointing result, and we have major problems in central defence BUT I have to agree with MON I thought we played some great football going forward. The last three games we have been a joy to watch going forward. IMO one of the reasons for this is Nicky Shorey. Now we have our full backs playing in their natural positions the distribution from those areas has been excellent and given us a much better balance. Heskey held the ball up very well yesterday and could/should have scored a hat-trick. I didn;t think he and Carew could play up front together, but they were impressive yesterday. Let’s also give WetSpam some credit. They are playing very well under Zola. Despite a disappointing result I thought it was a really good game of football.

  • Theres only one solution, new faces with real quality. I knew after we missed all the earlier chances we’d let it slip. IT happens all too often and it just has to stop. Its a joke. Good attacking football but shocking central “Defence”

  • I think that everyone is overcomplicating things gents. Heskey is in and Laursen is out at the moment. The 2 games against Manure and Everton didn’t feature Heskey and we would’ve got good results apart from the defending. MON’s stubborness and pathetic use of his old cronies from previous jobs is really p155ing me off now. Petrov is the only one that has actually come up with the goods AND it took him 2.5 years and a change of position.

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