Date: 4th July 2018 at 12:23pm
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It’s apparently not your Round my Lord as this currently shambolic club of ours have announced the departure of Director Of Football Steve Round.

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One fan quite rightly asks the owner of Aston Villa, just who is running the place?

I always have time for muppets expressing how many feel with what is going on, this one especially!

Dave Woodhall, of Heroes and Villains, is putting in for the job. Knows more about Villa than the numpties we’ve had running it lately that’s for sure.

And this just about sums it all up, the talk when Round came in was of a Villa engine, he was going to sort us out and allow Aston Villa to develop a style of play. As the one tweeter says, looks like he failed the MOT!

This post could well end up close to the truth, people are saying Bruce out but I’m not sure they realise no one else will want to walk into this shambles. If I was Steve, I have to admit, I’d be thinking of walking. Not only because he has no funds at all but also because he’ll be on a hiding to nothing due to the split fan base. And yes, I understand why there are splits but I think the problems we have are far above his head at the moment.

A phrase I used not long back…

And a twitter selection is never complete without one from Gordon Ramsey!

Frightening mess we are in folks. Some still don’t quite get the shambles that is ensuing and a few are even still sticking up for Tony Xia and what he’s done. I don’t get it. We’ve gone from out of the frying pan into the fire sadly.

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8 Replies to “It’s Apparently Not Your Round My Lord As Villa Engine Fails Its MOT”

  • This is, without doubt, the finest headline ever to appear on Vital. Well done my friend. At the end of the day, yam gorra laff…

  • Might not be the worst thing if Bruce goes as well. The players we will be left with after the firesale won’t suit his style of football. Hes never been one to develop Young players plus doesn’t speak to McCormack and just lobs high ball up to Hogan.

  • Total mess. Really sad to see the dire situation we find ourselves in. One of my contacts fears it might have to get worse before it gets better as well.

  • we still aint got goalie if he responsible for half of our transfers glad hes gone

  • Agree panda. There’s a part of me that wants to get rid of everyone. Cause it’s a mess from top to bottom. Start afresh. Bringing costs down is not a bad thing. This is a blessing in disguise. Imagine if this mad conman. Got promoted and bought some real high wage players and we then get relegated. We could go proper bankrupt. Take it as a sign that unless your top 6, you should try and live within your means. Sometimes baffles me as to why you need so many j9b titles that earn bucks. Again most of these jobs are for the top 6. Dr x it’s time to sell.

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