Date: 11th October 2018 at 3:06pm
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With last night’s late-breaking news about Aston Villa’s triple appointment of Dean Smith as head coach, John Terry as assistant coach and Jesus Garcia Pitarch as our new Sporting Director – well you have to wonder if the club made such an announcement deliberately as a two fingers to the London based press who went full Steven Spielberg in their exclusives and claims over the last week.

Having had ‘positive talks’ with a number of candidates apparently, but those same candidates ‘turning us down’, the same outlets were confidently reporting that despite turning us down they still remained in the hunt for the job? Some even turned us down twice (based on Sky’s reporting I think Faria turned us down three times in one day).

Substitute the name Terry, Rodgers, Faria, Henry, Martinez, Joe Bloggs, Oprah Winfrey, Where’s Wally, Cookie Monster, Boris Johnson – and I’m sure the above has applied to each of them (and more) depending on what you were reading recently.

So the club certainly conducted this the right way – links with Terry were obvious given his playing time with us, Smith featured as his name had come up previously amongst fans given his Villa supporting background and the success he’s had at building an ethos at Walsall and Brentford.

But he wasn’t the media favourite was he? Maybe now more people will take things with a pinch of salt and stop believing everything they read and simply enjoy a proper announcement when it comes as these fans did with their hot chocolates (or lager) last night given the time.

I shouldn’t need to say that’s only a small selection, there were plenty more along the same lines!

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