Date: 17th June 2009 at 7:43am
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Well after yesterday’s revelations that David Bentley was in talks with Villa, according to reports late last night the club and his agent have denied these discussions?

Spurs flop Bentley was quoted yesterday in various newspapers as saying:

“I`m in talks with Villa at the moment. I really don`t want to say much more. But we`ll see what happens.

“I`m hopeful of sorting it out as soon as possible.”

To make the quotes even more juicy a ‘source’, (good old tomato again) said the deal would be wrapped up by July 1st.

Now here is where it gets complicated, Bentley is currently away in Spain where he apparently owns a ‘trendy bar,’ – why do footballers never own crap bars? – and the rumours suggest a £7 million deal has been agreed with Spurs, and we have been in discussions with the player’s agent for a fortnight.

However late last night, and continuing the vain today there are loads of articles, without sources or even direct quotes that suggest ‘somebody’ near the agent and Villa have denied that any discussions have ever taken place.

It’s not a leap of faith for a bored journalist to link us up to Bentley again this summer, given we were in for him when he left Blackburn last summer, but even for the national tabloids attributing direct quotes like that to Bentley would be a leap – even for them.

So, given we have no direct quotes from anybody denying the talks, could it be the agent attempting to start a bidding war? Could Villa just be playing it safe? Could it even be a comical employee just trying to keep everyone guessing or is it more bored journalists filling space?

Kind of like whot I’m doing here 🙂

We’ll soon know I suspect, I’d expect more direct quotes later today when everybody is properly awake and have had their morning coffee’s.

Failing that did Bentley mean Villareal or another club with the word Villa in it? Had he been spending too much time at the bar?

If I owned a bar, I would!

And in other news – well there isn’t any so far today, not even more fluffy stories about Michael Owen so I don’t know what to do now.

Think I’ll see what people have said in the David Bentley Thread


17 Replies to “It’s Not Good To Talk”

  • Got to be fair though Eltora, Bentley’s comments are directly attributable to him, the stories saying his agent and the club have denied speaking are totally unquoted. Not even a ‘source’ quote, it’s simply the papers saying ‘Bentley was premature to speak because ‘club officials’ say they haven’t spoke, without even quoting an unnamed club offical in the process lol

  • I agree it is Mon’s fault. If he had signed six players already – there would be no need for this suspense. I blame Mon for everything.

  • If you land him it wont be for the 7m quoted (FACT), so lets start there and add the word crap and then let the non comment, rumour, inuendo be followed with the same word or something a little stronger.

  • So,lets get this straight…nobody has issued a denial therefore nobody will have to deny that they have issued a denial…well, glad that’s all sorted then…i expect to hear nothing form nobody later today then…

  • erm, who’se doing what now?! This is just so us isn’t it? Remember the Bosco purchase? The Angel purchase? Always something odd happening. You would think when a player is being quoted that you could believe that negotiations are happening! :o)

  • Well Spurs are being invited to re-open negotiations for Stuart downy pie. Makes sense that we will get Bentley if Spurs have a replacement lined up first. The histeria around this revolves the non communication from the club. Bill Bowell loves his in the know exclusives.

  • Yeah – MON should be out there on every forum telling us who he is signing, how much he’s paying for thrm and how much they are paying the player. Patience people – only deals involving silly money (albeit great players) and some not so good players are taking place. Let’s announce who we are after so we enter a bidding war then we can have a go at Villa for screwing up everything.

  • nazvfc were all just transfer junkies we dont wan know all the targets and put the price up as you say we just clucking for fix but i dont think were gonna sign anyone until after july 1st which is annoying but hopefully waiting will make it all the sweeter when it does happen

  • It looks like rain today! I blame MON!!!!!! As for Bentley I’m not sure if he made the comments or not, and neither does anyone else. The papers need to understand when they print so much crap it’s difficult to believe them when they print a story that’s true. So I guess we will see what happens….. We must all remember that agents speak to News Papers to engineer a move for there client. That’s where the source word is used.

  • clarkamus – Was being sarcastic mate – I want transfers too but all this why is MON on holiday – get your a**se in gear rubbish is getting annoying. It’s a SELLERS market not just offer X Y Z and they’ll come.

  • Bentley is a knob (still like him as a player and want us to sign him) and has no idea how to handle the media. Looks like his agent has opened prelim talks and he’s gone and shot his mouth off. Hope he hasn’t *****ed MON off and f***ed up the deal

  • AVbornandbred…..”Bentley is a knob”…don’t sit on the fence, tell us what you really think!!!

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