Date: 26th October 2015 at 3:32pm
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Since the club seems to be going French, I thought I’d better have a French title.

I accuse Randy Lerner of buying Villa without a long-term commitment to the club. Of allowing O’Neill to spend too much money on fringe players (Beye, etc.) Of recruiting as O’Neill’s successor a man whose health was known to be suspect. Of hiring a mediocre Bluenose who was never going to get the fans’ support.
And then choosing a good manager (back-to-back promotions with Norwich) but so starving him of funds that his confidence and that of his players was destroyed.

Of appointing as Sporting Director a man who does not have the right experience for the job. Of recruiting Sherwood but not giving him the freedom and money necessary to succeed (Villa were the fourth lowest net spenders in the PL last
summer – and who chose the new players?). Of asking a higher price for the club than anyone is realistically going to pay. Of making a series of catastrophic decisions that have reduced a once-proud club to a laughing stock.

I have been a Villa fan for literally as long as I can remember and I’m now 64 years old. So I speak with knowledge when I say that this is the most serious position the club has been in since 1968. The solution then was a change of ownership and several hard years of rebuilding from scratch. That is the only solution now.

The new manager, when one dumb enough to take the job is appointed, will have to be a miracle worker to save us from relegation. On Lerner’s past record, we’re not going to get a
miracle worker.

Sherwood may not be the greatest manager but he has taken the rap for a position that is largely not his fault. Good luck to him. Heaven help us.

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