Date: 1st August 2012 at 10:54am
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Confirmation from AVFC that James Collins has left AVFC for West Ham.

More when we get it.


24 Replies to “James Collins – Villa Confirm Exit”

  • Good luck JC, never forget the time when someone took a penalty and he couldn’t face to watch such was the tension. Would always put his body in front of the ball but not the ball playing centre half we need. Make sure you have a shocker against us and we’ll let you off 🙂

  • OK fist seasonscored a few but he had his American Holliday, I suspect he will score in his opening e gme for West Ham but overall a god mov for the player and the club.

  • Decent defender, no more, no less, thanks for the service. Now enter Mr. Vlaar as the Villa defence is reconstructed from the ashes of the last two pathetic campaigns.

  • FANTASTIC NEWS! Was brilliant for the first 6 months, but has been shat ever since, and his disruptive influence in the dressing room, and off the field incidents mean we’re much better off without him. Just hope Dunne, Hutton and Warnock follow soon.

  • DEANO Says it all for me, good riddence as this baffoon Collins will never mature even at 28 years of age hanging round nightclubs getting into trouble pathetic, arguing with GH whilst drunk and abusing him i am glad to see the clumsey big lump out the door and he wason 50k week aprox pfff ”SEE YA GINGE HOPE YOU PLAY FOR WEST SPAM LIKE YOU DID US”

  • He has been a reasonable centre half, but time to move on. Let himself and us down with a couple of stupid incidents, but hey ho we move on. Paul McGod was prone to bouts of silliness but it never stopped us loving him. And the days of old boys coming back to haunt us are gone. We will go to Wet Spam on day one and show him what he will be missing.

  • agree with Nottingham, would have much preffered to see Dunne leave first but I guess its a mark of how little interest there is in either of them

  • A stat about Vlaar, and how he may differ slightly to Collins….””Of players to attempt at least 100 passes at Euro 2012, only 5 had a better pass success rate than Vlaar’s 93.4%”. Yep, there may be slight difference noticeable with the new lad.

  • Fair point SJH however, Holland were useless and one of the worst teams there. Don’t want to see another GH first few months where all we did was pass around the back 4 without even bothering to go forward. Gutted that Collins has gone as he’s a proper defender and he does what it says on the tin. Hopefully Vlaar can defend primarily and any extra is a bonus.

  • He had one good season with MON, seemed like he had a bad attitude to me, one of the trouble makers who wanted everything their way. Collins is not better than Dunne, if Dunne is on his best he eclipses Collins, where as Collins on his best is just average…He suits Alladyce, he tends to play the hoofball crap and that is what he will get with Collins, really got under my skin when we passed it around and it came to Collins and smash! Hoofed up the field, disgusting! I want to see players at the club who can actually successfully pass a ball, Collins cannot so I am very happy.

  • True dat Villan444, first and foremost we hope Vlaar is a proper defender, to be honest I haven’t really seen him play, but if he’s just going to pass it around the back 4 then it’s already an improvement on Collins. Really it should up to the midfielders to make themselves available to take passes anyway, they should be going back to take the ball off the CB’s. Then again when it has to be hoofed, hoof it!

  • Those were the 2 I wanted gone. Don’t mind warnock and dunne, although both need to learn to stay on there feet. Vlaar and a striker in and we’ll have some good competition for places (everyone being fit)

  • as Christopher Robin pointed out once- Dunne may be difficult to get rid of. Luckily we do have ebay as the last resort.

  • Loved the way he was prepared to put his body on the line to try and defend but we’re now in an age where guts is not enough for a centre half and they need to be able to hold the ball, pick a pass, etc. and JC is never going to be that type of player.

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