Date: 24th January 2007 at 7:30pm
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Our previous January Transfer rumours thread are now pretty much full January Transfer Window Talk , January Transfer Window Talk 2, January Transfer Window Talk 3 and
January Transfer Window Talk 4
so I’ve set up this new sticky to continue driving ourselves mad with links and gossip that we all know will probably come to nothing with total surprises arriving instead!

So far we have, amongst others, been linked to:

Goalkeeper: Matt Murray

Defenders: Richard Stearman, Greg Halford – Colchester, Phil Bardsley of Man Utd, Matthew Upson from Small Heath, Curtis Davies from West Bromwich Albion, Portsmouth right-back Andy Griffin, Oldham right-back Neil Eardley. Abel Xavier from Middlesbrough,

Midfielders: Joey Barton of Man City, James Milner of Newcastle, Shaun Wright-Phillips from Chelski, Zoltan Gera from WBA, Reading’s Kevin Doyle. Ashley Young from Watford. Barry Ferguson from Rangers, Reo Coker from West Ham.

Strikers: David Nugent from Preston, Jermain Defoe and/or Robbie Keane from Spurs, Darren Bent from Charlton, Sean Maloney from Celtic, Freddy Eastwood from Southend, Kevin Davies from Bolton, Mark Viduka from Boro), Alan Smith from Manchester United, Craig Bellamy (old link from rumour thread), Peter Crouch from Liverpool, James Beattie from Everton, Marlon Harewood from West Ham.

And the list goes on…

So far in: Phil Bardsley, from Manchester United, on loan until the end of the season.

Ashley Young transfer from Watford

John Carew from Lyon. Milan Baros OUT.


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  • Are we mad or sad on here? Is there any other site that attracts the amount of posts we generate? UTV

  • Gaszvilla LOL – the amount of posts on this site would suggest we have the biggest fan base in the Prem.

  • CISSE from liverpool in summer, taino from spurs 3mill january, a wide right and a attacking midfilder to replace hendrie
    hendrie to be ony 1 to go

  • I left a message on the Vitalfootball Rangers site when there was the link with Chris Burke or whatever his name was and the only other posts I saw there were from other Villa fans.

  • Pongo – have a look on the Watford site, their one member must have been dying of lonliness until us Villa fans turned up.

  • who knows maybe he is the real arron lennon and if we’re nice he’ll join the villa revolution lol

  • btw i hope this reyna rumour isnt real if it is one step forward two steps back springs too mind and i like mcann and can’t fault his work ethic but would prefer some big Viera/Fabregas style player with an eye for a killer pass

  • Reyna’s off to the states. Tannio’s injured but I suppose MON would have seen all he needs to. However, the lad does seem to get injured alot! Sidwell on the other hand would be a decent player now and a good squad player for the future. Other than that you never know what MON has up his sleeve.

  • Just been on the Spurs site. Anthony Gardner’s contract is up in the summer and they’re linking him with Bolton. Any views?

  • hitzlesbeger sd that 1 day he may come back hopefully his the 1 mon is after he is a fans favorite, BAROS hasnt even mad the bench for the lyon game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well they reckoned MON had 20m this summer,he`s spent 8 so how about Robben and Distin ???? We actually match wages now you know !!

  • robben whould b good but i believe he wud go to man u or real madrid were not as bg as them yet mabye in 5 years

  • Zoltan Gera from West Bromwich Albion. Perhaps not the eye-opening signing that the Carew and Young deals were, but I really believe that this guy could do a good job for us.

  • why do i feel that the gooners are gonna nick it at the last moment like they did at manu?. dont know if villa will sign any more players in this window and i do not know who they will go for. would like the hanson inspired diop to sign. Any one else have a clue cos im out of realistic players to come to villa.

  • The Tainio rumor never came to fruition, I still think another “powerhouse” midfielder would complete the squad this side of the transfer window.

  • Burke from Rangers and Maloney if Celtic decide they want cash for him. Papa Diop be bop daloola would be good. I am missing OAL and his double shaved eyebrows! The Beast bit back in the second half tonight, I don’t know how Arsenal will hold onto all those youngsters, I’d put a few cheeky bids in for them

  • Chant of the night…” Two nil and you f***ed it up, two nil and you f***ed it up”.Deary me OAL must be crying in his fruitshoot by now.
    Ya never know Arsenal might only play half their first team in the second leg.I reckon sidwell, maloney would be good shouts but really whoever comes will make us stronger.

  • MON did say a few weeks ago when talking about how good McCann had been this season that he wanted to get someone in “to give him some help” so I guess that is the area most likely to be strengthened. On the other front – I have just looked on the Spurs site and it is all Arsenal fans posting – I like the one who says that they will play the Ladies team next week as clearly the Reserves are too strong for Spurs.

  • One love – the problem with that chant is that it reminds me of the time we stuffed up against small heath. Only just got out of councilling too.

  • Pongo that spurs thread is quality it could even pass as therapy.
    Apparently they have decided the under 10’s will finish the job off.

  • It was a dissapointing night for every spurs fan today, We sing constantly loud throughout the game and to be rewarded with this display is simply not acceptable. Let wenger play his youngsters again at the emirates and we will show them how to play. “Spurs are on their way to Cardiff”

  • honestly they are hilarious they’ve completely stopped talking about the game and are arguing about who’s a peadophile are spurs fans born this stupid or do they take lessons

  • It was actually them fickle Arsenal fans who made an argument about it, they can’t stand that we called their manager a paedophile.

  • Class, you could’nt make this boys got spanked, with your best team at home, against the weaker side of your arch rivals……after you were 2 nil up.The facts don’t lie…maybe next year.

  • But where are Villa in the Carling Cup, do you have a chance of getting to Cardiff??? thought so. Don’t start talking rubbish about Spurs because we had some key players missing during the game, i.e Dimitar Berbatov(after 15 mins), Jermaine Jenas, Ledley King, and Aaron Lennon looks to be out aswell, was limping heavily towards the end of the game.

  • lennon looked immense just watched the highlights he deserves to be at a much bigger team come on o’neill sign him up!!!!

  • arsenal had a few key players missing aswell i noticed like whats that guys name the one who can do abit oh yeah Thierry Henry and am i the only one who’s noticed huddlestone is one fat b*stard

  • i think we should sign Freddie Flintoff, he’d be a great hard tackling “loads a heart” midfielder to support McCann and i have no doubts he would jump at the opportunity to leave his current team, i’m sure he is absolutely desperate to get out of here and get on the plane home.

  • That would be an interesting one, Id take it but i do have a soft spot for Angel. Like it says in the column, you feel that he does want to do well in front of O’Neill, but time for a change perhaps. But celtic would probly want cash for Maloney

  • sorry guys, iv got some more songs for you. These are for the big man……

    to the tune of doctor who (the daleks)

    John Careeeeeew (he’s massive)
    John Careeeeeew (he’s massive)


    He’s Big, He’s claret, we f****d off w***ker Baros
    John Carew, John Carew

    sorry but I have to let my creative urges out somwhere

  • my bad, it said that spurs were given a bye. probably just saves on further delays to the cup as spurs will throw away a 2 goal lead and need a replay. (he he!!)

  • I would actully have preferred to play feyenoord rather than get bye if truth be told, for 2 reasons, Our record in the UEFA cup this season is great(6 games played, 6 games won) and the other reason is that Spurs will lose revenue if we don’t play, i.e gate receipts and t.v rights.

  • oneaaronlennon, fair play, you come on here and have your say, we gang up on you a’la jade goody, but you stand your ground. just as long as you come on here and apologise when you realise we were right !

  • lol Bobby a spuds fan say sorry, as much chance as a liverpool fan not wanting a minutes silence for a squashed cat.

  • well like i said before, i come on here to talk and debate about football, but i couldn’t because you lot took it personally.

  • Lemon – your first comment went something like “why you think you a big club all of a sudden blah, blah, blah” How did youe expect us to take it. If you want to debate on here then fine but you must admit you have deliberately said a few things to get a response on more than one ocassion

  • As interesting as it is to read about Spurs on a Villa site, can i point out that this thread is about transfer gossip and point you to the open terrace forum for discussions on how awful or great the Spuds are. Thank you ever so nicely. Now feck orf!!!!

  • Really pleased with recent purchases. Carew gives us a genuine presence in attack which will be complimented well by Gabby and Young. I can see us adopting the formation that we started the season with. The 4-5-1/4-3-3 with young and Gabby/Moore playing as wide forwards. The midfield needs bolstering, there is too much reliance on Barry and McCann. Sidwell would be my choice but Bouba Diop would do a job until the end of the season. Tiano is a gamble because of his injury record.

  • bouba diop would be a good signing if he would get fit and stay fit,not that long ago wenger was keen on him for gooners so judging by that id take him as he can obviously play a bit. he would be another hulk in the carew mould which we need at villa so we can intimidate other teams for a change.

  • Maloney coming our way?Angel going to hoops? Man i hope not ?Any truth in this rumour?Im gutted if true . Im not saying Angel is the greatest but a swap for Maloney 🙁

  • wow – cant wait for the next wednesday for the match against newcastle, hopefully by then we will have a extra midfielder and possibly a defender. would think upson could be a shout for us and then sidwell/diop. we wont meniton a certian manu player that does not get alot of first team. what about albert luque?

  • I wouldn’t go for Luque, he doesn’t look like he can cut it in the prem. Seems like the spending has been done in attacking areas, a midfielder of experience is required. Players like Gardner and Osbourne (who will become fine players in the future) will only get you so far.

  • what we need is someone experienced, someone who osbourne can learn off. he says he models himself on viera, so why not get…..(we can afford him!).

  • paper says sidwell will sign a new contract with reading once their prem status is secure.think he should still consider us and join the revolution.young gifted and ambitious perfect for our up and coming side.

  • I agree on Sidwell, £3 to £4 million might be enough to prize him away now. Wouldn’t it be great to get Owen Hargreaves. Well that’s enough dreaming today!!

  • Tarzan – before we signed Carew he was took straight to the training ground, and Ashley Young for that matter. This suggest to me the majority of transfers are conducted at Bodymoor Heath not Villa Park. However id love it to be true mate.

  • Paul Hartley from Hearts for £2m makes sense to cover Mccann. Cant see anymore big signings just players to strengthen squad. Remember only 14 games left.

  • Robbie Keane spotted at Villa Park today, hahaha!! Come to think of it, i swear i saw Ronaldinho in the white hart lane crowd yesterday having a fairly constructive discussion with the Spurs chairman.

  • The Maloney for Angel rumour would make sense…IF Maloney’s contract wasn’t up in the summer…

  • Lemon- I aint gonna say to much cause the Fear will give me a bollocking (quite rightly). As i said if you want to come on here and be constructive then do so, however once again you have come out with a comment purely to get a response. Either stick to the topic and stop swiping or im gonna start a protest for JF to ban you.

  • I thought that this thread was for VILLA fans to discuss and exchange views on OUR team and possible transfer targets. Why do we have to put up with some muppet from Spurs wasting our time. BAN HIM!!!!!!!

  • Ronaldinho in the crowd at Whitehart Lane, would have been easy to spot, standing in one of the wide open spaces was he?

  • Can’t ban hairylemon but he should tone it down…all the rubbish threads are on SSP so he can spout of there.

    Keane, yes please. Barton/Sidwell yes please.

  • MON said he cant let anyone go untill he has replacements so i think he was referin to lee hendrie/ pat burger.So although keane would be a welcome addition think his main priorities are midfield.Shame he couldnt get more out of whitts he was quite versitile and was more consistant than samuel.think samuel or hughes may be a target for other sides so mon may have been talkin about gettin people in to replace them.Any ideas sidwell/gera/tiano all mentioned for mid wot about defenders i know we have bards but that is a loan.maybe baines or koncheski?

  • We need a midfielder now. yes bardsley is only on loan, but that gives us breathing space until the summer for a new fullback, and hopefully he will sign a permanent deal then if we do well between now and the end of the season.

  • The last 3 posts are more like it!! From Villa fans about Villa targets. Riquelme wants to leave Villarreal might be worth a loan!!! He’s a more attacking and a slightly better that Lee and Pat. What ever happened to Saviola?

  • saviola did not want to come to villa as he thought it would be a backwards step to his career. Riquelme would be fantastic but he would want champs leauge football at an instant. villa aint there just yet. how ever if he was convinced he could sign even though his wage demands would probably be massive. he only signed for villaunreal for 2.5mil sould we probably get him for about 9mil me thinks. MON is still in for SWP for what i have seen on the net – birmingham mail and what else does he have up his sleve?

  • Looking at the”Ins/Outs” since 1 Jan – Out (4-Baros, Whits, Agathe, DJx2-loan) In (3-Carew, Young, Bardsley). Net cost to Villa = £9.3 mill.
    But we need a ?SWP? for many, many reasons and I will be very disappointed if we don’t agree terms with both parties for him to become a Villa player conditional for him to be released for any of Chelsea?s Euro matches for the rest of this season. A £12mill+ signing such as this will send signals out everywhere that Randy & Co are seriously looking at playing in Europe from 2008/9. Another quality striker would also be sensible but not essential unless quality and youth are on offer.

  • SWP would make a fine addition, but it would likely only be loan anyway.. hasn’t MON already said SWP stated he believes his future lies at Chelsea and so doesn;t want to move permanently? I would love SWP to change his mind, but i doubt he will.

  • Apparently I have just heard Tony Butler said on his radio show last night that Robbie Keane would be our next signing. Also Malcolm Boyden on Radio WM (the bloke with the comedy yam yam accent) said he heard through a good source that Robbie Keane would be our next signing…….interesting

  • Keane would be a fantastic signing. Now that would really send out a message. On the midfielder front i wouldn’t mind seeing Edgar Davids on a loan deal until the end of the season.

  • I’m not sure about Keene. We missed out on him under Ellis. Was it 5 years ago when he left Coventry? I think he’s now ?past his best? as is Angel, and Sutton. Surely MON is now only investing in quality for 2008/9 when we hope to be playing in Europe. So we may have to be patient and ?bide our time? to land one or two quality strikers. So lets just concentrate on getting our defence and mid-field improved. SWP is the only player I can see available that represents real improvement in quality, so let’s get him eh? – One way or another.

  • think it’l be the summer before we get swp in now by the sounds of martin,id be delighted at that even then.what about young lad diarra of chelsea think he is available after row with jose,looked like makelele mark 2 everytime i have seen him.

  • Robbie Keane is a fantastic player and contributes as much as he can to the team, however i don’t see him breaking the Defoe/Berbatov partnership and he is constantly a sub. Therefore, i think that if villa were to offer around £8-10 million, Martin Jol will find it hard to turn down.

  • Would love to see Ryan Babel of Ajax at the villa he is quality, the barcodes and arsenal are keen on him but would love us to snatch him from under their noses, Van Basten says he could be the next Thierry Henry, cheaper and probably better than SWP…!

  • i agree with you that Ryan Babel is a brilliant player, i would love to see spurs get him, but i think he is looking for a top european team like Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon etc, and quite frankly, even though spurs and villa are on the up, they are not in that elite yet.

  • Whats all this Spurs/Villa on the up bollox OAL? Spurs are a selling club(Carrick) who are flat lining with an overweight hasbeen manager who has been given big money but acheived little. You are correct about Villa being on the up with the added bonus of having one of the best managers in the premiership.

  • Wesley Sneijder from Ajax? Stephen Appiah? Franc Ribery dare I say???

    Huntlarr is class, no question – also with Bouma here and back in the Dutch squad after 4 months with MON he would be vital to bringing anymore Dutch players to the club !!!!

    BOUMA BOUMA BOUMA!!! (before anyone says it I know Appiah and Ribery arent Dutch)

    Do you think we could afford, or be able to attract Hargreaves if manu finally get the hump with Buyern???? Read in the Mercury a few weeks ago an article saying its well known in the football world Lerner will back MON on any player he wanted to bring to the club if MON wanted to spend big money and thought the player was that valurable to the team and future i.e. £20m plus. But I dont think MON is stupid enough to spend stupid money like that, so what am I talking about? I will just stop now.

  • A selling club tarzansbrother, you seriously think that. Spurs are more of a club that buy youth and develop them into internationals(theres too many to start saying names). Can you name me another player that spurs have sold for big money???

  • Carrick was the first to go. With Aaron Lennon it?s only a matter of time before the lure of Champions League football takes him away to United or Chelsea. Defoe and Jenas are not ?that good? yet, but a couple of years is a long time in football and both could be snapped up by bigger clubs.

    And now Tottenham have signed Taarabt from Lens (technically he?s on loan, but the deal should be finalised in summer with Taarabt fast-tracked into the first team) and along with Huddlestone he?ll be part of the new wave of Tottenham players that will be watched closely by Premieship recruiters.

    Tottenham are not a selling club, but they?ll find it very hard to hold on to their top talent if the big four come knocking.

  • no not really – probably because they have not had that many class players like carrick to sell. granted like villa you have bought in some big names i.e beratov but then there have been players like rebrov – 11 mil and the fella leaves for next to nothing. and then there sol cambell. could have gone for millions. generally the spurs board are poor business people.

  • Develop youth? Who? Your keeper Robinson is being developed into a clown. Now Villa develop youth and their own youth.

  • Posted on BBC wORLD service –
    Matusiak gives ultimatum to Villa
    Matusiak is the leading scorer in the Polish Premier League
    Poland international Radoslaw Matusiak has told Aston Villa he is too good to go on trial with them.
    Villa offered the GKS Belchatow striker a trial last week but the 25-year-old says the Premiership club must travel to Poland if they want to sign him. “I’m confident of what I have to offer and as a national team player I need to respect myself,” he told BBC Sport.
    “If somebody is interested in buying me, I invite them to Belchatow so they can see me playing for local team.”
    Matusiak is the hottest property in Polish football after scoring nine goals in 17 games for minnows GKS Belchatow.
    The forward has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for £200,000 but has an agreement with Belchatow that he will not leave for less than £1.3m. – SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER “PRIMA-DONNA” -FORGET HIM!

    Matusiak has attracted interest from PSV Eindhoven, Celtic, Spartak Moscow, Sampdoria, Livorno, Chievo and Roma but says he is keen to move to the Premiership.

    “The opportunity of playing in the English Premier League would be a massive challenge for me,” he said.

    “There is no doubt it is one of my favourite leagues in the whole world.

    “The final decision about my future should be made in the next seven days.”

    Both Fulham and Villa told BBC Sport that their interest in the forward had cooled.

  • do we really need another striker that will throw his toys out of the pram. i think not. get keane in.

  • i would really love to see Nedved in the claret and blue of Villa Juventus arent going to be in the champions league next season and if O’neill can show he is putting together a strong team that could challenge for a CL place i can’t see why he wouldnt come he is fast strong can defend and score goals and a great striker of the ball the only downer is he is Czech so i’m sure Baros wouldn’t advise him to come and i know he is getting on a bit but would really help push us towards europe if he was used sensibly and he could really help the younger lads

  • as much as Id love to see Nedved there is no chance of that happening.he is Juve through and through.the swine.Id like to see Keane arrive.

  • I know this may seem stupid but if we have the money, how about putting in an audacious bid for Cahill from Everton. The guy can tackle, distribute and score goals. He can play in the middle or upfront. $10 Mill??

  • As if hes gunna come here. But apparently back in the day when he was at Millwall we were gunna buy him befor ehe got injured, and then graham taylor left so it didnt happen. as an aussie id love to see him there, itd be good to have an oz villan, last one we had was Bosnich (he should never have left, it was the beginning of the end when he moved to Man U) but again, he wont come here, or anywhere else for that matter

  • Yes its true that spurs are going to find it very hard to hold onto our best talent, however spurs are building for the future and would want to hold onto their key players. Anyway, nearly all of our best players have signed new contracts, e.g, Lennon 2012, Huddlestone 2011, Defoe 2011, Taarabt when he signs 2012, King 2011.

  • contracts done mean enything in todays football world players sign contratcs then does good for 12 months and moves to a bigger club not everyplayer does it but a fair few!
    so lets bring on keane and arteta

  • And on the comment that the spurs board don’t know how to do business, Carick wanted to leave for Man U, and if we didn’t sell him for as much as we could he would have ran out his contract and left on the free. Does Sol Campbell ring any bells?

  • Back to transfer gossip, the media is saying that you lot want Alan Smith on loan with a view to a permanent £6 million move at the end of the season.

  • Lemon – i am gonna cut you a bit of slack as you seem to be in a sensible mood today. Must ask though why so many posts on our website?

  • Well to honest, i am posting comments on the spurs site but there is not much activity at the moment, it gets lively around match time.

  • Whoever MON is targetting then now is a great chance to get them after last weeks media spotlight on the club-a lot of players will be looking at the Villa and fancy it,Distin,Arteta and Smith please !!

  • ARTETA!!!??? No *****ing way mate. Distin, yeah, ig, tough, great touch. SMITH….jurys out especially as Ag will score as many goals anyway….KEANE…yes please, he’s inventive and a fox in the box. Think we need SWP more than anything and our midfield would be amazing. Also, still hihly rate Lee COOKE of QPR but no-one ever comments about him…..SOOOOO what about COOKE then? One for the future just like Lemons namesake. p.s Id also take Gera off West Brum as he’s in the CAHILL mode but we’d stand a chance of actually securing him!

  • PLEASE can we have some more pictures of the Training Ground on the site…..please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

  • I started to watch Lee Cooke for QPR when i heard of Tottenham’s interest in him and i must admit he is a brilliant prospect, however the chairman said a few weeks ago that anyone interested in buying him must stump up £10 million.

  • only stupid clubs would pay 10mil from a unproven premiership player from QPR! villa should be oing for de la pena and saviloli and kezman sort of players

  • We definitely need to use up our allocation of allowed loan deals, even if we cant bring in any more new faces on permanent deals. Alan Smith from Manchester United is a deal that makes very good sense for all parties involved.

  • agreed glensider. id be happy to see if smith can offer anything at all, and i think he could. And if nothing, at the end of the loan, back to old trafford he goes, to stagnate yet again! But i do think he would not disapoint us

  • OAL – glad somebody comments. I reckon they’d be tempted with a lower bid and if the player wanted to go then they couldn’t afford upset in the camp etc….SMITH i am really unsure on…no games, no match fitness, rusty, low confidence…it IS a gamble but if he turns out to be good we;re in with a winer and if he;s dire then we sub him. KEZMAN, you’re off your rocker if you think he’s a villa player Newman, no offence. He’s a proper bling bling silly haircut Prima Donna.

  • he wudnt cost more than £5mill and would be a better bet than havin smith kezman would want to have another go in the prem

  • I don’t agree that Kezman would be better than having Smith. Kezman had one try in the prem and flopped whereas Smith is a proven prem player. Also, if you buy Kezman for £5 million and he flops again it will be a waste of money, however Man U are willing to listen to loan offers for Smith so if he flops you can just send him back.

  • Koolbill, try the official site for some photos of the training ground. Only the shell at the moment I don’t think they have put in the interiors yet.

  • Smith has had a career threatening injury. Loan until the end of season only. He would be a big player for Villa providing the injury is now in the past.

  • What a difference a few days make ? this time last week I was worried that Ashley Young would sign for Spurs ! I also believed we would sign no one this january . Now ! I think we have 2 good players who will do a good job for us for the rest of the season . I also think we will be pushing for a european place ! Deluded ? I know ! It’s great being a Villa fan again ! Let the good times roll ! As for transfer gossip , Robbie Keane please !

  • Thing is is that Smith was always at his best when playing with aggression.Do you think he’ll be the same player after such a big injury?

  • Yeah, hes hard as nails that lad. He is definately worth a shot. i never really liked him much when he was at leeds i thought he was completly overrated never scored any goals but at united he did for a bit, but was shifted back to midfield and looked shocking. but i think we should definately give him a chance, definately better than having angel.

  • Abel Xavier from Middelsborough has apparnetly demanded he be released from his contract so he can persue a new challenge, at Villa maybe? I’d take him, he’s not too bad, not as good as he was before he got done for his pill popping antics or whatever it was

  • Gazvilla – cheers mate. AussieVilla -XAVIER?!?!?!? No effing way – druggie big time and that’s just looking at his hair!! He makes David James’ attempts at barnet styling look positively tame.

  • youve got to love oneaaronlennon hes now taking part in unbiased sensible debates about the villa.fair play

  • haha yeah i guess we could do better, and he is 33 and his hair looks like a stack of hay. Black people with blonde hair, its not right, must be the drugs taking hold.

  • True Aussievilla, true. p.s. Gazvilla it’s – two e’s. Cheers. Kean and SWP yes please…still think we should have a crack with Cooke – MON is a wonder with young fellas and could mould him over the next few seasons. Gera also, great header, wicked shot, and BRAVE.

  • Spelling lessons from a geezer who spells Cool with a K 🙂 Beattie to the spuds is a strong rumour. keane to us then! On that score, preferences gents? Smith or Keane??

  • tough one gazvilla,if smith gets back 2 his best then they would both equally be as good as each other so cant really split them at all,any one of them would do for me.personally i think martin is going to pull another rabbit outa the hat(eg. carew) to be honest for are next signing though.

  • aye wt the hell well have them both:D cooke would be good but only pay around 2mill on him mabye a nother tough midfielder i like the sound of barton and gera for now on the right

  • Who saw Aaron Lennon’s performance yesterday. He is brilliant, he can play right and left flank and sets up goals and scores goals. If he carries on like this England will have a great chance to win Euro 2008. There is only one person i can compare him to, CHRISTIANO RONALDO.

  • now now villa talk please and i would demand agood performance against southend but yes he was mighty fine.Am thinking a wee move for Curtis Davies/Matty upson, bid for keane (if beattie goes then its mido out not keane) loan for smudger shock move for saha(hey why not) bid for gera.all before we stuff the magpies and ram that idiot and officialy the most boaring man in the world’s words down his throat about MON beeing to afraid to take the poison challace that is NUFC.

  • any gossip today? Been away in the jungle for the weekend with Jane. I heard that tactical genius Allardyce is after Samuel for 500k, rather too cheap if you ask me. When does his contract run out. Samuel (or his agent has always struck me as a greedy little thing). Cna’t believe the Baggies vs. Wolves wasn’t on TV – disgraceful

  • OAL – I agree with you about your namesake. But one problemo my friend – Cornet Head is in charge and would rather play Kieron “Bentley” Richardson. Seriously, if you’ve seen Joey Barton’s recent comments about Engalnd too – spot on

  • Rumours of JLloyd out the door to Bolton or Middlesbrough. Surely we’d need a replacement before he goes? Should see plenty of action over next couple of days, unless of course MON has decided to take the opposite route of shut up shop, no more ins and outs until the summer.

  • Why does Lemon keep coming on here and pimping Spuds? Ok, so he’s a potatoe head but this thread is for gossip about transfers to/from Villa and has no relevance to how well Aaron Lennon did or did not play. Please go and play with the traffic or something equally usefull Lemon!

  • Lennon is nothing like ronaldo. Lennon must be the fastest player in the premier league over the first 5-10 yards, so he can go past most people, but thats all he has going for him, not saying its a bad thing. Ronaldo is miles better than lennon, he scores golas, creates goals out of nothing. Oh and this is villa transfer gossip

  • Thought this thread was about possible signings for villa, not talking about Spurs. I hope MOn gets Smith, good player, if he’s good enough for Man U he’s good enough for us. I think we stand a good chance of getting Bardsley on a permanent basis too, if he really would like to sign for villa as he is supposed to have said.

  • I know its not the place for this post but all the best to Roy Aitken in his coaching role with the Scotland team.

  • It’s all gone quiet since we signed Young and Carew… the calm before the storm on Wednesday maybe?

  • MON said he was going to use the break to go looking for players so hopefully he’ll have made some progress over the weekend.

  • It always goes crazy in the last day, I don’t think MON has finished yet. and as for the visiting Lemon it is obvious he wants to be one of us and knows deep down that one day Lennon will come to play for MON at the Villa. Lemon its ok mate I understand its hard with family/friends supporting he spuds and you want to fit in. but its just so much better here, you could become oneashleyyoung now that has a ring to it, don’t you agree?

  • starting to get really annoyed with spuds fans coming on here and bigging up there team, go and do it on the vital spurs website please

  • OAL is not “bigging it up”, just a bit of friendly banter, this window will be dull for the next few days. Come on guys TWO NAMES IN and TWO OUT before the window shuts. TWO IN: 1) GERA 2) SMITH ON LOAN, TWO OUT: 1) HENDRIE (BLACKBURN OR STOKE) 2) J LLOYD (BOLTON)

  • Villa fans are just saying that Ronaldo is miles better than Lennon because they know that no one with the same amount of talent as Aaron Lennon will play for them. And on the point that Ronaldo scores goals and creates goals out of nothing, yes he does, but does Lennon not do that??? Ronaldo is better than Lennon but Ronaldo is 22, Lennon is 19.

  • And when Spurs get Bale and Barnes, we will have the best young talent in the prem i.e Lennon 19, Taarabt 17, Bale 17, Barnes 18.

  • Oh go and annoy someone else Lemon. If you want to criticise our signings on this thread then great but if you want to just talk about Spuds then just**** off!!!!

  • melon….you have struck lucky with lennon,we will have him in a year or so when everyone wants to join the mighty “VILLA”.

  • gazzzzabrads, its not about striking lucky when you buy young players, if it was that then we must have struck lucky many times; Defoe, Lennon, Huddlestone, Dawson, King. Once maybe lucky, twice hhhmmmm, several times just shows that the scouts at Tottenham are brilliant!!! Anyway back to transfer gossip, Villa can get Keane for £8 million, when we get Darren Bent or Ryan Babel then it eon’t be much of a loss.

  • Hey Lemon, I take it the numbers after the players’ names are their respective IQs. Which makes them a whole lot brighter than you if you can’t understand that this thread has feck all to do with Spuds and who they sign.

  • Whilst on the subject of Darren Bent, what did Darren bend? 🙂 If you’re lucky you’ll get him as by this time next year you will be more likely to get Marcus Bent. I think that will be your level now that Jol has been found out as a good talent scout and lowsey manager.

  • REASONED ARGUMENT – Lemonhead, how can you be crowing about your achievements so far? You have spent tens of millions of pounds and you are 4 points ahead of us in the Premiership. 4 POINTS!! We don’t buy young talent – we develop it. Vassell, Moore, Agbonlahor, Davis, Ridgewell, Cahill, Osbourne,Samuel. How many of your academy players have made it to the first team? If MON had had the cash Jol has we would be top 6 and challenging the top 4 by now. Come back when you win something.

  • WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY – Lemonhead – you must be the sadest, loneliest , most impotent, most lacking in social skills, ugliest, fattest, spottiest, BO riden idiot in the UK if you’ve got nothing better to do than keep posting here. Why can’t you get the jist of whats being said. DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD! It’s for Villa related transfer gossip and news – not a Tottenham team report. Get lost.

  • I can name one player that Tottenham developed that is better than all the players that you just mentioned and his name is LEDLEY KING.

  • Lemon – i thought you only wanted to debate football blah blah blah. I have given you the benefit of the doubt recently, but there you go again spouting shiite to get a response. If you gonna keep doing it the please go to the Gooners site. Anyhow i expect a couple of last minute signings from the Villa, would expect it to be tomorrow with us playing the barcodes on Wednesday??

  • After the Smith story appearing to be a no-goer, it’s all quite on any kind of link. Even the Carew story had some legs a few weeks before hand. Must admit I’m getting a little concerned as methinks we need a couple of decent players.

  • SO your final answer is ……. One Single Player ! My main point is how come there is only a 4 point diference before we start re-building? Shouldn’t Spurs be ahead of where you are by now? Are you telling me Spurs fans are happy? Bear with me faithful Villa fans, this is relevant to our great club. I would rather by carefully and selectively, and build a long term viable business solution. This includes a good youth policy, as well as bringing in the right player at the right time. Throw enough mud and some will stick seems to be the Spurs solution. How many player in and then out aqgain in the last 3 years? Please – reasoned, well thought arguments only in response.

  • I don’t really want to post comments to get a response, however when some people say some stupid things about Tottenham, or anyone or anything for that matter, i have to respond, not to get a response, but to keep you lot within your boundaries.

  • Our boundarieas are decided by Villa supporters – not some jumped up Tottenham trash who first posted with an inflamatory comment re the signing of Ashley Young. Please please just stop posting – I am really beginning to dislike you.

  • I know that many people are looking forward to some more signings, but what if there are no more? Personally I still think that we have a stronger first team lineup than before the window, so we have moved forwards. What is the point bringing in second or third choice players that have no long term future? I would rather take what we have – survive this season and then look at strengthening again in the summer. Somebody did suggest that we utilise all of aour allowed loan deals. This makes so much more sense. Loan in Wes Brown, Diarra and another midfielder will give us a bit of strength in depth.

  • Im all for a bit of banter and debate but the guy can’t resist having a dig and is now becoming a bit of a lurch. Right everyone from now on i propose no matter what Lemon posts we should not respond in anyway whatsoever, what ya think?

  • mackaavfc. Well put. I’m in complete agreement – treat his posts as if they weren’t there! I’m in.

  • So a couple of days left. Am I hoping too much for a couple more players to come in? Surely one has to be a baggies player with ONeill watching them in person so much.

  • Can we have Owen Hargreaves please? I know it’s not going to happen but I can make the request. You never know what Santa will bring at xmas, similarly you never know what Randy will bring in January.

  • Get gera in, could be a decent first team regular. loans would be a good short term fix ie smith. any ideas

  • Hargreave is better than Barton and doesn’t come with the same baggage. A lot more expensive though, you’re right!!

  • Gera. Keane. And that big defender from West Brom – can’t remember his name. ‘Nuff said (apart from that defenders name). 😉

  • I posted a while back and got no response. Who do people think we’ll sign and offload? I agree with my brother that either Davis or Gera from the Baggies, they’ll want cash as Spurs and the Toon have tried part ex. This won’t work as the Toon tried to offload Wilfred Bramble and he’s on 50k per week. We need a right sided midfielder and support for Maccan (preferably a youngster) and a defender. See above for who I think will come in

  • On the subject of OAL – we are in for the same players, that’s good isn’t it? Remember we were scraping the barrell a year back. Anyone know what the situation with Milner is? Is he still on 7k per week?

  • tarzan, do think we need to get another defender in. A couple of injuries and we are in trouble again. Also, another battling midfielder would be great. Can’t just leave it all to McCann. Is Diarra available from Chelsea on loan, meant to be a mini Makelele.

  • maybe try buy Curtis Davis if not then loan in Wes Brown but tell him to leave his ice skates at old trafford.Cant think who else MON is lookin at at west brom maybe greening? The modern game seems to be all about speed and MON seems to reflect that would Vasselle be welcomed back to the fold?Maybe mon can get the best out of him.I think out of all the suggested strikers to bring in Keane would be top of my list but not at 8mill. prob 6 max.He is always committted and is a cleaver player in and around the box. Diarra i dont think is ready to do a job straight away and we want to be able to throw players straight in to give us any hope of getting top 6 this season.Its a tough ask but we should set our self a reasonable target for the remainder of our games.

  • Come on people – who do you think we’re in for? I think its agreed that we need a Defender, midfielder (Right wing and support for Maccan) and possibly a striker if we are to challenge for the top 6. Problem is that we need to start winning games and scoring goals. We are drawing too much and need to be in a position where the players can play with freedom and not look over thier shoulders. Samule won’t be away then.

  • Defender-Davis/Upson(if we can afford it why not)
    Wes Brown-
    Strikers-Keane/Forlan(remember him!)/Neugent/Healy(sorry im part of the Lawrie Sanchez green and white barmy army)
    Any way possible ideas of targets that could add to the squad in quality or depth.Any other wishes people?

  • Diop, Davis, SWP & Healy are good calls. I think SWP & Milner were number one on his list, but we may have to resort to plan B

  • Natural goalscorer who will settle quickly and score goals against the best defences in the world. Hughes and Davis as international teammates will ensure he will gets up and running immediatley. Lets face it Young and Carew may need a while to settle (hopefully not but you never know!!) Also surely £1.5m would get him! Bargain!

  • Just daydreaming — what a signal it would send out to British, nay, WORLD football if at 11.59 tomorrow we got Wright-Phillips!! I can dream – to be honest I am already delighted with who we have got and would be quite content if we got no-one else. However, the official site keeps plugging how MON is working hard on adding to the squad over the next 36 hours. Surely there must be someone else on their way? My gut feeling tells me it may be Alan Smith on loan!! But I have nothing to base that on!!

  • Going to need a new tread soon guys now the window is drawing to a close. Mr Fear get ur finger out my man!!!

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