Date: 1st May 2007 at 12:13pm
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Jlloyd Samuel has today told of how he is already looking forward to next season, after conceding that his time at Villa is coming to an end. Samuel lost his place to Freddie Bouma, who has been somewhat of an unsung hero for Villa in recent weeks despite I`m certain being fully aware that Vital Villa editor Jon Fear constantly gave him low ratings in his match reports.

Samuel on the other hand, not content with having to work to regain his starting place has decided he`s off and he had something to say on the matter on his icon`s website:

‘I want to make some plans for the future and I’m also really looking forward to the next season starting up again…

…I am still in the early stages of working out where I will be next season, but I’m really excited about the thought of playing regularly again and having a new challenge of my own.’

Rumour has it that a number of Villa fans are ready and willing to provide Jlloyd with some free transportation for him and his belongings, to whatever destination he so chooses in the Summer.


21 Replies to “Jlloyd Looking Forward To Leaving”

  • You lot gettin kits made by Nike next season then?? Gotta be the ‘Amreican connection’ hasn’t it??? Bit harsh on the lad isnt it on the artclie above….is he really that bad???

  • I am still in the early stages of working out where I will be next season, but I’m really excited about the thought of playing regularly again and having a new challenge of my own.’
    So thats BOLTON then ….

  • Thank god he’s leaving, I got sick and tired of watching him give the ball away 100 times per game. haha clown, damn right he is 🙂

  • So anyway are you getting your kit made by Nike next year??? I thik you will do well next year. Young, Carew and Agbong what you call him up front. Barry, Davis, Petrov in midfield. Just not sure bout your defence…….But good luck, I dont mind Villa and you bought good support down to the Lane this year which I appreciate! Not many sell out and you pretty much!!

  • MON is assembling a team full of potential goalscorers where there isn’t a need to rely on a 20 goal a season striker. Obviously, it would be great to have one but if the midfield – Young, Maloney, Barry, Gardner, Petrov, and Davis contribute then the pressure is off the likes of Carew, Moore , Gabby and the new striker. I couldn’t be bothered about Samuels departure or Bards because the future is bright its Claret and Blue

  • Wonder if the recent events at The Reebok have scuppered JLloyd’s strongly rumoured move up there. He’ll be o.k. Get his confidence back in new surroundings and he could prove to be a very good signing for his new employers.

  • Cheers Matt – nice to meet a sensible Spurs supporter on here. Defence is my main concern – as I think it is at Spurs? I think if we could have kept Laursen fit, and you King fit, both of our seasons could have been so much better. Attacking options are fanastic. J’lloyd can go – not just for playing poorly, but also his attitude….And yes – we have got Nike kits next year – when can I have one please?

  • J.Lloyd – coming to a league 1 team near you ! Come on mate,who`d buy ya??? Forget Bolton now Mr Back hander as left.

  • Looking forward to it, too, Jloyd. You excite me about as much as cheese sandwich.

  • As I have said week after week after week boring…. just go quietly Jloyd championship beckons you overpaid waster.

  • He’s always gotta be in the news, is his Icons website not paying him well enough to maintain his ‘crib’

  • Wonder who Jlloyd will end up going to. Bolton was the rumour but with Big Sam gone that could have changed. Could see him going somewhere like West Ham if they stay up.

  • Deano: You are forgetting the clause in every Villa player’s contract that Boro get first refusal 🙂

  • he’ll be a good signing for someone for 6-9 months, then he’ll figure he’s done enough to warrant a first team place. he’ll get the phone number of the ‘daily bolton express’ and start moaning to them when he’s dropped. can you please turn the lights off on your way out jlo.

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