Date: 27th September 2006 at 12:06pm
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The official site say that left-back Jlloyd Samuel, the subject of much transfer speculation through the summer, is finally recovering from an initial thigh injury plus further complications.

Jlloyd strained his thigh against Reading and Martin O’Neill explains his return took longer than expected,

‘That’s been really slow – it’s been a lot slower than we anticipated. It’s like two injuries in one – a thigh pull and then he developed a lump in the thigh as well but we’re getting to grips with it. It’s hard to put a time scale on it.’

Might take some doing to force his way back into the team now anyway, lets hope he is up for the challenge as he doesn’t now just have to try to shift Wilfred Bouma when the Dutch international returns but also skipper Gareth Barry who has moved to left-back in a re-shuffle to accommodate Stiliyan Petrov.


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  • Jlloyd was a tremendous player in the previous managers (can’t remember his name) first season. He went downhill with the rest of the squad in the following two seasons. A fully motivated Jlloyd would be an asset to any squad in the Premier League. In his

  • Give the lad a chance guys! Most players have been revitalised by O’Neill. What makes you think he won’t be too?! Loads of you wanted Angel, McCann et al to go in the summer, but MO’N had faith and has brought out their full potential again. I reckon he’d

  • Jlloyd played every game when we came top six three years ago. We would be happy with top six this season. By my reckoning that means Jlloyd has the ability to play in a top six team. If you go through every team in the league there are not many better le

  • Let MON rebuild his confidence, playing in an organised and motivated team, then lets judge him. For now lets wait and see, clean slate and all that

  • TIERNEY. never mind give the lad a chance, he is to lax when it comes to passing 50% of his distribution goes astray, he’s always being caught out of position, he can’t tackle, attackers go by him far to easy, have him in the villa squad I dont think so,

  • eltoro, you are entitled to your opinion. However so are other supporters and I think it is your kind of attitude that destroys the confidence of players and ensures that good players may think twice about coming to VP. You may also be interested to know

  • voiceoftheholt, tierney thank you, some positive common sense, players are affected by their team mates and management, if anyone can bring out the best in a player its MON, so I back up the call for the negative fans to back off, as my mother used to say

  • Samuel is by far the weakest link, he cannot pass and retain possession of the ball to save his life.

    Bouma a much better player by far.

  • Guys, this is a fans forum where we can give our opinion. Whilst I agree we shouldn’t have a go at players when playing, we are entitled to give an opinion. After all not everyone wanted DOL out or Ellis?
    Discussing who we think is our favourite and wh

  • Give Samuel a chance, but it’s been a long time since I saw anything worth keeping. We’ve got Bouma (when he gets round to playing) Barry and when we sign a world class left back, Samuel will have to do something special or we might as well cash in on hi

  • Eltoro, was JLS like that a couple of seasons back when he was pushing for an England place? And did you say your comments then or were you part of the large contingent who backed him for that spot?! Steff, no problem, but it is an opiniated game, however

  • He’s definitely been a major disappointment since he played himself very close to international honours with continually impressive displays. His career has gone downhill fast, but the ability is definitely there. He needs to get himself fit, knuckle down

  • voiceoftheholte,you want to know if I go to the villa or sit at home. I don’t live in Birmingham or ever have, I’m based on the south coast Dorset but that has not stopped me travelling home and away with the Villa, its been a couple of seasons since I’ve

  • Just out of interest eltoro, how many games do you get to a season? I like you, am based down on the South Coast so don’t see Villa as much as I’d like, hence the reason I’m very wary about criticising the players because I’m not actually seeing them in f

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