Date: 6th April 2009 at 8:17am
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Dear Mr O`Neill

When we signed Brad Friedel, I was delighted. Following a disappointing season from young on-loan keeper Scott Carson, I felt he was the type of player we needed, one of the league`s finest and most consistent keepers of the last 10 years, a player that would keep goal for 2 seasons allowing our other new signing Brad Guzan to learn and develop away from the limelight. Guzan would eventually take over in 2010/11 season, I and many others thought.

As the season has gone on, Friedel has continued to be as solid as ever, however in recent weeks he has appeared to be slow coming off his line and has picked up a tendency to palm shots away from the goal, and on occasion into the path of the oncoming attacker. This leads me to believe that Brad may well be past his best.

As the side build for what will hopefully be our second challenge for a top4 spot, next season, I would certainly hope that we consider whether Friedel is the best option the club has, I am not suggesting we throw young Guzan into the fray or indeed show Friedel the door. What I am suggesting is that we take a look at young Joe Hart, who appears to be out of favour at Manchester City. I personally feel that he fits the bill, not only is he a hot prospect but he is also young, English and perhaps most importantly, ambitious. He wants to be England`s Number One, and with David James getting older each season, Hart has to be one of the favourites to step up when James hangs up his boots. However for this to happen he needs to be playing regularly for a top club, and I would like to think that could be us.

Don`t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Brad Friedel and he has played a big part in our push for top4 this season; however I am just wondering if maybe Joe Hart could be the Keeper to take us to that next level.

So Mr O`Neill, please consider a move for young Joe in the summer, he could prove to be one of the best signings you ever make.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and good luck for the rest of the season.

Yours sincerely



19 Replies to “Joe Hart, Please”

  • I could never understand why we let David James go, still can’t. Yes he made a few gaffs (which keepers don’t) but mainly because he was positive in coming out for the ball and was amongst the best ball stoppers I’ve seen. Ho hum. We certainly need another keeper, Guzan I am not sure is ready and Friedel is getting on a bit!

  • Hindsight is a wonderful thing Fear, at the time I didn’t think James was that good, but haven’t seen the player he became and the keepers we had since, I wish we kept him. But anyway to the here and now, Joe Hart please!!!

  • I meant having seen the player he became not haven’t seen, because I have seen, confused? Me too.

  • Trust me, from a Rovers fan – it would be a mistake to write off Brad, he is still the best.

  • Mikey D, Friedel has been good this season, but he not the keeper he was at Blackburn. I remember seeing him playing for your boys against Man Utd this time last season, it was the best goalkeeping performance i have EVER seen, he was immense, nothing like that yesterday unfortunately.

  • no YJ, said the very same thing at the time, I was shocked we’d dished him out to get someone at the end of their career (publicity stunt!)

  • Whilst Brad Friedel has been rather disappointing, there is a reason why Joe Hart was dumped at Man City. He may be English, and he may be young, but he’s also a bit crap.

    I don’t think Brad Snr is particularly helped by having an ever changing defence in front of him that continues to make stupid, schoolboy mistakes. And that includes Golden Balls Curtis Davies who seems to me to be just another Titus Bramble.

  • Joe Hart, crap? He has made the odd error, but he is a young lad learning his trade, i would not describe he as ‘crap’ though.

  • I’d rather have Kirkland. Hart would be another gamble of the Carson nature in my opinion. Not enough experience. Kirkland is top drawer.

  • Hey guys, the plan at City is for Hart to learn off Given. He is only 21 and some way off being the finished article but he has loads of time. If he went to Villa it would be a sideways move for him since you seem to be sliding down the table and as of next season we’ll be going up it. If you’re desperate to spend money then take a look at a lad called Vassell. Not a goalie but he’s a villain and has loads of pace.

  • Hart is not the player he was 2 seasons ago and like many “young English” Keepers, his career is going backwards. He’s not even knocking on the door at Man City, what makes you even suggest he would be better than either Brad? Foster will be the long term England replacement for Jame’s. Fergie will allow him to play more of a part next season or maybe loan him out. I know its about opinions YJ but i would be questioning MON’s sanity if he signed Hart as an automatic No1!

  • As the letter says Meyouldy, I am not suggesting Friedel be shown the door, Hart would have to earn his place in the side.

  • Agreed that Brads agility isnt what it used to be. I think a younger keeper would have got down to Ronaldos 2nd goal but saying that< Bradz experience is 2nd to none. Tim howard for me please!

  • Not at all convinced by Joe Hart, although admittedly I haven’t seen too much of him, but even if he is the bee’s knees, I can only see City allowing him to go out on a twelve month loan deal at best.

  • Where’s the next Nigel Simms or Colin Withers, Jimmy Rimmer or Nigel Spink? Decent keepers seem in very short supply right now, hence the reason Brad Friedel remains one of the very best out there. Whether young Guzan is up to the task is still open to debate. Personally I doubt it, but shouldn’t he be given an opportunity first?

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