Date: 4th March 2010 at 12:43pm
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According to The People, John Carew isn’t happy at Villa playing second fiddle to Gabby Agbonlahor and Emile Heskey.

The report was bound to appear at some stage wasn’t it? Must admit I’d put money on a JC exit this summer, he does drift from club to club (Valerenga, Rosenborg, Valencia, Roma, Besiktas, Lyon and of course us), always has (not a dig, that is just fact isn’t it?) and he has faded for Villa which is a shame as the bloke has so much promise and a real talent when he can be bothered to turn it on.


As Martin O’Neill said recently, he is a Holte End Hero, he just has to become a hero for me now! He also said at the BRMB/Capital Gold event that he believes JC is world class when he turns up and suggested he only turns up in 1 in 7 games.

The 30-year-old Norwegian international has under two years left on his contract taking him up to the summer of 2011. The report suggests he has two years left and would be valued at around £10million. With Villa showing no signs of new contract negotiations at the moment, you would assume they’ll want to get something for the player who could leave on a free the season after surely?

No doubt there will be some badge kissing or comments from JC saying he is happy but I can’t see him being happy being on the bench and does he really produce enough when he is on? Sometimes he does, that is what makes him so frustrating, I hate wasted talent and think this guy should be up there with the very best strikers in this league, there is no reason with his skill and attributes not to be on 20 goals a season in the league surely?

So, the obvious question, would you sell John Carew in the summer or not? I know for some he is a hero, for others he is just a frustrating enigma with a great song!

Our latest poll, by some amazing coincidence, asks just that!

Favourite versions of JC song:

from the start of the season:

John Carew, Carew
His toe hurts in his shoe
He’s now got the f****g flu
John Carew, Carew

folling his curfew break!

John Carew, Carew
He’s more tired than me and you
He stays out til one or two
John Carew, Carew

I got frustrated the other week and sang:

John Carew, Carew
Where the hell are you
Try having a shot or two
John Carew, Carew

Ahem… I’ll get me coat.

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