Date: 8th December 2009 at 10:02am
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Here we go, a bit of gossip!

The Mirror have a report by Alan Nixon today suggesting that John Carew is a target for Turkish giants Fenerbahce.

The report says they will bid around £5million for the 30-year-old.

Big John, a hero to some and a lazy waste of talent all but 1 in 10 games to others, has just 18 months left on the current contract.


The report then goes WAY off what I think is the truth. For one, there is no way Villa have to sell him to balance the books and I’m not 100% sure just how ‘worried’ MON would be to lose a player who he has admitted at a recent forum only plays 1 in 7 and baffles him as to why he is such a cult hero for some.

Something to do with a great song and the fact he waves maybe? Something to do with the fact on the 1 in 10 (or 7 or 5 or whatever you think) he is world class – for me that just makes it all the more unforgiveable that he goes missing so often. He should be an over 20 goals a season striker but has instead drifted from club to club.

It doesn’t seem likely that Villa will offer him improved or extended terms, not with his injury record and perhaps his lack of application? If he was as good as some say, how come he keeps ending up on the bench? As said, I know on his day this player is outstanding, is that any good to a manager when he is a passenger for so much of the time? However how could Villa realistically replace him in January? There aren’t many clubs who will sell a quality striker at Christmas and if Emile Heskey picks up an injury, which to be fair is something that regularly happens through his career, or even worse if Gabby Agbonlahor has to have time out of the team, what are our alternatives. Would MON consider Nathan Delfouneso ready? Or would we maybe look to return to the 4 5 1 where we have always looked fairly solid?

gabby run with ball

Difficult to see us selling him in January without a replacement in mind surely? Then again, £5m for a journeyman isn’t bad? Or is it £5m for a world class striker, then it is bad. The choice on that is a flip of the coin for many.

Personally, after the Ajax incident, not to mention not fronting up for Moscow away, he’d never have been back in the team for me. What an nasty unforgiving person I am! Hey, Ron Saunders would have done the same, you don’t mess with Aston Villa and if you do, you should have your bags packed for you.

Ok, flame suit on!

Our latest poll asks this very question. What would you do with John Carew….!

Oh and in another bit of transfer talk, another report in the Mirror says that Celtic are after Spurs striker Robbie Keane on loan in January. There you go, mention those two teams in an article and you have just increased your page impressions dramatically! Alternatively, if true, what better replacement for Carew?!?!?!

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