Date: 11th November 2009 at 4:15pm
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Interesting couple of articles in the Express & Star on John Carew today.

The first has quotes from centre-back Carlos Cuellar who told the E&S that JC is ‘every defender’s worst nightmare’.

Very true according to Chief Sports Writer Martin Swain but only when the player can be bothered.

Following on from MON’s call for more consistency last week: (MON Calls For Carew Consistency) Carlos said in the paper that he’d rather play with him than against him. ‘As you can imagine, he is hard to defend against. In training I sometimes have to play against him and he is really hard to mark. John is big and he is strong and clever. He is everything for us and is probably the best player in the air in the Premier League.’


In the air? Ok, maybe, but again, only when he is in the mood to jump, as pointed out by Big Ron Atkinson whilst commentating for Radio WM this season.

The column by Swain – Chief Sports Writer Martin Swain – echoes what I’ve – and others – have said for a while. JC is unplayable on his day but a passenger all too often. He really should and COULD be a 20 goal-a-season striker for us. Will he be though? Possible on his Bolton form, impossible on some of his other showings!

So very frustrating eh?!

Swain asks: Should Villa fans be excited to see arguably their most popular player – a man with the charisma and ability to make him an authentic Holte hero – finally deliver the kind of rampaging display befitting his athletic power and abilities? Or should they be angry that Carew simply doesn’t do it often enough? adding, The questions are reverberating through the Villa faithful this week, as they view yet another season carrying the potential for both high achievement and deep anti-climax.

Carew is quoted and says it is down to his health: ‘I like to use all parts of my body. With my size, I normally have an edge on defenders. If I go 100 per cent then I normally win the challenges. It’s up to me not to let anybody else win the challenges. But every season it takes a while to get going.’

Lets hope we see more of the JC we saw v Bolton and less of the pedestrian who spends a little bit too much time playing up to the crowd and a little too little time terrorising the defences who lets face it, should hate to see the big man coming.

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