Date: 19th August 2007 at 12:40pm
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Imavillan submitted the following article, so I thought I’d expand it and put the question up as our latest poll. John Carew, yes or no!?

Is it me but as of yet I am not totally convinced about our main striker, John Carew.

I cannot see him getting 15 goals this season which is what is required from your main centre forward as a minimum these days in the Premiership if you want to be doing more than mid table mediocrity.

I know he nearly scored yesterday with a long range shot but he just does not do it for me. In my opinion he just lets the ball bounce off him and he doesn’t do enough in the penalty area.

I think Martin O’Neill needs to sign a quality striker in the remaining 12 days of the transfer window or give Luke Moore a chance?


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  • I’m in the totally unsure camp. He is a big sod for sure and looks like he could be handy, but not seen anything outstanding yet and I’m not sure we’ve got any striker who will get more than 10-15 this season? We need one to shoot us into Europe, is it the strikers or is it the service? Time will tell I guess. Hope he fulfils his potential though, he should certainly be able to terrorise opponent defences with his size and speed.

  • If we have him we need a goalscorer next to him. We ain’t got one at the moment. For me Gabby and Luke should be learning their trade and Harewood should never had been signed. Instead a proven goalscorer. But who we gonna get with our wage structure????

  • As per other thread, not sure we have a wage structure, think wages will be paid dependent on the players brought in. If we can attract a star (if mon wants one) then I would suggest the wage demands would be met. Personally I’d try for Anelka, i know he is a journeyman and a sulk, but he is also an awesome striker!

  • I’m going off the big man. As said above he doesnt seem too good at bringing other players into play, rather just lets the balls bounce off him and back to the oppositon. Also gives players an easy option to lump the ball forward which I dont like. He’ll get 10 goals which isnt enough. Luke would get Moore! 😉

  • Hes definatly the man for us. Hes strong quick and is proven quality champions league player!
    It is not his fault for villa’s lack of goals, it is the way we play football. Villa seem to always play simple knock the ball up the field and hope carew does something! We never play possesion football and try to play fluent football.
    How often does John Carew get a 1 on 1 chance? Never!
    We lack creativity get rid of petrov!

  • What a pathetic and pointless thread this is. Carew is a quality player. Best leader of the line we have had in years, put a quality striker alongside him (eg. Defoe) and we would have a formidable strike force. Of course in some deluded peoples eyes he will never be as good as the “great” JPA and “goldenballs” Luke Moore.

  • Suky, did you watch the game yesterday ? never play possesion football ? knock it up and hope Carew does something ? we played a decent game yesterday, and if we keep building on performances like that, we will do fine. I’m not one to panick, but, we really need signings now, injuries are just around the corner.

  • Carew – will never score a lot of goals – if thats what your hoping from his – the he will always dissapoint. However he leads the line well – and keeps the opposition on there toes. I like him – i think we would be much poorer without him.
    a 20 goal a season man is going to cost around £20m – I am yet to be convinced the MON has access to those sort of funds.

  • Why is it pointless wislor? Football is about discussion and opinions, that all this is, talk about our strikers. Take that away from the game and what do fans do, just trot off to the game and leave silently at the end of it? You’ve expressed your views well and maybe you are right, with quality up with him he would be even better.

  • Its just my opinion, I think he is a top player. I agree with qking 100%. also i wish people would get off Harewoods back and get behind him. Yes, not one of us would of signed him but he his here now so back him and get off the poor the lads back.

  • I like Carew..he’s got good ball control and contrary to some other opinions i think he links up well with other players..admit i don’t think he will score 15-20 goals, but maybe he will help someone else to achieve it just me or does Gabby seem to be having a slowish start to season..maybe MON should start Moore against Fulham then bring Gabby on later when their a bit knackered..UTV

  • Carew is a good target man, leads the line well, has good touch and reasonable pace, and is always a physical threat. From what I have seen, the one thing that he isn’t is a natural goalscorer at premiership level. I cannot see him scoring 10 league goals this season. That is not all his fault as we do tend to keep hoofing the ball up to him.
    If we play Carew then we need to find a true goalscorer who will get 15 to 20 league goals, but that is easier said than done.


  • Again, facts are fprgotten… Last week he had a stomach illness – yesterday he was actually INJURED for a good portion of the time he was on the pitch, and is mainly why he was brought off.

  • dont believe this thread either! carew is quality,so strong,quick,good feet,brings others into play,good in the air.dont believe he is the sort 2 get 20 goals or anything but would be surprised if he didnt get at least 15 and with a natural goalscorer up alongside him eg defoe he would almost certainly get 20 goals as carew more often than not gets 2 defenders tight on him because he is such a threat which in turn creates space for the other centre forward and whoever else wants 2 run into it!!!!! UTV

  • We have problems. The game yesterday was one for the taking. At the moment we are big on effort but woefully inadequate at creativity. It makes no difference who you have upfront if the supply isn’t there then they won’t score. I believe that the strike force with Carew and Luke Moore would be enough if we had a creative player in behind the strikers aka Maloney/Berger. Play 3-4-1-2 when attacking and 3-5-2 when defending.

  • His should be one of the first names on the team sheet. A quality centre-forward, with a proven pedigree at the very top level. Thought he put on another very good showing yesterday, but desperately needs a quality goalscorer alongside him. We’re questioning John Carew’s right to a starting position? Personally I cant believe it.

  • John Carew definetely put on a good performance yesterday, and I tend to thing that the boy’s not a 100% ready for the season yet, probably because of his recent injury. We need to give him further time to settle I think, and the goods will be delivered…I doubt he’ll score 20 this season, but he might well be involved in over 20 goals, and that’s already something, I think.

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