Date: 8th April 2006 at 9:47am
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Former Aston Villa boss John Gregory is quoted in The Sun today talking about the local derby and David O’Leary.

This follows his quotes in the Birmingham Post: Click Here

He said today: “In the last few years these derby games have just been about local pride. This time there’s a lot more at stake — the manager’s neck is on the line and fighting for survival dictates a different approach.’

More worryingly he adds to the suggestion that O’Leary no longer has the dressing room.

“David O’Leary is manager of one of the biggest clubs in the country and has one of the most coveted jobs in the country. But the captain recently said the atmosphere was like a graveyard in the dressing room and there is a lot of negativity around the place. There’s a malaise.’

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Vital Villa asked, in a snap poll yesterday, what your opinion of John Gregory is.

11% said he should be brought back as manager. A further 64% said he is ‘a real Villa man, I’d love him back’. So a nice round 75% vote of confidence!

A further 5% said he is a great manager but shouldn’t return, 1% were surprised he isn’t in a top job and just 19% voted ‘no thanks, he has had his chance’.

One thing is for sure, JG speaks the language of the fans, who could forget the ‘Doug’s in a timewarp’ quotes?! He also, when being a pundit, talks about ‘we’ whereas DOL only ever says ‘I’ unless there is some blame to share!


16 Replies to “John Gregory Wanted By Villa Fans”

  • What unbelievably short memories many of you have. Like a couple of other sites (who have also lost all sense of perspective) I assume that none of the voters in this “quick poll” were calling for Gregory’s head four years ago and continually whining abo

  • thats the great thing about choice gmvillan…you dont have to visit the site unless you want to.

  • But then Taylor was an oldman when he came back, Gregory is still young enough to be hungry and up to date with what’s happening in modern football.

  • If he was to return, which I don’t think he should (never go back to a team you’ve manged before , eg. Taylor), he wouldn’t be able to cope with Doug still so would have to wait for the takeover (if it ever happens!).

  • 100% Villan thru and thru. Definitely one of us, what better praise can you bestow on him? But a return as manager? Absolutely no way.

  • I for one would not want JG back. I know many feel he is/was one of us but his purchases and man management were not brilliant and his tactics in the last year were mind numbingly boring. That said his record was relatively impressive, he was a character

  • I think what we really want is some kind of success. Under JG we had that. The collapse and ultimate 7th in our title challenging season was disappointing but at least we were up there. Realistically we’ve no chance of breaking into the top 4 but there is

  • Gregory hasn’t managed a club in years… Why would you want a manager who hasnt done a days work in years? I for one wouldnt want to see him at VP Again.

  • people have such memories can you not remember how negative villa were under gregory…………….

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