Date: 16th February 2018 at 3:18pm
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Well, football isn`t rocket science – albeit some managers seem to want to make it far more complicated than it is – so I don`t think it will come as a major surprise to see the stats and reach the conclusion.

Aston Villa are better when John Terry in the side than when he isn`t playing!

I do like this infographic from the boys at I do like this infographic from the boys at Kick Off though.

A 57% win ratio and a massive ten clean sheets. Fabulous.

And now I`ve put that song into your head, why not play it, it`s Friday after-all!

See the Official John Terry Thread in the forum. Sadly we don`t have an un-official one!


4 Replies to “John Terry – With Or Without You (With You Please!)”

  • I know I’m not alone in hoping JT stays with us for another 12 months……. come on JT, Pleaseeeee………

  • JT is the Leader we have needed for a long time however knowing he will probably leave at the end of this season who will take his place? That man must be identified a.s.a.p. From JT’s perspective in my opinion he would be wise to leave before he gets th

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