Date: 16th October 2006 at 1:02pm
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Juan Pablo Angel has promised, despite missing two penalties this season (one being converted via the rebound and the other, v Spurs at the weekend, hitting row z), that he wants to carry on taking them.

Hmmm, not sure about that. I’ve always been a big Angel fan, but he is starting to cost us points in positions where an instinctive striker would surely score?

Angel suffered, what in technical terms is known as ‘a mare’ (!) on Saturday against Tottenham and he said: ‘I’ve never had a more bizarre minute or so. It was crazy. Stuart Taylor shouted ‘leave the ball’ but in that split second I got a touch. It was a fantastic goal from Gareth Barry, one of the best I’ve seen, and it was a great relief for us and especially for me. After the own goal and the missed penalty I was disappointed.’

‘But with the penalties, I’ll keep going. It doesn’t change at all. Overall I’m pleased with the performance of the team, especially for the last 30 minutes of the second half. We showed great determination and we saved a point. The own goal acted like a kick to us and we started to play well and pushed forward and created some chances at the end and could have won.’

Angel has to start playing as good a game as he talks. Our record signing looked in his second season at Villa that he was set to become a Holte End hero, but things really haven’t gone well since and surely with new money coming to the club, he only has so many chances to prove that he isn’t a spent force. I hope he does it, but I’m – like many fans – starting to have serious doubts. Come on Juan, set us straight.

Our latest poll asks if Juan Pablo Angel is a spent force or a force to be recogned with?


14 Replies to “Juan Pablo Angel – Spent Force?”

  • I thought that you Villans played well in the second half but played abysmally in the first half, but you were unlucky to concede the JP Angel own goal in the last fifthteen minuetes or so and miss the penalty by that much, a few minuetes before, but you

  • I am also in the JPA fan club. Partly because after all my mates have rubished him for so long and I just want him tio have another good season to shut them up. If were going to do anything serious in the league though were going to need a better more rut

  • Unfortunately I don’t think JPA is the long term answer to our goalscorring needs (I am the same as tyler though in wanting him to come good to prove people wrong). However given the form/inexperience/fitness of our othr strikers (baros, agbonlahor/sutto

  • you need to get rid of Angel and Baros, you could bring in two players better than them on half the wages.

  • the question is by playing him who is he keeping out that could do better ?
    Baros, questionable at the moment
    Sutton, god help us
    Berger, 2 years injured, no way
    like it or not, past it or not, until Baros gets really fit and motivated we are stuck wi

  • angel has been really good this season, MON has heaped praise on him. 2 wierd minutes should not condemn him. as far as the penalties go, why not try someone else? long term as far as strikers go, he is 31, so naturally we need others to come in. but JPA

  • Didn’t see the game on Saturday, so I can’t comment on that. But I’ve always rated JPA – we should give him the season under MON and decide at the end of it. I still have the feeling this could be his best season at VP.

  • I remember when you guys signed him how he was to be the next big thing in english football , never really materialised has it ? although I would give him this season with Martin O Neill and see what he can do with Angel !

  • Just like Viduka, cant convert from the spot, but not quite past his prime…he has been good this season so far and already you act as if hes spent…

  • “He has had 5 years + to convince people, if he hasn’t done it now he never will. ” BKKVILLA” he has had five years of mis-management, I join in with the give him a chance squad, I think the man will do it for us, the one dissapointment to me at the mome

  • I can appreciate MON’S frustration. He has skill in abundance but he’s lost the killer instinct. I think he’s too comfortable at Villa. I think he should go.

  • Who can say they never had a bad day at work, i like angel he’s a good player and we don’t have to sell players any more now randy’s here but if we buy another striker it’s all good.

  • He’s doing o.k. for now, but I do think that this will probably be his final season at Villa Park.

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