Date: 4th June 2009 at 12:20pm
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Just say NO, nothing else is needed as a response!

What am I on about? Well, John Carew has been asked about the reported interest from Manchester City for his services and JC says he is ‘flattered’.

He told Nettavisen

‘I am not thinking too much about this. There is always speculation.’

He shouldn’t be thinking at all about it should he?

He added, ‘I would take it as a compliment if they are interested, but I am not spending much time thinking about it. For me, it is just speculation and I never respond to speculation.’

He also says he doesn’t know if Villa have been approached by City adding he wouldn’t speak about it if he did.

Would have been nice to have had a line about being happy at Villa and not looking to move, but this might just be down to the interview being cut etc. He did say towards the end of the season how much he is enjoying his time at Villa and his love for the Villa fans…

In a report in The Guardian JC says he wants to see Villa get off to a flying start next season and believes we can survive without Gareth Barry.

“It is a very important season for Aston Villa next season and I think we will be better equipped. Overall I think we have improved this season and the players here are getting better and better. What will happen in terms of the squad? I don’t know, but with the team we have I think we will get better each year. We are learning each season and, if we find ourselves in the same position we did this year, fighting for the top four, I think we will handle it even better.”

Adding on his own fitness having miss 20 odd games: “I will train over the summer and I will be ready for next season. Let’s hope we can then get off to a flying start.”


10 Replies to “Just Say NO John Carew!!!”

  • Say yes john they will pay you *****loads and probably let you go to strip clubs with gareth barry and robhino.

  • Sounds like City are unsettling players from everywhere. We need to get a higher quality of players in generally so that the top lads don’t think that they are big fish in small ponds (which was one of GB’s problems.) We need skillfull players aswell as MON’s faithfull hard workers like Reo-Coker, Gabby, Heskey, Zat, Harewood who have no idea where the ball is going to go when it leaves their feet. GB could only wait and trust and keep the faith for so long. Cue big John leaving next year saying that it’ll only be for a Champs League team in his next interview!!

  • fecking hell, MON spends all this time building a squad just for Mark Hughes to come in and nick the team??? Whats the point? Honestly, Man City could start the end of the world. we should bid for their players. just to annoy them. grrrr

  • Villan444 – “hard workers like… Gabby”?!?! Are you sure??? Carew ain’t going anywhere.

  • Is Mark Hughes such a poor manager he can’t go out and find his own good players?! “I know – Villa did well this season, I will buy their good players with all this oil money – wow this jobs soooo easy – I get paid a fortune to tell a few players what to do on some grass”….. I don’t know why fergy got so stressed with me. It’s simples.

  • mark hughes is *****e another season like last and the shieks will send him packing. pressures on sparky

    they deserved to finish 10th last season about their level

  • Carew’s on his way, you’ll finish 9th, City 10th and Hughes will be sacked at the start of October.

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