Date: 10th August 2012 at 11:11am
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There have been a few rumours online that Villa are after Stoke City and former Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones but to be fair, they looked a bit flakey so I didn`t put in one of our transfer links gossip article! I can`t mention every player rumoured on Twitter or Facebook really!

However, Mirror reporter James Nursey has just tweeted a bit of an update.

Re: #AVFC possible interest in Kenwyne Jones , sort of player (targetman) Lambert likes but told nothing imminent despite medical rumours.

According to Wiki, the 27-year-old Trinidad & Tobago international scored 26 goals in 94 games for Sunderland and just 10 in 55 for Stoke.

I`d rather we went for Peter Crouch!!

Opinions folks?


26 Replies to “Kenwyne Jones Interesting Villa?”

  • A few years back he would have been worth ago but there is probably better and cheaper abroard,British players are over priced for what you get.

  • “British players are over priced for what you get.”

    “the 27-year-old Trinidad & Tobago international”

    Nice to see our Empire is back 😉

  • I’d have him. I’m sure Hutton would be part of the deal, plus maybe a bit of cash. He looked very good a few years ago at Sunderland, if PL could get the best out of him, who knows?

  • the kind of player we don’t have in squad, so definately worth the gamble at 3 or 4 million plus hutton, i feel we still need a powerful midfielder as well, someone to really take the game by the balls.

  • 10 from 55 at Stoke then?…. better than Gabby here then…. in that case if Mutton is part of the deal, I suppose it’s worth a punt if thats all we can manage…..

  • If SJH is right and the deal was Hutton plus a bit of cash i’d take it with both hands. Otherwise i’d leave it. Not the sort of striker we need.

  • My tenpenceworth: I’m sure KJ is a nice guy, but how hungry and motivated is he? He never seems to be fired up, willing to throw himself at things, use his strength. Stoke signed him for a silly amount and so won’t want to write most of that off. For me, he is quite lazy, his scoring record is poor, his skill doesn’t impress, there is surely no chance he will join Villa!

  • For me one of the most underachieving players in the league has it all physique akin to Droghba with his neck muscles should be able to bury a header from the halfway line good feet. A player who has never fitted into the sides hes signed for. A puzzle I will happily leave to PL . As for part exchange for Hutton would take a lot less than Jones in exchange for him!

  • I never thought Stoke would be the right team for Jones. If the money is right and we get rid of Hutton as part of the deal. why not?

  • No thanks, Ricardo Fuller scored more goals for the same side and is available free. Would prefer we looked elsewhere

  • Not too happy about this one, as mentioned above he is very similar to Emile. As fans we deserve an exicitng target man, its been ages since we had one.

  • Would prefer Jade Jones myself, if he comes we will all get behind him. Very good player on his day, similar style of play to Carew so could be a big hit. (Whether its with our fans or on our P&L we shall see)

  • I think Jones plays well with Bent, they formeda decent partnership at Sunderland and are very good freinds still, he’s big and he assists oals aswell as scores, that stat above is a bit unfair as there is more to Jones game than scoring which is what we need a big man upfront alongside DB9 or Gabby

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