Date: 16th August 2010 at 9:28am
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__villa__ asks: Is Kevin MacDonald Our Man?

After winning 3-0 to West Ham a lot of people have been talking about giving MacDonald the full time job.

There are pro’s and con’s towards this debate and its too close to call. I personally wouldn’t want MacDonald as our manager.

He has been at Villa for 15 years and has done a great job with the kids.

After yesterdays post-match comments he didn’t seem to joyful about being permanent manager. He seems unsure whether he will be interested in the job.

His comments weren’t to positive either ‘I’ll have to sleep on it’. ‘I said all along when I wake up tomorrow morning – win, lose or draw – and I haven’t enjoyed it then coaching is better for me.’ Adding, ‘I’ll hopefully sleep easier but we have to prepare for Thursday – that’s the problem about being a manager, you don’t get to sleep much’.

Doesn’t sound to keen.

Despite seeing Villa playing very good, smooth attractive football and using a 4-4-1-1 formation I don’t see that MacDonald should be permanent manager.

There’s always that feeling when a caretaker manager wins a game that he should be the next manager. And the same has happened here.

The reason why I don’t want MacDonald as manager is, that if he does get sacked he will leave Villa.

And he has done such a good job with the kids. The youth wouldn’t be the same with MacDonald. Randy Lerner knows this too so its a huge risk.

Better to bring up a manager and for him to sort out the transfer dealings and MacDonald to go back to coaching. There are positives with him staying though, he would raise the morale of youth here at Villa and we would have a lot of young players developing here.

We would also save money on buying new talent. He also has the respect of the players and is always calm. Its a tough debate among Villa fans and some say that he should stay, while others prefer an actually manager.

Its up to Randy. UTV!


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