Date: 19th July 2019 at 9:31am
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So the new kit is out. The home shirt is now available to purchase in the Villa store and the away kit was unveiled yesterday, with a frankly baffling video featuring models straight from the Jeremy Kyle show which flashed around so quickly, it was hard to actually see the kit in all its ‘glory’.

According to the OS, “Our players will wear the kombat pro fit while a regular fit will also be available for supporters. For the first time ever, the kombat pro fit can also be purchased by fans – look out for the description term ‘elite’ when buying this product.

 As the new home kit becomes available today, we’re also thrilled with the amazing levels of pre-order we’ve had, with the classic claret body and blue sleeves design up 200% on last year’s figures.”

The fans’ reaction has been largely positive, with most seeming to love the new Kappa stuff, and to be honest, what’s not to like? The home kit sees the traditional claret body with blue sleeves – a Villa kit as it should be, following a departure from the blue sleeves in last season’s offering by Luke, which was a throwback to the 83-84 Le Coq Sportif number.

As I said, what’s not to like? Actually, the sponsor logo on the front is far too dominant for my palate. I’m sure they have paid top dollar for the privilege, but giving such prominence to a betting company sticks in the craw slightly for me.

Love that away kit, very nice. Kappa had a tough act to follow with how popular the Luke shirts were and they’ve done well.” – VillaTomB38

Not everyone was so enamoured though, with both the away shirt and the video reveal attracting scorn from the hard-to-please Villa faithful. I must admit, the away shirt doesn’t do it for me – I’d much prefer a plain white offering with claret detail, but if you saw how I dress myself, I’m probably the last person to offer advice or constructive criticism on matters of couture!

More from the OS: “In keeping with our ‘iconic’ theme, the away design features the famous Villa Park gates across the body, represented by an emblem within the neck line. The away kit will be available for pre-order on the 24th July.”

Dreadful and cheap-looking- not a patch on last year’s.” – Fulford

Not my cup of tea I must admit. Images I thought were going to be the kit looked much nicer. Won’t be losing any sleep over it to be fair, but looks a bit of a mess.” – The Fear

That away kit is horrendous.” – DeanoVilla

The club will doubtless sell these replica kits and other merchandise by the bucket load, but I’m still annoyed that the new kit release takes so long and is dragged out over weeks as the season begins. Although the home shirts are available now, away shirts are pre-order only and we are still waiting for news on the third kit. Why can’t they get their act together and release everything at the same time? Other clubs seem to manage it.

Anyway, the excitement mounts ahead of our opening game at Tottenham on August 10thand with the promise of more signings before the window closes, it’s an exciting time to be a Villan.

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