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Last week we did an article (and a poll) asking: Would You Have Andy Carroll At Villa?

Looks like there is a little substance to the link.

Paul Lambert was asked about a loan move for the Liverpool and England striker and said:

He told Sky Sports ‘If we can get him that’d be great. I’ve heard people are linked with him. That doesn’t surprise me. He’s a top player and not one I would dismiss.’

He also told them he does want more players before the season starts…

‘I’ve always said that the group need a hand. They need players to come in and give them a hand and we’re trying to get them in.”

See forum thread: Would You Have Andy Carroll At Villa?

We asked in our poll:

Would you take Andy Carroll
Poll Date: 11 Jul 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

Yes, on loan with option to buy 51%
No, I would not sir! 28%
Yes, for £15m 20%
Unsure 1%

So there you have it!

Comments from last weeks article:

I’m not keen on pony tails, also, when he was on the sidelines warming up last season I sang ‘If Andy Carroll can play for England so can I’… so maybe I’d need to go into hiding!??! To be fair, at that sort of price, I reckon he might just be worth a punt.
The Fear

Yes I would buy him with a pre-arranged amount option to buy subject to his form and goals!? Certainly no more than £15 Million though. Dalglish was a fool to pay £35 Million and that was one of the many reasons he got fired.
Thomas Holte

he would have to lose the Pony, but yeah I would take him. Ideal man to hit in the box with Bent picking up what doesn’t go in

Yes I would have him, but we cant afford him and his wages!!!

We’ve just got rid of Heskey, what do we want another donkey for?……..
Pride of Lions

Would be a good signing for the right price.

Yes I’d have him, I think he still has great potential. I also think Villa would be a good club for him. Obviously fee and wages make it a bit unrealistic, but if we could get him for around £15m and tell him to not be so ‘greedy’ it would be a great deal. And a haircut would have to be part of the deal too.
Stephen Jay Hawkings

On reflection £15 Mill is far too much but I suppose it would all be down to how successful he was? Anyway’s, can’t see it happening at the Villa.
Thomas Holte

No! He is over rated and trouble, at any price. Even if you only paid 15 million, as been suggested,you could a couple of decent players for that..

Yes. good player, not selfish like most strikers. Good defender too. Unpredicatbly and strong. And does have a lot of talent. Just not sure the drinking culture at our club will suit him!

15 mil ! just shows how much the game has changed the fact that people really think 15 min is an ok price for a player like Carrol i wouldnt want him on a free because that means we would well (randy) would still have to pay high wages for a player not good enough for the villa i think ji park would have been a decent replacement for stan who would agree anyone? (slight changing the subject)

sod his hair, at £15M I’d le to see him at the Villa. n his day he can be totally unplayable. Him and Bent in the box with plenty of supply from wide would be awesome. Don’t see it happening though.
Hard working centre forward who knows where the goal is, not afraid to chase the ball. Perfect foil for DB in a 442!!

hmm should have read the article first, basically repeated what JF said, only in not so many words 🙂 I’m getting worried now.

IMO Villa need an option of a big centre forward who is good with his back to goal..I think we only need this as an OPTION though, not as a preferred way of playing..So although I do think Andy Carroll would be a n excellent signing, we don’t want to be paying £15m and massive wages for an option… I did hear rumoured Kenwynne Jones at £4m…Now IMO that would be a better deal..lower wages..more likely to accpt a role from off the bench and occassional start depending on system used…I think Carroll and Jones can only really play effectively in a 4-4-2..Not sure we will set up that way, BUT we will throughout matches have need to change to that formation..I hope I made sense!

Swap him for Bent. In this day and age few teams play with 2 up top and Bent cannot play with anyone else. Gabby would be a good foil for him. ;-D

You can make him cut his hair, but how do you change the thinking that the pony tail was acceptable. The tail would be gone, but mentally he would still see himself sporting it. It’s a no from me.

If he lost his pony tail wouldn’t he lose all of his powers??? 444, You crack me me mate, I’m starting to think you are Gabbys Dad 😉

Stuck with Gabby’s hairdo Gibbo, wish I had the luxury of Carroll’s LOL.

Certain clubs have certain traditions. One of ours is a good old fashioned centre forward. Lochhead, Gray, Withe, Dublin. We have loved the continental centre forwards like Savo and JPA. We simply love a centre forward who takes no prisoners and bangs in a few goals. It is part of Villa DNA. I am sure that the money mentioned could be better spent, but I would have him on loan with a view to a permanent transfer at that money if he proves himself as joining the Villa centre forward greats.

Can’t believe people wouldn’t . Id have him in a shot.

Don’t rate this player at that price. Like Downing half/ 1 season of good football should not give you these sorts of price tags. Maybe on loan but never been a fan of him.

Nope, wrong attitude for me.

To think Liverpool paid 55m for Downing and Carroll….. Us and Newcastle defo got the best end of them deals me thinks 🙂

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