Date: 12th August 2012 at 3:34pm
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With the departure of James Collins, and links surrounding Richard Dunne and Alan Hutton, has Stephen Warnock now had his card marked?

I’d actually missed this bit of the Warnock saga over the last few days and just assumed – wrongly – that he had been rotated out of the squad again or had picked up a knock, I hadn’t actually realised he was left at home ala Hutton.

Then again, you lot don’t call be speedy for nothing do you!

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail following the Bremen game, Paul Lambert was non committal in his comments, in fact they very much resemble anything he has said about Hutton since joining:

‘I decided to go with that squad there that came over, and that’s all there is to it. There’s no update on Stephen Warnock or anything like that. He’s done really really fine, but those were the ones I decided to bring and that’s all that I’ll talk about it really.’

Was it an opportunity for Lambert to look more at Enda Stevens, and it would of course add logic to the move of putting Fabian Delph in at left back to see the game out as well – see if he could cover the role, because you’d presume had Matthew Lowton been fit it’s possible Eric Lichaj would’ve again been trialled there as Lambert’s sums up whether or not he needs to invest in another left back this season, should we now be open to offers for Warnock which the Mail implies and many fans have hoped – again he hasn’t really impressed this pre season either and earnt himself another chance?

If there was an injury issue, Lambert would’ve said, so the only summation that makes sense is like Hutton, Warnock is off given a suitable bid because you don’t leave players at home lightly and if they are in your plans do you?

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15 Replies to “Last Season’s Back Four All To Go?”

  • Mike, surely there is no other conclusion to draw. Last friendly game and not even on the bench? Given his poor performace at Forest the previous week, surely the writing is not just on the wall, but spot lighted!

  • The defence was poor all last year (even with 10 men behind the ball.) Are we missing Friedel?? Ireland’s defence wasn’t much cop in the Euros.

  • Not in my mind, I’d say it’s pretty guaranteed now Gordon, but the icing would’ve been Lichaj at LB and Lowton at RB – that would’ve been the proof I’d have thought.

    To be honest I’d say our defence has been poor for the last few good years, including the final two of Monny’s 444, how many times do you let them make the same mistakes? Given was injured in the Euros as well.

    lol JF, no comment!

  • 3rd least goals conceded in MON’s last season Mike( including the 7 against Chelsea!!!) Admittedly we were playing on the break and putting a lot of emphasis into defending with Cuellar as a RB most of the time. The other 3 were the same with Brad senior commanding them and they can’t have all gone bad???? And Given is very prone to these injuries!!!!

  • We’d long since stopped playing on the break, we parked in the box lol I’d say they went bad in Monny’s final two, look at the run ins again and all the mistakes, errors, they all made. Said it before, that defence played their part in costing Mon the top 6 break because they switched off too often and it became regular. Given’s had one injury for us since he joined, he shouldn’t have played at the Euros and there’s little between Brad and Given in all honesty.

  • Agree Mike, and the nuber of lucky bounces we got in the box was on the high side. We all got really upset at the time with other fans claiming we were lucky, but the truth is that class is permanent and form is temporary. The stats for that defence in MON’s final year were misleading and not many of us who watched them week in week out really ever thought they were that good.

  • Agreed avbandb. Never thought that they were that good. MON just managed to get superhuman performances from them and there was none of this heads dropping business seen in the last 2 seasons. They always thought that they could win or keep a clean sheet. Collins must’ve cleared 30 balls from his own area each game but unlike last season, the rest of the team did what they were supposed to. I know a lot didn’t like this style but it was exciting and proper football if worrying at the same time.

  • Imagine if we manage to shift Heskey, Dunne, Collins, Warnock and Hutton (and actually get money for some of them!) in one transfer window. PL should be given manager of the month for June and July.

  • p.s I also love the fact he didnt bother with the fresh slate talk and basically told them to find new clubs, he obviously isnt scared of ruffling a few feathers. I hope his new signings pull through butI still think we’re short at LB. It could be a bit naive to rely on Delph and Lichaj for a whole season.

  • got a feeling that if he manages to get rid of the dead wood PL will have targets in mind. I actually thinkits a shame about Warnock,I like his commitent and the fact that he never stopped givng 100% despite getting dogs abuse every time something didn’t work out. He looked ok in midfield towards the end of last season but I guess a changeis goo for both club and player.

  • 444 we can agree to disagree regarding the level of influence of MON’s motivation. Whenever I saw Collins play in the past two years he’s always chucked his body on the line. Difference for me was that for that one season the deflections and rebounds would fall to villa players or bobble past the post. For the past two years theyve invariably ended up in the net either directly or indirectly.

  • Lol. Fair point but I put that down to MON giving them that extra percentage that deflects it that slightly bit more wide. Agree with most of what you normally say but it’s safe to say we’ll have to agree to disagree RE: MON. Lol. Still got the poster on my wall…

  • son of cher, yes i like that also, no clean slate just close the door behind you as you are not what we need. To the point and frank. I just hope we can get Cresswell and another so we keep good defensive numbers. We already have the foundations with Concrete Ron……get it, concrete….foundations. Nevermind 🙂

  • I think it’s pretty obvious that we need a new left back, with Stevens and Lichaj able to cover in that position nwe will still need an established performer in that position. With Clarke, Baker and Vlaar at CB we could do wioth hanging on to Dunne as the fourth CB though we should take a cut on both Hutton and Warnock just to get rid and get some cash.

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