Date: 16th September 2018 at 7:00am
Written by:
Blackburn Rovers
1 – 1
Aston Villa

Ewood Park


15/12/2018 5:30 pm

Attendance: 15982

Referee: Martin

Blackburn Rovers Aston Villa
Dack (76) Hourihane (90+3)
Raya Nyland
Nyambe Hutton
Mulgrew Chester
Bell Taylor
Smallwood 67 Elmohamady 77
58 Jedinak 77
Bennett McGinn
Armstrong 73 Adomah 69
Dack Grealish
Graham Abraham


Williams 73 Whelan
67 Bolasie
Rothwell Hourihane 77
Leutwiler Bree
Brereton 58 El Ghazi
Conway Moreira
Palmer Kodjia 69

Game Statistics

13 Goal attempts 15
3 On Target 5
8 Corners 3
8 Fouls 11
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
48 % 52

A late free-kick from midfielder Conor Hourihane earned Aston Villa a deserved point in this weekend’s trip to Blackburn Rovers.

Heading to Ewood Park following the September international break, Villa were in desperate need of a victory given recent results and murmurings within the fan base, but the same old issues and problems were again on show with the performance.

A stoppage-time leveller was required from Hourihane to save our blushes but it was deserved. We are now five games without a win though and that’s not going to temper what are growing frustrations.

The game could certainly have finished with a higher scoreline as Blackburn’s Bradley Dack had a goal ruled offside and we had a more than reasonable penalty shout rejected when John McGinn was tripped in the box. We arguably could’ve had another penalty in my mind as Mile Jedinak was clearly held at one corner.

With seven games played we sit in 12th place in the table on ten points, and top spot is only five points away but on a promotion front, it’s already beginning to feel like draws will be our undoing this year, as will the inability to keep a cleans sheet.


16 Replies to “Late Goal Earns Villa A Deserved Point Against Blackburn”

  • Once again we failed to win against, with respect, very modest opposition. Once again we failed to play anything like good football.
    Yes SB finally realized that playing defenders in their correct position does help, but he could still not resist the temptation to be cautious and play El Mohamady & Jedinak. He waited until we were a goal down before taking them both off. Hourihane is an attacking midfielder and he does score goals – putting him on the bench and playing El Mohamady was, once again, a big mistake. Abraham and Kodjia up front together could be lethal but, as we know, SB does not play 2 up front.
    With the players available any half decent coach would have us in an automatic promotion position. It is nothing short of a disgrace.

  • So frustrating, every team we play seem to want to up there game against us, because it’s Villa. But we seem so slow and laid back apart from the first ten minutes. Grealish is playing far too deep do you remember when Sherwood came how he got him further up the pitch. We need two up top in this league also, defence looked more balanced though

  • And Mike, your comment ” ‘ murmurings’ within the fan base ” is perhaps a slight understatement ! Unless my understanding of ‘ murmurings ‘ is not correct !

  • Are we progressing ? No , another very poor display if the truth was told. I hope Bruce starts with two up front and with wide players that deliver good ball into the centre, one striker not getting the service or a partner to feed off, be it Kodjia or Abraham they are fighting a loosing battle without anyone around them.
    Surely our new owners must be looking at this , it’s another one of Bruce’s not winning spells , they caught us out last season and will be our downfall again this season. Patience , think we’ve had enough of the football that Bruce’s team are delivering week in and week out.

  • As a Rovers supporter at the game yesterday, I have two factual comments to make about Villa as a team and the supporters.

    Firstly as a team I thought overall they deserved a draw and had a couple of players that are extremely skilful, grealish being the main one….get him higher up the pitch and that team will do well.

    But as for the supporters, well what a disgrace. Some of the most appalling behaviour I have ever witnessed at a football game. At the very beginning when a request for silence was called for to remember victims of suicide, All you could hear from the villa end was singing and chanting….unbelievable. Then throughout the game relentless obscene gestures from many fans at the bottom right hand side to Rovers fans, many with young children and just trying their own disabled fans on the from row. And it was here at the end when you equalised that the most appalling behaviour was seen. Throughout the game a gentleman was sat quietly all the match mainly with his head looking down….likely to be someone with some health issue, but did the scum rabble behind home care when Villa scored, no way. Around 40 fans only hell bent on their desire to provide more aggressive gestures to Rovers fans nearest to them ploughed their way down and right over the stop of thispoor genetleman sending him to the ground…..he was clearly hurt and when the scum bags were finally moved back he needed immediate first aid treatment from the ST Johns Ambulance which carried on after the game has ended and even worse that that not one of those aggressive fans cared about his wellbeing……sickening. If football’s triabilsm is that important to Villa fans then I’m sorry but i would find people like this and jail them for a very long time and ban them from all grounds. I would also make sure they pay substantial damagers to this gentleman and the emergency services that had to look after him and that we all as taxpayers have to pay towards when funds and resources in the NHS are needed elsewhere….there are no words strong enough to condemn this type of behaviour. It’s as low as you can get in my opinion.

    • Firstly, I am disappointed to read the comments from Paul H. No one should have to experience bad hooligan behaviour, regardless of where their team allegiances lie. The culprits need kicking out of the game without exception.

      I would hope all decent Villa fans would feel likewise.

      On what seems a more trivial matter. I thought I should highlight the latest Bruce excuse, which exaggerates his plight. He made reference in his press conference to having to re-build following the loss of six players. Now, we can quibble this one, but isn’t that really stretching a point too far?

      He has lost 1 permanent regular and 3 loaned in regulars (2 who were drafted in last January to cover his previous recruitment errors). Only Terry, Johnstone, Snodgrass and Grabban were fielded regularly. Onomah was a peripheral figure, usually coming off the bench and the sixth man was Mr Tuanzebe, who I think we will find was playing yesterday. So, we are really looking at 4 key changes.

      Bruce also admitted he now needs to find a system to get the best use out of his freshly (and costly) assembled squad. Mmmmm – does that mean he should be getting to grips with the Championship by, say, November or by Christmas?

      Many fans’ suggested that he didn’t have a plan. That doesn’t appear to be too far wrong.

    • Wasnt at the game but if that observation is correct and accurate then apologies from this Villa fan. No excuses for that kind of behaviour.

  • And our fans at the end giving the Blackburn fans a rendition of ‘your not singing anymore’ I’m surprised we were! 93rd minute (dead ball) equaliser against a poor team.
    Another get out of jail card for the the clueless one.

  • I agree with you 100% Tony J – in fact I would go further. Grabban was only temporary cover for Kodjia and Snodgrass has been adequately replaced to a point where SB has loaned out Andre Green – the local talent that SB stopped playing in order to accommodate Snodgrass every game. JT, a 37 year old, was not replaced and SB can only blame himself for that. SB also chose to bring in Nyland and loan out Steer.
    The man is a disaster – illustrated by him now ” looking for a system to get the best out of the new squad “. Surely he should have assembled the squad in order to execute the system(s) he wanted to play ?? That is what REAL coaches do !

  • I watched the game last night on Sky getting more angry by the minute. Why play Grealish and McGinn when all we do is get Hyland to boot it upfield to a lone striker Abraham who to be fair showed some good touches. Will this football get us promoted? Definitely not. WTF is wrong with Bruce? All teams play out from the back via midfield with support from the wings so why don’t we? That’s 4 draws now and things are going like last season. I think Bruce has had enough as shown by his lack of reaction to our goal. Is it time our new owners put him out of his misery?

  • Another frustrating game! I just dont understand SB who is demonstrating the classic arrogance of a Manager under pressure. If the fans ranting was just that, ranting, then his attitude might be excusable but many many posts on a variety of websites quite justifiably ask pertinent questions such as WHY WHY WHY do we play players out of position? Is Elmahamodey a winger? Is Jedinak a centre back? Is Tuanzebe a right back? Address these questions Steve and you just might get back some of the trust you have clearly lost.

  • People should forget the football, currently that’s secondary. Leave the men at the top to sort out this year’s ffp. Then we will be all set. Structural changes coming soon

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