Date: 5th July 2007 at 9:42pm
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Poll Results – for the Nigel Reo-Coker stalemate – whats your opinion?

10% Said he`s not good enough look elsewhere
02% Said £7 million was too much money
43% Said Stick to your guns £7 million and no more
39% Said Increase the offer but not to £12 million
03% Said Get him no matter what

Well he has signed, the deals sealed and Randy Lerner is delivering.


8 Replies to “Latest Vital Poll Results”

  • In my humble opinion, the 39% were right on the ball. We’ve got him at a fair and very reasonable price. He brings many qualities to the club, and definitely has it in him to become a big Villa Park favourite. His best years are very much still ahead of him, while he has packed a lot of experience into his relatively tender years. Good signing in my estimation. Well done Martin and the board.

  • 23 years old, Captain of the U21’s for 8.5 million IMHO we have just bought the future of the Villa Team. Stick this alongside Young, Gabby and Moore and the next 4 seasons should help MON and RL acheive their goals of taking Villa into Europe.

  • Well said Col. When it comes to exciting, talented youngsters, we have them in abundance at Villa Park. Good times ahead.

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