Date: 2nd May 2006 at 3:41pm
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How long before the first ‘it is like a new signing’ quotes come from Villa Park as Martin Laursen steps up his comeback preparations.

The Danish international, who has missed all but one game this season after aggravating the injury he suffered the season before, will be able to start jogging next month. He told the official site:

‘Dr Steadman (American knee specialist) has to look at my knee and see if I’m ready to run. I think I am. Then later this month, I will start to run. I have seven weeks to prepare me for the pre-season, which starts on around July 10. I really think I can be ready for that. Then we have to see how my knee will respond and how long it will take to get my fitness back, because obviously after so many months without running, I have a lot of work to do.’

He says he was told it would be a year before he could play in the Premiership again and his target is mid-September adding: ‘But we can talk and talk, it all depends how my knee feels and how fast I can get my fitness back.’

He says it has been a difficult time for him but he has remained positive and ‘I want to be back playing at the very top level and I am young enough to do that. I still have a lot to prove at Aston Villa and I owe a lot to the manager and to the chairman. They have stood by me when I have hardly played any games and I want to repay that when I return to the Premier League.’

He also says club physio Alan Smith has been ‘fantastic’.


11 Replies to “Laursen – Like A New Villa Signing!”

  • it may be spin from the pr machine at b6, but you cant dissagree with them on this one…as long as he stays fit that is.

  • All he needs is a good pre-season, then he’ll be like a new signing for us. He’s an honest lad you know 😉

  • There surely still has to be a huge question mark as to whether or not he can return to playing at the highest level, and playing week in and week out at that. If he does make it back then great, what a bonus a fully fit Martin Laursen would be, but I thi

  • If we can keep hold of Mellberg, and Laursen does come back, I think we could have one of the best back fours in the Premiership.

    The problem is, way too many “if’s”

  • I can disagree, we should have signed a replacement as soon as we could after his injury, that would then have made Laursens return like a new signing.

  • will laursen still have his ability to kick a ball after not playing for almost 2 years?…he will never last a whole season without a reacurrence

  • My naturally pessimistic nature leads me to think that his recovery may only be short term, that just seems to be the way it is. Delaney has been injury prone ever since Bocanegras assault on him. I seriously wonder about Boumas fitness as well.

  • Villa new about Laursen’s knee problems before signing him. As usual though Doug’s was sniffing around the basement bargains trying to get a full international on the cheap. Instead of paying £5m for a cert, we gamble £3m, and probably end up with nothing

  • Laursen, did not look that brilliant the games he did play and with many slipups between Melberg and Sourenson I am not convinced that we will be any better in defence. Cahill looks great but who will partner him?

  • sorenson and mellberg have never really seen eye to eye. They dont really have confidence in each other and always seem to be arguing and blaming each other when a goal goes in

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