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Seems that the post match comments from Paul Lambert and those from Darren Bent were slightly different!

Lambert was saying he had no problem with Bent, he didn`t drop him, he just made a different team selection!

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Seems to be the major talking point between fans at the moment, we`ve done a poll and an article or two re: who do you play up front.

One caller to the Radio WM phone in made me laugh on the way home, he said all Bent does is score tap ins.

SO? We surely need a poacher? Reason he has struggled in the last season or two is because our other players don`t shoot or set him up so he had very little to feed off. This season we are shooting and he`ll get plenty of re-bounds etc. He also does score more than tap ins. However, some fans miss the skill involved with these players being able to read the game and being in the right place at the right time. People say he is lazy. People said the same about Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Gary Linekar etc. All great strikers. We need a man who just puts the ball in the net.

He is the sort of selfish striker I think we`ve missed for a long time.

Bent said after the game it had been a hard few weeks first losing the captaincy and then being dropped. I`m not sure yet that this sort of man management is going to help us, time will tell. He answered his critics coming on and scoring. Both Kevin Phillips and Dwight Yorke said (yes, I’m sad enough to record the games to re-watch as well as going!) the goal he took was far harder to take than it looked and required good skill.

Hopefully he`ll not be dropped… sorry, not selected again. We might just rely on his goals to keep us in the league this season as we undertake this massive transition under Lambert.

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Bent was definitely unhappy & shocked at being on bench. But Lambert did warn him in Saturday’s Mirror

When Lambert was asked, he rightly said there aren`t favourites and no one is big enough not to be dropped at some point.

“I don’t have any favourites. Everybody is in the same boat. It doesn’t matter to me who is worth what, it is who is performing. The team is more important than any individual – we have to get a winning team. Christian coming in has been a major help to us and been huge. Gabby getting back fully fit has been a big help as well.’

Been surprised personally – and obviously Lambert is only just through the door, he is going to have to ‘play` around with things to get a full feel of this team, what each player is capable of etc, so this isn`t a criticism – that Benteke has been put straight into the team and not introduced a little more slowly. Massive jump up the Belgian league and Ghent to the Premiership and Villa.

That said, Lamberts side, in Lambert we trust… so !!!!!!!!!!!!

Must say I was surprised at the poll result: SO.. Who Do We Play Up Front v Baggies?

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And a reminder a post from holtelower:

Bent is our best forward by an absolute country mile – in fact – hang on five , I’ll find the stats….

Darren Bent – 148 goals
Gabby – 54 goals
Weimann – 6 goals
Benteke – 45 goals

So Darren Bent 148 goals – the rest put together 105 goals

Or lets put Bent’s Villa career into perspective – 43 games 19 goals -so a one in two strike rate, in the worst Villa team I have ever seen.

It is 100% obvious to me, we play this style of football and Darren Bent will get at least 25 goals this year – put it this way, if he was on the pitch on Wed – and Gabby’s ball was parried – are you telling me Bent wouldn’t have been there to tap it in ? He also set Benteke up 3 times in 7 minutes against Swansea. Then against Southampton he put us in the lead – then Benteke had the chance to kill the game off and put us two nil up and missed – and the rest is history.

Gabby and Bent showed under Houllier they can be a formidable combination.

And now we have a manager who is going to play to their strengths, people want him dropped for a player who has scored 1 goal ?

I bloody hope Benteke goes on to be a Villa legend, however at the moment, he reminds me of Heskey, but he came from abroad, not Leicester so people somehow think he is fantastic. Unbelievable

Yup, I often wish he`d come off the fence and say what he really thinks as well!

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