Date: 24th May 2006 at 6:24pm
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So we have a report that Jlloyd Samuel might move to Charlton Athletic on the cheap, now we get one saying that Aston Villa’s Lee Hendrie could be sold even cheaper. All this to strengthen the squad? HOW does that work?

The 28-year-old midfielder is being linked to Portsmouth, West Bromwich Albion, Premiership new boys Watford and Sheffield United and was earlier in the season linked to Wolverhampton Wanderers and Southampton.

Some reports are suggesting he will be available for as little as £500 000. So ok, we sell him and Jlloyd and make around £2million. Then what? What will £2million buy? Will it bring us two new players or are we going to be one player short despite the fact we already have a small squad?

Hendrie said: ‘I’ve been close a couple of times to leaving Villa in the past but nothing ever happened, but it just looks like this time I will definitely be going. We have spoken to a couple of clubs but nothing has really been followed up. I don’t want to leave. I’ve said that time and again but I feel as if I am being pushed out. I didn’t play much last season. I found myself at times having the young lads playing ahead of me and that was a sign that maybe my days were numbered at Villa.’

Adding: ‘This club means a lot to me but I can’t really have another season where I play only a handful of games. I didn’t start a game at Villa Park until the new year and at this stage of my career I need to be playing regularly.’

Vital Villa asked recently whether Villa should sell Hendrie, a massive 73% said Hendrie should stay UNLESS we get a bid of £2.5million or over for him. 10% said Hendrie shouldn’t be kept and a further 10% voted for the ‘he’s always let us down, what has changed?’ which suggests they also want him to leave! The remaining 7% said Villa should keep him if we can only get £1million for him, a sum often mentioned in the papers recently.


10 Replies to “Lee Hendrie Goes Cheap Cheaper?”

  • It would be a joke if he was sold for £500,000. He’s worth more than that. having said that, I still feel he is a player we should be keeping hold of.

  • Sorry, just cant understand why, in our current situation, he’s being sold. It defies logic. Another valuable squad player shown the door, and not replaced.

  • Can’t believe all the support for Hendrie to stay. At the best an average player who flatters to decieve. His work rate and tackling back is poor, can’t go past a player and distribution is poor NOT to mention his discipline!! He’s done well out of Villa

  • I don’t think you can question Hendrie’s workrate Buck, but I agree his discipline has let him and the team down in the past. However, the point is that Hendrie WANTS to stay and WANTS to play. And who would we buy for £500,000 to replace him??? If Berson

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