Date: 17th December 2006 at 12:30pm
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Villa midfielder Lee Hendrie has told the Daily Mail he still has Villa at heart and wants to return.

The 29-year-old midfielder, currently on loan at Stoke, said:

‘I owe Tony Pulis and Stoke a lot. He has put his arm around me. He’s told me to enjoy myself and to score goals. I’m still Villa’s player and I’ll have to see what Martin O’Neill thinks. I’m 29, have six months left on my contract and Villa, as has happened in the past, haven’t come to sign a new one.’

‘I still think I can do it for a few more years in The Premiership. I’m going to give it a right go from now on.’

He also admits it hasn’t always been a smooth ride at Villa:

‘I’ve had my ups and downs like most people, but I’ve never done anything really nasty. People look at your reputation, though. I was young and everything happened so quickly. I was 21, playing Premiership football with a good contract and had played for England. You think to yourself: ‘I’ve made the right decisions until now, why should I listen to them? At times, I have deviated off the path. I’ve been wayward, but I’ve not been that bad. I just needed someone to give me a good smack back onto the right path.’

His future at Villa is certainly not clear, even with a lack of strength in depth, Martin O’Neill still hasn’t been re-called despite a 24-hour re-call clause in his loan contract.

Hendrie summed it up saying at his age, ‘I need to play. If I’m not, I start thinking about everything that goes on in my life. And, really, that’s where the problems start. If things are going well, I’m walking around with a spring in my step. That’s what it has been like these past three months. If I’m not playing, I’m miserable. I don’t want sympathy. I’ve brought all this on myself. I don’t like to bring anyone else into my problems.’

‘And the last two years have been two years I’d rather not go through again.’

I must admit I always find those sort of comments hard to take, he seriously wouldn’t like to go through the last two years ago? I know in relative terms they’ve not been good footballing wise, but he isn’t exactly on the breadline as a footballer, he must be on £20k a week, I bet some of the ex-Longbridge workers (etc etc etc) would swap positions!

What do you think, will Hendrie be part of our squad come the new season and more importantly, should he be?


18 Replies to “Lee Hendrie Still Wants To Be Villan”

  • As we say in the north, too late Hendrie. You have *****ed on your chips. Sad, but thats the way things are.

  • Unfortunately what Lee wants, and what in reality is going to happen, are two very different things. Good luck to him though.

  • who would you take out to put him in no one villa should ofload him in janurary for around 1-2mill to someone like stoke

  • He would be in my team now. I think of the Hendry that played so well even for DOL for a while – an abundance of energy, commitment and some cracking goals. There is another side to Hendry too – but he desrves the chance. In that good spell it was his best consistent run for Villa and it is not that long ago. None of our creative midfielders this season have been remotely as consistent as he was in that spell – however much they cost. Bring him back and get him in. Fact is we still played well yesterday, but Hendry can add to the team and the squad.

  • Think he should be givena chance and wouldn’t be surprised that MO’N hasn’t recalled him in respect to Stoke and knowing that lee is getting 90 minutes of a game whereas back here he might not.

  • If he could stick to clever passing and those odd, unexpected shots from funny angles we should have a role for him. Its when he gets riled up and off his game that he becomes a liability. When he keeps his head together he can be a good player. Perhaps his time on loan has forced him to do the soul searching he needed so badly inn order to properly motivate him.

  • Depends who we sign in jan..! We should now be trying to attract players that will take us to the next level which means better quality than we already have. on this basis i would say that hendrie is not good enough to hold down a 1st team place and should look for a move as regular football is what he wants.

  • he has certainly been doing the business for stoke, It has already been proven by the current squad that MON brings something out in the team, what he could bring out in Hendrie is yet to be seen, clean slate, a chance and who knows. UTV

  • Apart from penalties, how many goals have we scored from midfield? Question is, can he repeat what he has done before and if he doesn’t play in the Premiership, how will we know?

  • If Hendrie was going to make it as a reliable Villa player he would have by now. Lee is a liability, both on and off the pitch, and we can do far better. He’s brought enough negative publicity to our club down the years, and we don’t need any more of that. It annoys me to see him trying to sell his cause in the paper every other week as well. MON is no muppet, and can see through Lee’s whinings. Ship him out. He’s had it far too good for far too long, and not given a good enough return to our club.

  • I cant see him having a future under MON. It’s time to move forward and Lee Hendrie is part of the past now.

  • we all have our ‘favourites’ and hendrie is one of mine. I still believe, at the moment anyway, our midfield would be stronger with him in it.

  • Those Ferrari comments are sure to have endeared Henrie to MON even more. MON should get rid ASAP the guy is a waster.

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