Date: 9th July 2009 at 6:00pm
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Leeds United have announced on their official site that they have rejected two bids from Premiership clubs for starlet Fabian Delph.

Now ignoring the fact I still don’t know who Fabian Delph is, I’ve seen plenty of talk on the forum about him and according to the rumour mill Martin O’Neill is hugely interested in adding the youngster to our ranks.

There is no confirmation that it is in fact Villa who have been knocked back, but given the fact the fight for Delph is said to be between us an Everton it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and give me an excuse to run an article on it.

The statement on the Leeds OS reads:

‘Leeds United can confirm that we have received offers direct from two Premiership clubs for Fabian Delph.

‘The offers have been rejected.’

They also say that approaches (in the plural) have been made for Jermaine Beckford, but there is no suggestion we are involved in that either.


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  • I’m sorry, but this really, really hacks me off. We are constantly allowing ourselves to be taken in by the rags, which are not far short of worthless as newspapers. For instance, Birmingham Mail web headline says – and I quote – “Aston Villa’s bid for Fabian Delph rejected” and goes on to say that Villa have “had a bid for Fabian Delph rejected by Leeds United who have also confirmed they are in a straight fight with another Premiership club for the teenager. That’s probably the end of the lies, as the article then goes on to say, a tad more truthfully, “A statement on the Yorkshire club?s web-site read: Leeds United can confirm that we have received offers direct from two Premier League clubs for Fabian Delph. The offers have been rejected.” At NO POINT do Leeds United mention Aston Villa (or any other club). This is sheer two-plus-two rubbish made up by the Mail to sell newspapers – nothing more, nothing less.

  • Erm, isn’t that what the article says Bob. Glad I’m not the only rocket scientist who saw the Leeds site though, at least I didn’t presuppose rumour as fact so yay me! lol

  • Were going to have to accept it we just have no clue who they are looking at. The way no one herd about the Zaki bid till now

  • I wasn’t having a go at your article, Mike – when I said this really hacks me off I meant the Mail headline and lead-in, which was not backed up by the facts – not your article. I’m afraid I had just visited the Mail website (always a stupid thing to do!) and came on here with the intention of posting something about it. When I spotted your article it seemed a good place to vent. Not at you though! :o)

  • Hey Bob, feel free to direct anger at Mike, as long as it deflects any from me obviously! :o) The one thing I never realised with papers is the journo writes the article but others choose the headline. I know when doing the old stuff (VFC etc) the headlines sometimes were totally misleading or out of place. Used to be awful at times!

  • Delph has a great future but he’s still very young, perhaps not quite ready for the PL yet!

  • I know its not as simple as, and I am fully aware that I have absolutely no idea as to how clubs go about the ‘to and fro-ing’ of negotiating and finalising transfer deals, but if we are one of the clubs supposedly chasing this young man’s signature (and I fully believe that we are), then lets up the ante, increase our bid, and convince young Delph that a very promising future awaits him at Brummagem B6. If we are indeed competing with Everton in this instance (we no doubt are), then lets show some serious proof of our intentions this summer, and secure the young mans signature before David Moyes has the opportunity to sell the Everton story to the player. I personally know sweet zilch about Delph, never seen him play, so I can only go by what I read in the media, but it seems that he is a player with tremendous potential, and someone who will add some genuine quality to the current squad. Get in there Mart!

  • That Jermaine Beckford looks a more than capable finisher from what I’ve seen of him on the box. Might not be a player for us, but I’m somewhat surprised, I must admit, that no one of substance has made a move to secure his services yet.

  • Why are we being linked with players who are vastly inexperienced? We need players proven at the top level to take us forward. Its so frustrating.

  • Yeah, did think myself where have the media plucked Everton and Villa from. Don’t know much about the lad but if we are in for him and we get him I would look forward to seeing him at Villa Park.

  • YJ: Everton and Villa are both chasing a top-four spot; the media know we need to strengthen; they already get loads of made-up stories from ‘appy ‘arry and sparky, but they need to make stuff up about clubs who don’t do their transfer dealings in the media – us and the Toffees. A newspaper fact: two plus two = whatever number is useful to the hacks and the rags. Simples!

  • Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do that clarkamus. Much appreciated. I shall check that out.

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