Date: 14th August 2006 at 7:36am
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Commenting on the Offer being recommended by the board of AVFC, Randolph Lerner, Chief Executive Officer of RAL, said:

‘It is my belief and the basis for my bid to acquire Aston Villa Football Club that it can compete at the highest level within the Premiership and in Europe. The Club has a rich history and a long tradition of passionate fan support.’

Doug Ellis, out-going Chairman of Aston Villa, said:

‘It has been my sincere pleasure to have been involved with Aston Villa these many years, both as Chairman and as a substantial shareholder. The Club has been an enormous and immensely enjoyable part of my life.’

‘I wish to thank the many staff at Aston Villa over the years for making the Club what it has been and what it is. I am sure that this transaction will be the beginning of a new chapter in Aston Villa’s proud history.’


27 Replies to “Lerner and Ellis Speak”

  • Sod him. He’s history now. Time to get on with the important things, like fixing the name on one of the stands!

  • Good point ooahpaulmcgrath, I think that stand should be re named after me ! I think i have put more money into the club than the (dead) deadly ! Well done Randy ! Champions League here we come !!

  • Well, this is great news. At last our great club is moving in the right direction. It will be interesting to hear what Mr Lerner has got planned for the club. Next season I might be cheering Villa from the MBNA Credit Card stand!

  • American billionaire Randy Lerner is set to take control of Aston Villa, after
    winning the battle to buy the Midlands club.
    The Premiership outfit have announced to the Stock Exchange that Lerner will
    take over the running of the club from current ch

  • whos. first on the transfer list then, petrov, malbranque, kaka!? How much money will he give MON to spend, thast the important question at the monent…get on ladbrokes, were 10/1 to finish 45 points behind chelski, good bet now i rekcon

  • Lerner said: “It is my belief and the basis for my bid that Aston Villa can compete at the highest level within the Premiership and in Europe.” Claret & Blue stetsons all round!

  • It might have been Ellis’s pleasure to be associated with Villa, but it has not been so for the fans who are the backbone of the club and whom Ellis has consistently ignored. Thank goodness he is going. I agree, the Lerner Stand sounds good to me.

  • this is great what a nice thing to wake up to. I hope the doug Ellis stand will now be called the Andy Grey stand

  • son of cher i agree,quick quick quick,all betting villa fans have to get on that! villa 12/1 to finish top without top 4 as well! watch the odds plummet now! villa r back AT LAST,halleluha

  • Anyone gonna go all soft on Doug and wish him all the best and say thanx now he’s going? No, didnt think so. Good ridance Mr Ellis!

  • Woo-hoo !!!! We’re going to win the league now, and the carling cup, and the FA cup… champions league winners next year, then supercup, then world club champions… wont be beaten for years and be the best team in the world!!! Bring on Randy… we lo

  • Well it has finally happened. I admit I was wrong I never believed Doug would sell but he has finally done something for the good of Aston Villa. It would appear that Randy is determined to take the club forward and back to a level where we all want the c

  • PaulG…you’ve got a point. He’s really had a last swansong, centre of attention for the last few weeks, did something “for the fans” in appointing O`Neil.

    Enjoy your retirement you old git!

    No reason why he can’t come to watch the games thoguh is

  • This is extremely good news (we should have been relegated last season). Lets hope this web site can now be dedicated to more positive football related matters. Can we remove the ropey header on the web site? – O’Dreary gives me nightmares. We really ne

  • I don’t think Ellis had much to do with MO’N becoming manager, Martin came to Villa because he KNEW it was about to be taken over, he wouldn’t have touched us with a bargepole otherwise. Lerner probably ‘allowed’ Ellis to make the appointment as his final

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