Date: 27th July 2006 at 8:25am
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I’ve not done this before, but this statement has to be repeated and you have to think of the implications of what is going on.

Doug Ellis is Chairman of Aston Villa plc. That means he has a duty to all shareholders. He is trying to sell the club and will make a personal fortune BUT STILL he wants to stay in power and expects a billionaire to report to him.


Joint statement from Aston Villa Shareholders Association and Villa Fans Combined.

The never ending saga of Mr Ellis seems to know no bounds, unless groups interested are willing to bow and scrape to our so called ‘Mr Aston Villa` no matter how much money they have got or how good they would be for the club, they will have no chance of wrestling power away from one very destructive and sad individual.

Today`s events only go to illustrate just how farcical the situation is, not only has Mr Ellis let Aston Villa down but also the board of AVFC plc have let us down to a man for not controlling the ‘chairman`.

Randy Lerner came to England with the intention of bidding for Aston Villa. His advisors and himself had been in contact with VFC and the Shareholders Association in order to gauge the fans feelings and they showed a great willingness to listen. There can`t be many billionaires in the world that would treat ‘simple fans` with that level of respect.

Our information is that Mr Lerner had a meeting with Mr Ellis today that was described as ‘farcical` because Mr Ellis tried to jostle for position and play one group off against another.

Mr Lerner had the funds in place and was willing to offer the full asking price. What he was not prepared for was the level of disrespect that Mr Ellis showed and was stunned to the point of walking out when Ellis said to Mr Lerner:

‘Once you have bought the club, you will report to me.`

So not only does Mr Ellis want a kings ransom for his shares, he also wants to remain king.

Mr Ellis, by the time this is all finished, I think you will find out that you will be reporting to the fans, I think you should be prepared for a massive backlash as you have reduced our club to a farce for your own selfish ends.

You are not Mr Aston Villa, you are the Menace of B6 and I suggest you step aside before the start of the season or see what a Villa Park scorned really looks like.

(Please note, we haven`t and won`t endorse any bids or approaches, our fear is that if Mr Ellis treats one group with so much obvious potential and funding in this way, then he will treat them all the same. Instead of new owners and a top new manager, we could face a new season with an ailing ‘chairman` and the 14th managerial victim).

Jonathan Fear, Chairman of The Aston Villa Shareholders Association.


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  • I find it difficult to believe that a New York lawyer was put off by this and did not just laugh in the face of Ellis. Once the club is sold Ellis, will have no power. End of story. So what was the real problem?

    Seems to me that we must support Nevill

  • It doesn’t make it any more believable second time around. This guy has money and a proven track record in sport and big business. Yet he isn’t good enough for Doug Ellis. Doug’s criteria for new owners, was that they had the money and drive to take the c

  • Reading between the lines in Neville’s interview on Sky Sports, he didnt seem to rule out Ellis being involved, if anything, he seemed to be hinting that Ellis would be still at the club in a position not too dissimilar to the role he has now…… Not wh

  • Randy obviously was not briefed that Doug is a laugh a minute and is always cracking a good joke. Come back Randy he was only kidding!

    Buy the club Randy, wheel Ellis into the Holte End at Half Time ‘to get to know the fans’ and strangely I think you w

  • I agree with Gordonsleftboot, why would anyone with a legitimate interest in the club be put off by this? Im just starting to worry incase Sven ends up at the club.

  • That man is driving me to drink! The words Nero, fiddling and Rome burning come to mind. On the other hand there is the Sven factor – a Swedish version of DOL! The only plus side I can imagine is that Sven would not be involved if there wasn’t a huge a

  • Why not make Ellis president if it means he’ll give up power. All it means is a lifetime of waving to fans and cameras from the director’s box. And to be fair to Ellis, despite his (very)many failings, he has kept AVFC debt free and invested in land arr

  • But the question will always remain as to whether Ellis is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Particularly in light of what has come out about his meeting with Lerner. Can you really see Doug just waving to cameras and being an ambassador after he has

  • I would agree with you VOTN if all he wanted was a ceremonial position. But that’s not what Ellis asked for.

  • Im gonna get the sack at this rate – I cant keep off the football sites, hungering for any sign of movement.

    PLEASE DOUG – AGREE TO SELL TO SOMEONE NOW, but maybe not to Sven!

  • SSN said last night that Neville could hear from Rothschilds as early as this morning as to whether or not his bid has been accepted. Needs to happen quickly so we can get the new manager in before the season starts. Amongst all of this Ellis-engineered m

  • Steve W, I know that that is not what Ellis asked for, but that appears to be what Neville is offereng him, so let’s not just dismiss it just to spite Doug when it might well be the only way to achive change.

  • I hope that was all Neville was offering VOTN but I wasn’t sure – he was waffling on a bit! If it was I wouldn’t dismiss it and like you I would think it worth it to achieve what we all want

  • I suppose that, in the end, it will be worth whatever it takes to get rid of Herbert. The “Life long Villa fan” Neville bid worries me though. His previous backers, the Comer brothers, obviously had no interest in football. Their interest seemed to be sol

  • Long time lurker, first time poster – but that senile old idiot has pushed me over the edge. I hate that he’s reduced me to wishing ill of someone, but evidently thats the only way he’s leaving. Regarding the bids, I guess the thing with Lerner was that

  • Just a quick thought, maybe Ellis is totally sain but when he went in for bypass surgery, they forgot to connect it back up, ergo, his heart is still bypassed. :o(

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