Date: 9th February 2007 at 11:53am
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Randy Lerner has admitted that he has funded the purchase of Stiliyan Petrov and Ashley Young out of his own funds. (John Carew having been a swap with Milan Baros)

The Villa owner said: ‘The money I have spent on players at Aston Villa has come from my personal pocket. I have no intention, and no market set, for when I would stop spending. I don’t have a number in my mind.’

Adding: ‘I am a very, very big fan of English football. I thought it was the right time for me, in terms of just where I am in my career. Then there is just the chance element to this. A set of circumstances converged and it seemed to make sense. I wouldn’t say it was a burning need — it wasn’t a long, protracted acquisition.’

And says there was only one team of interest, the mighty claret and blues. ‘What happened to me was I sat with some guys, some friends in London who are in the business of thinking about football clubs, and it was always about Aston Villa. Other clubs were mentioned in the conversation but it was always about Aston Villa, because Villa was the right opportunity. I initiated everything.’


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  • Good to hear in many ways – but I don’t want us to become a Chelsea. It’s not about the big names, it’s about the right players for the right role. If other clubs know we have the cash we are always going to have to pay premium prices – that’s the downside. Mind you £20m for Hargreaves wouldn’t be the worst deal ever seen.

  • We wont spend millions and millions on over paid players, we will be shrewd and spend his money wisely. MON is no mug, but just to hear him saying he will back MON to the hilt is amazing. ”I have no intention, and no market set, for when I would stop spending. I don’t have a number in my mind.”

    And your right £20m on Hargreaves wouldnt be a bad investment, but when will Manu finally get sick to death of Buyern?????

  • pays from his own pocket? dont suppose he can give money to the fans aswell. I might be rich for my age but I cant afford a decent 50″ HD TV without ending up broke and it would be nice if he could by me a new car and a house away from all my thick neighbours

  • Imagine pulling out your cheque book and writing out a cheque for 8m for a football player! Must be one of the most surreal things you could ever do. I might give it a try later. I’ll have to rip up the cheque afterwards though.

  • £17 million on three players. £4 million on the Holte Hotel and £8 million on Bodymoor Heath. This added to his purchase of the club means a total investment of about £100 million (over £20 million of this is out of his oown pocket.. Contrast this to the previous chairman who at the end was drawing a wage each year of half a million quid, never put a penny into the club and whose initial cash injection in 1968 was a interest free loan. He then left by selling his shares that were never purchased, for £22 million. You couldn’t make it up could you? I am sorry to beat the same old drum but surely now, any wavering Villa supporter can see that this guy deserves all of us to put our hand in our pockets and sell out VP in season tickets. No more excuses. No more what ifs. I remember back at the start of the seventies when Villa fans made the difference. Well those days are back. We may be playing catch up to Manure and maybe one or two others, but make no mistake, if we all get off our backsides, get our hands in our pockets and fully support this new era, the lion will once again be the King of the Jungle.

  • Well said voiceoftheholte. This is the start of something special. Can’t wait for the summer, there’s gonna be some significant development. C’mon Villa!!

  • Great to hear Randy speak. I likw hime more everytime I hear from him.

    Christo – you cannot be that rich if you dont have a new car and have thick neighbours. I on the other hand…….;-)

  • Christo – any chance your neighbour is on vital Villa and as we speak is coming round to your palacial residence to sort you out!?

  • I don’t think it matters how deep Randys pockets are MON would not allow other managers to rip him off IMO, lets all pop round to Christos to watch his 48″ HDTV, but first we have to make it to the petrol station half way up his driveway

  • nah my neighbours all support Everton and Liverppol and there are a few Man Utd fans around so they wont be using this oh and most are too poor to own a computer

  • Encouraging words from Randy. Hope springs eternal while Mr Lerner and Martin O’Neill remain at Birmingham B6.

  • Cricky! More early Christmas presents due this summer! But regardless of whether it’s player acquisitions or fresh ideas such as the SCG that cost next to nothing – everything coming out of VP nowadays is on a positive vibe. Chaps….. It’s only just begun!!! UP THE VILLA!

  • Has anyone realised how much money our dear chairman has. The two yanks who have bought redscouse are worth less put together than Randy. The Glazer family are worth $2bn net compared to the Lerners who family fortune is twice that amount!! So I think that HD TV should be no problem.

  • This is brilliant news. I’m pretty sure MON will not blow the money I think theres a mutual respect between the two big men that can only take us forward.

  • voth makes a very good and valid point. It is important that we, the supporters, get off our rears, and get down to VP on a regular basis to support this new era. It cant be all one sided. Randy and co need to see that the supporters are fully behind them, and there’s no better way for the supporters to get the message across other than by filling Villa Park to capacity or near capacity each and every home game.

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