Date: 11th February 2007 at 12:38pm
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Randy Lerner has said he isn’t at Villa for financial gain admitting ‘You can get more out of buying a 30-year bond – I’d be poolside and cordless, but where’s the fun?’

The Villa owner said: ‘If someone could tell me how to make a profit from a football club, I’d like to know. What’s my prime motive? It’s certainly not financial. Who’s ever done well buying a club? It baffles me.’

‘Would I sell Villa to a wealthy Arab if he gave me a ‘Double your money’ deal? No, no, no, no, no!’

‘I see this as a lifetime type of thing. Some people just don’t buy it though. I know they think: ‘What’s the catch?’ and I don’t blame them. In the end actions will allay all those fears. Villa has grown on me since I’ve been here. I have been treated so graciously and with so much support that I literally pinch myself. If you had the chance to sit on the stage and be second guitarist with Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall, would you be talking about what you were going to get paid that night?’

‘My return from Aston Villa is seeing Carew score. I want a life of good sport, good people and the competition that goes with it. I’m not saying you can’t make any profit. I’m saying that it would not motivate you to go and acquire a club.’

He also praises Martin O’Neill highly saying the Villa manager is more like a director.

‘If anybody is looking for a key driver as to why Villa are so different, then I’d be delighted to take the credit. But let’s face facts. If you take Martin O’Neill out of the equation for this year and leave me in it, God knows what we’d be talking about right now. He is almost like a director. There is no decision that we’ve made where I’m not on the phone to Martin asking him if it makes sense. I need to know where he stands on things.’

Adding: ‘I think Martin has somehow been able to retain and package the experience under Brian Clough, the successes of team mates, the games and the glory, without making that his meal ticket or his entrance into the room. Secondarily, he has developed a way of managing that has strategic, tactical and operational designs, combined with the history and experience. The facts sit there and everyone knows about them, but somehow he never beats you with them. You never feel burdened by them. That would be my way of summarising what I have observed with Martin.’


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  • And to his credit he has not plunged the club into massive debt to fund either the purchase of the club or new players. Manyoo were plunged into massive debt from day one. To-date Randy has been good to his word about everything he stated when he first arrived at the club. This week he has re-Itterated those statements. MON runs the team and Randy signs the cheques. The nagative people may say its still a honeymoon period, even so it lasted longer than Alan Pardews honeymoon at West Ham.

  • You have achieved your business goals and been successful, raised your kids and dealt with all the responsibilities you have inherited.What do you do…you find a hobby, a passion, to leave your own legacy.Thank god that Randy’s is Aston Villa.A genuine good man with a desire and belief to use his energy, time and money to make a difference.Randy you just wait until we get a european game and VP is REALLY Rocking…there and then the true power of what you have done will surge like a thunderbolt.The best thing is it will happen….I am so happy to be a Villa fan and a part of our bright future.Thank you.

  • I hate to say this but Ellis knew how to make a profit from a football club, He has taken money out for years & spent the last 20yrs trading on the clubs good name.
    I am so greatful we have someone like yourself that is interested in the club like the fans.

  • NeilBaker – We already have a tactically aware manager, and as for breaking the wage structure what proof do you have that he did? I am really starting to dislike Villa fans who won’t back the teams cause unless they are winning every game, the majority of fans can see improvements and accept that it’s going to take time. O’Neill was right though, he can’t control fans expectations even if they are unrealistic…..

  • At the moment we can’t do any better than MON. Now don’t get me wrong cos I like him, but…………. if MON decides to take a new challenge in the future I expect Villa to either in the CL or challenging by then. Therefore, I believe we can attract another quality manager. Our future past the next 2 or 3 years is not dependant on MON. UTV

  • Cant wait to see Randy’s face, or hear his comments, when we either qualify for European competition or lift a trophy.

  • What I also like about Randy. Here is a man that has taken a look at his life, he realises it is not all about money. He is not spending the rest of his life chasing the Dollar; he must think there is more to life than that. What a blessing for our club and an example to us all, if we can take a leaf out of his book not only will the club prosper but so will our own well being.

  • Certainly sounds a good un for you. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be purely lipservice – we’ve been caught out many a time by that!

  • I think I am having a religious conversion. Seems like Mr Lerner fell out of the sky. Heaven sent. Everything this chap says seems spot on. What a likeable guy. We have had our years in the wilderness and now Moses… er.. Lerner is going to lead is to the promised land. You know something else… even if we don’t make it, having someone like RL at the helm makes me feel good about Villa again.

  • if worst comes to orst and we do lose martin o`neill to the england job do you think randy will clone him or will we go for arsene wenger??

  • Good question. Rumours have suggested that Jurgen Klinsmann was the first-choice to be Villa boss, but he was settled in the USA. Perhaps Randy would give him another call. Not that is will ever happen, the English FA are far too incompetent to make any changes!

  • klinsman would be a good choice or mabye mourinho if he dnt settle there differences at chelsea or lippi???? you never know what will happen in football

  • Neil Rumours have suggested that Jurgen Klinsmann was the first-choice to be Villa boss, That was in the OLD days when VILLA were running on rumours, lies and more lies. Randy Lerner has done everything he and the new board said they would do when they took over the club, I quote “we will speak to the press when we have something to say” and the classic “action speak louder than words” How refreshing Hows Lerner. If Carling made Football Chairmen then they would of made Lerner,,,,,, Probabily….

  • Whay are people speculating on who will take over the managers position if MON leaves. He’s going nowhere. Why would an Irish man want the England job. In fact why would anyone want the England job?!? Other than the stoopid wages it commands. MON has a job to do and he will do it. Have faith.

  • Sorry, but the few MON knockers out there really get me annoyed (toned down to avoid censorship-could have said much worse). I watch the team home and away week in, week out, like the majority on here. I buy my season tickets religiously, purchase programmes, Villa Village goods on a regular basis, support the team. Having people who dont even support the team making MON or anti-Villa jibes, ticks me off big-time, and they get very short thrift from me.

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