Date: 15th March 2006 at 1:20pm
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1. We can’t defend set pieces, despite our manager being a great centre back in his day.

2. We can’t take set pieces. Always hit the first man, or loop it straight over the top of everyone.

3. You can’t build a team around Gavin McCann.

4. Gavin Mccann suffers from short term memory loss and forgets which team he is playing for during games. Surely the only way to explain his wayward passing?

5. Liam Ridgewell should have been a kickboxer, not a footballer.

6. Thomas Sorensen is an average keeper, afraid of hurting his hands.

7. Steven Davis is not ready to play every single game.

8. If you get on the wrong side of O’Leary you will be ignored for selection despite the small squad.

9. David O’Leary does not like Aston Villa. He is the equivalent of a Bank Manager working in McDonalds (or at least he thinks he is).

10. Doug Ellis will NEVER leave.

11. Ian Broomfield gets paid a packet for doing nothing.

12. Juan Pablo Angel gets paid a packet for doing nothing.

13. TV Pundits hate us.

14. But not as much as David O’Leary hates us.

15. Fans are turning their backs and attendances will be down next year.

16. Doug Ellis does NOT run a tight ship.

17. It’s always someone else’s fault hey David?

18. You can’t play the long ball game with Kevin Phillips and Luke Moore upfront.

19. Gareth Barry should be in the England squad.

20. We need a new manager and board before we can even think about progressing.

By an unhappy DeanoVilla


5 Replies to “Lessons Learnt This Season”

  • Interesting summary… it’s been a good season then? 🙂 Oh well, maybe things will look up if you get some investment and get rid of O’Leary.

  • Allowing management issues within the club a crucial question has to be if the manager wants 3 players and milner this summer, which positions on the field does he feel need improvement. As far as i can see there seems to be a lot of mediocrity within the

  • He wants a new Midfielder, a back-up for a midfielder and a back-up for the back-up! Don’t need centrebacks or he would’ve bought one in the summer…….Right?!

  • cant agree more about the long ball tactic with 2 of the smallest strikers in the premier league, i dont see how DOL doesnt see its not working, sorenson too needs to learn how to kick

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