Date: 28th November 2009 at 10:04pm
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Martin O’Neill was happy with a point today but did admit there are lessons to be learnt following the hard fought game at VP.

Speaking on the official site Mr Predictable said that we thoroughly deserved our lead in the first half, but admitted Spurs deserved the equiliser in the second:

‘We tried to close them down as quickly as we could, showed great energy and determination and got the goal. We deserved that at the break.’

In an honest appraisal Monny added:

‘Despite the fact Emile Heskey almost got the goal for us at the end, it was probably us who were hanging on at the end.’

Now if only he’d said hanging on from the 46th minute I’d be unable to point that out!

‘Overall I was very happy considering we had to change things around. I thought we did very well indeed defensively after having to reshuffle the back four.

‘And obviously I thought Carlos was absolutely outstanding for us.’

Defensively we are now fine, regardless of reshuffles thankfully. And yes Carlos had a fine game.

Our problem is everyone else.

Our front two are static. There’s no movement unless you count jogging forward and backwards with the odd drift towards the wing. I always used to think strikers played through the channels, tried to drag defenders to make space…this tactic of standing there doesn’t really work.

I can’t even bothered to talk about the midfield today, I used to find it funny back in the days of BFR when Staunton got the ball and you always knew he would hit it long to the left wing. It wasn’t that bad though, because we had other players who’d do something different.

These days the ball either goes to Ash or goes to the corner flag. That’s our attack.

I wonder how many more games before Ash kicks it straight back and shouts ‘try something ****ing different’.

Good job Friedel was on form really.

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