Date: 3rd October 2018 at 5:07pm
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According to Sky Sports News, Aston Villa have sacked manager Steve Bruce this afternoon.

Following on from the 3-3 draw with Preston North End on Tuesday evening, a cabbage being thrown, a penalty being missed and more bizarre team selections and substitutions, whilst this news has not yet been confirmed, it’s not an entirely unexpected development if Sky are right.

The atmosphere has truly turned since Bruce made the comments he did about fans and their intellect and the Villa Park crowd has more than made its voice known, so you didn’t need much of an IQ to form the opinion that it was only a matter of time.

If this news is confirmed and Sky haven’t simply jumped the gun and come to the obvious conclusion, it is a shame it turned this way but it should stop the atmosphere from getting worse in his direction. Bruce’s personal life last season has been well commented on and in my humble, he doesn’t deserve some of the criticism he’s taken.

That said, there is plenty to criticise even if you give him all due praise for helping to turn the spirit in the dressing room round and stopping the rot.

He should be remembered for drawing that line before things went dramatically wrong this season, but the valid criticisms now far outweigh those earlier positives and the simple lack of balance in the squad now cannot be ignored as we’re paying the price for it in each and every match.

The next appointment is key, we need to stop thinking we can spend our way back up, we have to build and plan as opposed to lurching, falling out with people and stockpiling in various positions.

Not just with an eye to Financial Fair Play and those implications, with an eye to achieving promotion with a core in the first team that we can rely on in the future, instead of needing an entirely new rebuild because we’ve overstocked with loanees to the detriment of our own youth.

And please God, play people in their correct positions rather than shoehorning favourites in.


Under 23 managed Kevin MacDonald will again take caretaker charge of the seniors as we prepare for Millwall at the weekend, and following Bruce out the door are assistants Colin Calderwood, Steve Agnew, Stephen Clemence and Gary Walsh.


14 Replies to “Lettuce Remember The Good Times – Most Villa Fans Get Their Wish – Contracts Terminated”

  • Last nights 2nd half was unacceptable and it was obvious something had to change. To be 2 goals up and give Preston the ball from kick off, with us resorting to long balls forward and hoping for the best was disgraceful. Last minute goal or not, the fans should be reimbursed for what I witnessed.

    I’ve coached youth football for a long time, and the fact we had professional players unable to create appropriate passing angles to build the ball out of defence was pathetic. Players can step out of their shape to receive a ball and/or open up space for another player and still be well positioned to win the ball back should we lose it. If I can do that with Under 8’s, the manager of Aston Villa should be able to do it with the resources we have.

    That aside, my concern is that the board don’t have a plan in place now Bruce is gone, as has been the case since Deadly Doug left. Sherwood went? Not a clue what we wanted, so we got in Remi Garde. Hopefully the board know who they want already and will stop at nothing to get them.

  • I think that we will discover that the board do have a plan David Francis – it has just been accelerated. It’s interesting to note that the total coaching staff have been removed, which confirms that the real issue has been the coaching or rather the lack of it.

    • I’d love to think you are right…..unfortunately I suspect this is classic knee jerk reaction to the fans baying for blood. Right Decision…Wrong timing.

  • The next manager will be on a hiding to nothing because nothing less than promotion this season will be acceptable. For that reason, I hope no one with previous Villa credentials get the job.

  • In all honestly I’m more than happy he’s gone, not out of pure hatred for the guy, but for the football he plays, its been disgraceful,
    he’s had over 100 games in total and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been happy with our performance, saying that where ever his next role is, I’d get new backroom staff.

    And now to our new manager, for me…Brendan Rogers.

  • Dean Smith please – a perfect fit. Rogers is much more of a risk – he’s has had money at big clubs mostly of late, and north of the border at Celtic too. Not confident he is a good fit for Villa now.

  • Dean Smith…why would you leave a club in top 6 for a team where there is no money, no centre halves for 3 weeks and probably a transfer embargo next summer. We should have gone for him before the season was 11 weeks old – not now. I’m no fan of Bruce and am not sorry to see him go but this is the worst time to sack someone because who is available?
    The list of names (Allardyce, Henry, McCarthy, Pardew) is as depressing as Whelans penalty!

    I would be tempted to let K Mac see out the season and then put a proper plan into place at the end of the season. No chance of that though, the board will (like now) just react to the fans!

  • Next manager will show real calibre of owners. Unless which I think is best is get a motivator manager for 8 months like Sherwood. Then in summer after ffp. Decide direction and unveil zidàne or Wenger.

  • I hope we avoid a big, yet inexperienced, name coming in to replace Bruce.

    Clearly, the first job of the new incumbent is to assess the squad and choose an effective set up that fits with the talent on offer. A re-balancing of the side will be necessary with the players required to buy in to the new ideas being presented to them. However, not too far down the line lies the prickly subject of off-loading a lot of older players, who have expiring terms in the summer, assessing the fringe guys and players loaned out and, quite possibly, weighing up the merit of some of the youngsters. All told, there is likely to be a lot of player movement, which really does require someone with a strong strategical head, who has a clear and bold strategy for the future. Not any easy task to get right without the right leader.

    A whole host of ‘favourites’ are being cited from Allardyce to Smith to Rogers to Fonseca. Perhaps, of these, Smith and Fonseca carry the best potential to do a good job. Of course, there are other regular recycled names mentioned too – Moyes, McCarthy and Pardew – less inspiring in my eyes, who have moved on too often to offer genuine hope.

    I just hope the new man is selected with care, rather than by media reputation. If we don’t get it right, we could be languishing in the second tier for far too long.

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