Date: 2nd August 2007 at 2:39pm
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Not quite sure why, but apparently Liam Ridgewell is about to move to Birmingham City.

According to Nick Pullen at the Birmingham Mail, the move could happen this afternoon as Villa sell yet another player in the transfer window where we’d expected hoards of arrivals!

The 22-year-old defender is said to be going for around £2.25million.

According to the Mail Villa will be bringing in Norway international Brede Hangeland from FC Copenhagen for a fee in the region of £4million.

If Ridgewell does go, I wish him nothing but luck, shame about the destination but I think the player is a decent centre back and would rather him in our squad (ok, maybe not a first team starter but certainly worthy as a squad player) and I would MUCH rather see us get replacements BEFORE departures, for example, right back anyone? The Mail says that our only out and out right-back, Mark Delaney, is ‘nowhere near’ fit.

Strange and frustrating times. I think at the start of the summer avfc48 was slated for suggesting that Martin O’Neill has a reputation amongst Celtic fans for being slow in the transfer market and making last minute signings. Not so sure everyone would be so quick to slate him now?

And in another report, The Record Sport have said that Shaun Maloney will return to Celtic within the week. Not so sure about that one, this was rumoured and denied only a week or so back and Maloney was played last night in the friendly against Stoke, if he was on his way out, would he have been risked? I think not. The report says the move will be for £1million. I guess time will tell.

Our latest poll asks if Liam Ridgewell should be sold or not.


71 Replies to “Liam Ridgewell Set For Villa Exit?”

  • Here come more moans in 5…….4………3………2………1 lol. More seriously though Idont think we should let him go but as its Birmingham he wants to play for and not us I say bye bye its a big insult

  • Disgrace we can not let any more players go WTF is going on MON or the board need to tell us

  • yea and why would he rather play for Birmingham and if it was player for player who would we want in return

  • I’m not sure we need (a) to keep Ridge if we can’t offer him a reasonable chance of playing regularly and (b) to slate him if he goes – even to the Noses. Let’s face it, quite a few have been critical of his abilities. If somebody was prepared to offer you first team football when nobody else could/would, wouldn’t you go? And look at it this way: if he does go when he isn’t getting a game here, doesn’t that mean we’re swapping an asset we aren’t using for good cash, [and that the Blouse are getting ‘one of our cast offs’ – as somebody else on here recently described transferred players 😉 ]

  • it is not a question of if we should keep Ridge, we need to keep him as we are not signing anyone else. We can not afford to let another player leave, simple.

  • Im not sure about this Hangeland guy,why is he still playing in Scandinavia?He cant be that young if he has a fair amount of caps.You’d think he’d have already been snapped up by now.

  • Are we selling Ridgewell or Kevin Webster from Corrie? Seriously though, I think Ridge has rarely let us down and his bouts of poor form were usually when the side generally was having a bad run. I always thought he was a good kid and it’s a shame to see him go. As others have said though, it would be nice if the arrivals came first…

  • If this had happened in Ellis days (10 out 2 in) then we would all be marching outside of Villa Park with banners, pitch forks and fecking flaming torches!!! I know we have to give the new regime time, and the benefit of the doubt but its getting ridiculous! We wont be able to pick a squad of 16 players against Liverpool at this rate.

  • Everybody keeps saying we are not signing anybody else !! Why do you think we are having our first friendly at VP for 12 years on saturday, against a massive club such as Internazionale ? ever heard of selling a product ? just imagine, take a few transfer targets and their agents, show them a state of the art training ground, give them hospitality and a tour of VP stadium, let them view the squad playing out on the field against some very high quality opposition and get a taste of what the club is all about, give them an insight into Villa as a club. Much better than sitting in an office talking about it don’t you think ? Fergie was renowned for it in his early days at Man Utd, a lot of good managers do it. But as I’ve said before, what would I know, my glass is only half full. Defenders will come, maybe a keeper, they don’t need as much time to settle as midfield and forwards, have faith. UTV

  • astonmilan, hope that is true but heard the same things said before the kit launch and the “we start today” on the OS and who did we buy ????????

  • When O’Neil said he well sell everyone who dont want to stay at Villa I didn’t think he means everyone like when the squad got really small I thought he might of put his foot down then

  • Defies logic. Just doesn’t make sense. Yet again we appear to be on the verge of weakening before strengthening, and that is way out of order. We’ve had enough trouble replacing Hughes/Bardsley, enough trouble strengthening the squad, where do we pick up a quality replacement for Ridge? I’m getting very confused, confused and frustrated. We appear to be digging a bigger hole for ourselves.

  • Sky reporting we are getting close to sorting a deal for Hangeland. Is it me or does any one else get fed up with this, being linked rubbish. If you want him MON buy him for gods sake or we will miss out on another player. Trust your judgement!!

  • Well I think we are gonna get this guy now unless SKY have made another mistake like the time they said Reo Coker was having a medical but at that time no fee has even been agreed.

  • Little77, the CEO said that they will do everything possible to sign ‘top class’ players this transfer market. I have faith that they will. But, 90% of people have took what was said, interpreted it in their own way and expected 7-8 ‘world class’ players to arrive on our doorsteps and then push to break the top four. I’m not even going to comment on that. MON will only buy players he knows a lot about and who work hard and understand how to bond as a unit, he won’t go out and buy a £20m striker and take a chance because he scored 17 goals for ‘Athletico Espana FC’ . And the Celtic fans who slate him, should remember that he has an exceptional record in the transfer market, look at Larsson for instance. Everybody seems to have the ‘Birthday money syndrome’ get a tenner in your card and go and blow it down the shop on some shiny robot that has a packet showing it doing all sorts of things, then two days later its in the cupboard cause it was crap really. look at Sven, most if not all of the players he has signed will struggle in the prem. Good quality and value for money is the way, maybe in five years we will be in a position to take the chance and spend £25m on a striker, but as for now, lets get a squad that will work hard as a unit, we have a good foundation, young, hungry, willing to compete with each other, good banter etc…..slowly does it. UTV

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