Date: 30th November 2006 at 11:49am
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Ridgewell the Striker

Villa are in real need of more width and something different in the box to complement Angel.

Earlier in the season Barry at full back, Luke Moore on the left and Gabby on the right provided three widish players but the right back position remains a problem. Certainly Mellberg is poor going forward and top teams need to start their football from the back.

Put Mellberg back in the middle with Cahill, put Barry back to left back, and magic a good right back from somewhere please in January (a fit Delaney would have been fine, but will he ever get back?).

Up front Sutton wins everything in the air but I really think Ridgewell deserves a go. Unlike most centre backs he has a striker’s instinct and has scored a few 2 yard drives that our strikers rarely manage. He also heads the ball like a striker rather than a centre half’s looping headers over the bar.

We are too light weight up front and give the ball away with too little momentum going forward.

Give him a try. It might not work, but it is worth a go. Angel and Baros don’t work, but a big man with strength in the air and an eye for goal on the floor is what is needed. He just could be the solution??!!!

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29 Replies to “Liam Ridgewell The Striker?”

  • Square peg in a round hole. We definitely need another striker and we need rid of Baros, but I can’t see how playing a centre half up front is the answer!

  • bodybutter- how are we getting stuffed by average teams all of a sudden??! We were beaten by a team who played better on the night- I can’t recall us getting “stuffed” by anyone other than Chelsea this season, so why the negativity?

  • Smacks of desperation. I remember (damn, I forgot his name, the manager before Docherty) playing Charlie Aitken up front once…that didn’t work either.

  • Hasty little knee jerk I think. We are all talking about Keane, Defoe, Nugent. I am talking about Luca Toni. But the answer was there all along ……. Ridgewell. Who’d have thought …………??

  • Very strong rumour that Bellamy will jion us from liverpool – the very instant the window opens. The deal is as good as done.

  • Luca Toni… That would be some signing! Fernando Torres at 1/3 of the price. “Slightly” older, though..

  • Your avin a laff, agree Baros and JPA dont work one of them has to go, MON must have wanted to see the crack was, I bet he wont do that again.

  • ……”and the winner of the Golden Boot season 2006-2007, please put your hands together for……. Liam Ridgewell”

  • England Captain, star striker and top scorer …… Liam Ridgewell proudly leads the England team up the steps to collect the famous Jules Rimet Trophy and shows it to a watching audience of billions as they, thanks to Riddgers being the World Cups top scorer, lift the trophy for the first time since 1966. He lifts his shirt to show a vest on which is written …… “Stennyvilla, it is all thanks to you”.

  • I don’t know if Ridge could provide a temporary answer but it’s not without president. Anyone remember a former Villa Hero by the name of Dion Dublin? Started as a center-half, moved to striker where he was also capped for England and then finnished his career at center-half, showing great composure and a fantastic ability to read the game, especially having learned how a striker thinks. If Ridge and O’Neill are even concidering this then it should be now while he is still young enough to “learn new tricks” Personally I can’t see it happening but I am open to all sensible suggestions.

  • I can’t name the source (but its from within AVFC) – but from what I heard – I would be extremley surprised if our first move come Janaury isn’t for Bellamy…….

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