Date: 23rd May 2009 at 3:46pm
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Stiliyan Petrov has said that should Barry leave life will go on, but nobody at the club wants to lose a great player.

Speaking to the Express and Star today – they’ve been busy – our new 4 year contract extensioned Petrov said he hoped that the Villa fans gave Gareth a rousing reception tomorrow against Newcastle as it may be our final goodbye to him.

Barry will lead us out as captain, possibly for the final time, as most believe it is only a matter of time before Liverpool contact the club again with a firm offer to end his 12 year career in claret and blue.

Petrov wants the fans to remember the service Barry has given us over the years and to show our thanks and appreciation as loudly as we can.

“What Gareth has done for this club is phenomenal, he has been great. He should get a great reception whether he leaves or not.

“Sometimes fans have enough of players, but they still love Gareth. They should be happy to have had a player like him and I hope they will still have him next season, he has been immense for 12 years. It`s something that should be appreciated because not many players do that. He has been really loyal.

“We would prefer him to be in our team but the future is down to him. There is definitely life after Gareth, but we would lose a great player.”

For those who desire hope that Barry will not leave us, remember Stan said he would have to consider his own future should Barry leave. Many thought that meant he would not sign a new contract unless our Captain’s future was secure.

Well Petrov signed….is Barry going to be next?


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  • be interesting to see if Barry is emotional or different at the end of the game tomorrow…! Oh well, feck it, what will be will be!

  • Interesting Mike, I’d never pinged you as a straw-clutcher. I’m quite convinced that Barry’s and Petrov’s futures are entirely unlinked in terms of staying or going.

  • Cant argue with Stan’s sentiments. If Gareth has decided that its time to up and off, then so be it. I’ll certainly wish him well in pursuit of his goal, which we are reliably informed is Champions League football. I hope it works out for him if he does move on, and that things work out well, I will certainly have no complaints or harbour bad feelings. Of course life will move on. We’ve lost many key performers in my days of supporting the club, but we’ve picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down, started again, and invariably moved on to better things. Of course we’ll miss him. Quality performer, top professional, popular figure, but he will be replaced, and AVFC will survive and thrive.

  • VotN, don’t get me wrong. I said at the time of Petrov’s interview he was PR spin by the club and there’s no way Petrov would dictate his future based on Barry, but there’s plenty who believed it and still do. Afterall look at rumours post Petrov’s signing – they were all about how Barry can’t be far behind otherwise he wouldn’t have signed lol

    It was a just straw to give those amongst us who can’t stomach the idea of him going some hope 🙂

  • no Happy Clappers commenting?

    Nice of Petrov to say such wonderful things about Barry, perhaps he perceives his job would be much harder in midfield if he left.

  • Is Gareth Barry really loved by the Villa fans? I get the impression that before last summer’s unfortunate events he was merely under-appreciated, but after last summer there are a sizeable group of fans who have decided to focus on one isolated, unrepresentative incident and now deride not only his ability but his character as well. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong tomorrow, but I think that the Villa crowd won’t make it too difficult for Gareth to walk away, which would be both a tragedy and a disgrace.

  • Don’t worry Alba, I’m sure you will find a way to blame MON. From where I sit GB is very appreciated and I for one will prove you wrong. However I do agree with you that if the croud do not show appreciation for his service it is a disgrace. But – 1 man don’t make a team (unless its Stevie G) and if GB leaves it opens up other opportunities. UTV

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