Date: 17th May 2007 at 4:31pm
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Lil Lee, where you going?!

Lee Hendrie is looking to get his career back on track but doesn’t know where he will end up. As he approaches his 30th Birthday, the (nearly) former Villa midfielder has yet to sort out this future. His contract at Villa is up at the end of May and it is obvious he isn’t in Martin O’Neill’s plans.

Hendrie said: ‘I’ve still no idea what is happening. I’ve got a meeting at the end of this week with my agent and things should become clearer tomorrow. I know a few clubs are interested, but nothing concrete has been said to me as yet. So, I suppose I am still in the same situation. People have been talking to clubs on my behalf. Stoke City have mentioned about signing permanently, and I have to speak to them about it. If possible of course I would like to stay in the Premiership.’

‘There was interest from abroad earlier this season and it is now a case of seeing if that interest still stands. I’ve said to my agent, I don’t want you to come back to me with this or that club ‘might’ be interested – I want to know for sure which ones want me. I’d prefer to stay in the midlands also, but if not then I have no problem in moving. Stoke were good to me. I got some niggling injuries towards the end of my stay, it is a different league down there in the Championship.’

Meanwhile, he has also set out his testimonial plans. Says a lot that it is being done by an external company really! I’m sure if he was doing a Niall Quinn and donating all the money to charity more fans would be interested but as only a percentage will go to Villa’s club charity Acorns Children Hospice, I’m not so sure.

Anyway, there is a testimonial dinner on July 4.

The official site says The dinner at the Holte Suite, Villa Park, is an occasion for fans to thank Hendrie for his dedication to the club who he has been signed to for almost 13 years.

Thank him for what? Feck me a bus, most of us work 45 years and get a bloody watch just at the point we shouldn’t have to time watch, 13 years of underachieving picking up top money and making a massive splash in the press for the wrong reasons doesn’t leave much space where I’d want to thank him, no offence like! Ho hum, I’m sure will think of something. Sounds a decent night with Sir Bobby, former Villa managers etc.

Hendrie said: ‘It looks like it will be a great night and the names that will be there makes it even more exciting. Sir Bobby will be an excellent speaker, he is a great guy and so well respected in the game. All the lads have got behind me with this, and it is not just the Villa squad. There will be friends there who I have played with in the past who are coming to support me. I have got two daughters so it means something to support a children’s charity.’

In that case, give all the money to charity?

A table for 10 is available at £850. Guests can also book a table to include an Aston Villa player for £1200. There are also corporate sponsorship packages available which include an exclusive pre-dinner champagne reception with all the personalities. The evening starts at 7pm on Wednesday July 4. or call 0871 8715300


13 Replies to “Lil’ Lee, Where Yam Goin?”

  • hahaha, what a joker! Who the hell is going to pay £85 for that? I’d rather spend £85 on red hot pokers to stick up my arse!

  • “I would like to stay in the Premiership” just like last season you clown!… “Sir Bobby will be an excellent speaker, he is a great guy and so well respected in the game.”… Unlike you you overpaid arragant tosser… “All the lads have got behind me with this, and it is not just the Villa squad.” Just to give you the final push out of the door to pick up your £1m a year salary paid by the loyal fans.

  • Deano, that has to be the posting of the year to date. Lee might be aiming a little too high with regards to hoping he remains in the premiership, he may find he needs to adjust his sights a little lower. Probably needs to adjust his salary demands too.

  • I know its all done and dusted now, but it wasn’t 13 years of underachievement. The last 2 to 3 years by my reckoning started with Lee actually playing consistently his best football for Villa and scoring some classic goals too. DOL left him out after he showed he was unhappy being subbed in a match at end 2005 and after that he was never given a chance. Not sure also under MON when everyone else had a chance to show what they could do – including Berger after refusing to pla for the reserves – then why didn’t Lee too.

    I still obviously don’t know and never will now, but I am not absolutely convinced he couldn’t still have done a good job for us at least as a squad member. I know we are hopefully shooting for higher things now, but I effectively think Lee can only be blamed for under- achieving for about 11 years!

    As for the testimonial sentiments, then this I agree should be 100% for charity or otherwise it is something for long-serving Unibond and Scots Div 3 players, not the Premiership gravy train.

  • Although he hasnt been the best for villa, and yeah he isnt the best of ability, some of your abuse is ******** shocking. call youself villa fans? i thought fans were about supporting club and fans, not *****in slaggin the players off.

  • micsymmonds – he is not being slagged off for his lack of ability he is being slagged off for dragging the clubs name through the gutter many times. Maybe you should get the full facts around you and try to understand why the fans feel the way they do before you start spouting off.

  • Well I for one wish the lad all the best. He aint perfect, then neither am I, so good luck Lee.

  • With Lee on his way out I worry which poor b*stard our fickle fans will lay the blame with for poor performances now. For Christ’s sake, he’s been at soke all season and still people are popping him off!! The guy has a pretty good record for the Villa, yes he made mistakes off the field but who doesn’t. One thing that can be said for Hendrie is that every time he pulled on the Villa shirt he wore it with pride and passion which is a lot bloody more than most of the players around him had for 12 years!!!

  • It’s not just about poor performances, underachievement and having a scapegoat. The guy is a nasty piece of work. Never had any time for the fans, always in the press for the wrong reasons, has milked the club for years and now wants a final pay day! He can just sod off!

  • It?s nothing about blaming anyone for poor performances. The guy has been a total idiot on and off the pitch. The number of bookings and sendings off during his carrer at Villa has hindered rather than help the team. 4 spectacular goals at the start of one season does not make up for the continual petulance shown throughout his career. Sorry if you believe he has been an ambassador to the Club and he has been treated harshly but his off the field antics have also dragged the Club through the mud. It may be his personal life but all the headlines are Villa player this Villa player that. I for one believe that being caught and charged for drink driving, convicted of assault, abusing a disabled fan and belittling fellow professionals is something that he should not be proud of but when has he ever made a statement apologising for his appalling behaviour? Players demand big wages and unfortunately with that comes responsibility, something that he seems to rid himself of at every opportunity.

  • Unfortunately, Lee is typical many modern day footballers. They have money to burn and live life in the edge outside the game. We should not villify the guy too much, he’s always showed passion and commitment, I’ve a feeling he’ll get picked up by a team like Bolton or Blues. It’s a straight love or hate thing. We may have Ballamy on our books soon who has similar repuatation.

  • Testimonial dinner-Holte Suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what its like when there’s only a table for 2 in there??????????????

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