Date: 18th September 2006 at 6:33pm
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What will be the attendance on Saturday?

Lets look at the positives:
Three home wins on the trot (including Sunderland last season).
First game at home for a month.
First game officially with Randy as the new Chairman.
Martin O’Neill as the gaffer.
Three o’clock Saturday kick off.
Not live on the box.
Villa value game which means kids tickets are from just £5 in the bottom of the North Stand (Charlton have only requested a small allocation in the bottom of the Witton Lane).
A team that consists of several home grown players, all of who are working their socks off at the moment.
No other Premier League Club for 80 miles.

I do not think there is much more the club or players could of done to ensure the largest attendance possible. With all these positives are Villa fans going to do the right thing and fill the ground? Or will the team be performing to a ground that yet again has empty seats?

My view is that for years we have wanted the club to do the right thing. Now that the club is, will fans support the new regime? I believe we are going to struggle to get 40,000. However I would love it if thousands of fans get locked out because they left it too late to get their tickets. I have said it before but I believe it is worth repeating.

If we fail to start selling out Villa Park, the owners will look to increase prices to ensure they maximise the revenue from those fans who can be bothered to turn up.

If we can put up the ‘house full’ signs at all games then the club will take up the already agreed option of redeveloping the ground to 52,000. This in turn will keep prices down as they encourage even more supporters to fill the extra 10,000 seats.

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22 Replies to “Lions Should Fill Villa Park”

  • Would be great to see Villa Park full to the rafters again, top five and everything to play for, why not? I’d get a few schools or cub scouts in if we’ve not sold out, get the youngsters interested for the future!

  • In business terms it doesn’t make sense to push up prices for an under sold stadium. With a limited supply then prices should be lowered if we are undersold and raised if we are selling out every week. The Fear makes a good point. This isn’t 1920, there

  • Voice raises some interesting questions about the club’s support and recent attendances, but Ooohaaah is correct about prices. The economic laws of demand and supply apply, where by if the stadium is half empty, prices would most likely go down. Converse

  • Any idea what the season tickets sales reached after the pre-Randy dejection? IF Randy and MON had got in a month or so earlier who’s to say most games would have been sell outs? I am going to plump for 37,500 with 500 from Charlton.

  • is it true that adults are £15 in the north stand ? – can I buy these tickets on the day ?

    why are the prices on the web site so small you can not read them ?

  • Where are the missing thousands who said that they’d return upon Ellis’ demise? I think we’ll struggle to pull in 35,000 against Charlton.

  • We should get a full house against Spurs – Hope so anyway because I’m returning from Australia for this one. If I can make it from Australia then there is no excuse for anyone else – unless your a bluse nose from Sydney (or perhaps 2 headed from Tasmania

  • I think it’ll be around the 38,000 mark. Would love to see over 40,000 but too many people seem to have got out of the habit of going to get that level against Charlton IMO

  • I still maintain that the club does not market itself well enough. Charlton were on tv recently showing how they run free coaches to the ground from out lying areas for anyone with a match ticket. There are numerous places from where villa could do this.

  • Come down to earth boys – still a long way to go. Even with the possibility of getting 3 points against Charlton which keeps us on track for a Top 4 finish this season – Yes Top4! – (2 points average per game).
    But I just don’t see sufficient interest f

  • Picking up the points about attendances. It makes no sense at all to have below 100% attendances. We should aim to fill Villa Park for every home game, yes every home game. Ticket sales are a relatively small percentage of our sales income (less than 20%)

  • Kids for a quid. Get real!! Is that all that you value the Villa?? I can understand lower league teams doing that, but for all the reasons I highlighted, this is not a level to which the club should stoop. If paying £1 to watch the Villa is the level of y

  • VOTH, Dude,you really should stop questioning peoples support just because you dont agree with them, you pretty much always have a valid point to offer but just because people suggest things that you dont like doesn’t mean they support the villa any less

  • VOTH.. i agree with bobbyfett, your kind of hardcore flag waving tends to get people’s backs up. The wayward villa supporters will return soon enough. As for the economics of your idea of ticket prices going up if attendances don’t rise, you are simply

  • I am glad that people are expressing their views. It makes for healthy debate. However giving an opinion does not make me right or wrong. It is simply an opinion. I understand that some supporters can not afford football, even at a fiver. I have been in t

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