Date: 27th September 2007 at 10:26am
Written by: Wicked Messenger and Bearvill

Wicked Messenger said, As a big MON supporter I have to say he has to take full responsibility for the result. He praised Mourinho last season for playing his strongest team in this completion yet he couldn’t do the same despite having a far inferior squad.

Having said that, before kick off I thought the team would walk it. Little did I know, that was exactly what they tried to do. No scapegoats please – Harewood and Petrov were no worse than many others. Harewood showed the most urgency and at least risked making mistakes by taking on players. He had a go but only succeeded in making me feel how critical Carew’s injury could be to the team. I hope I’m proved wrong.

Most passed it sideways and hoped somebody else would try to make something happen. It all smacked a great deal of Man City away in terms of possession / chances ratio.

The pressure’s right on again now for Spurs and if they snub out Barry and Young I cannot see where the goal’s are coming from. It’s depressing and it also vindicates all those on this site who have severely criticised MON’s summer spending, or lack of it.

Martin has put himself under a pressure and scrutiny that a decent cup run would have nullified.

Player Ratings

Taylor – 0 –
Awful Kicking, chose the wrong option all the time, Where is Sorenson ??? Taylor didn’t have much to do and when he did something it was crap

Barry – 6 –
Tried to come forward as much as possible but he isn’t a left back and shouldn’t be played there, if O’Neill wasn’t comfortable playing O’Halloran then he should have bought a left-back in the summer

Davies – 2 –
Summed it up himself perfectly, toss, I know he is much better then that

Knight – 6 –
Thought he did well to be fair to him, looking like a bit of a bargain

Mellberg -7 –
Tried to come forward as much as possible but again he isn’t a right back and his crossing is woeful at times… well all the time

Petrov – 0 –
What’s the point of him….. I honestly thought he had gone off at half time for the majority of the half, offers nothing, doesn’t look bothered, I would just get rid of him he is just crap.

Reo Coker – 5 –
Thought he did ok, he was better then Sunday anyway, not that that is saying much, Osbourne was in there I guess so that Reo-Coker could show us his apparent attacking threat….I failed to see it

Osbourne -6 –
I like the kid, and he did get quite alot of the ball but he had no runners to aim for and no one getting in space for him so all he could do was pass to Mellberg] or Barry at full back, thus didn’t really help us.

Maloney – 7 –
Only one who did well really, I think he deserves a start, one criticism last night is he should have shot more as we were having no luck getting in behind so it needed a spectacular

Gabby – 4 –
Was he playing ??? didn’t do much at all.

Harewood – 4 –
Tries hard, isn’t very good !! in 5 words that IS Marlon

Young – 4 –
No chance to shine

Moore – 3 –
Didn’t touch the ball did he?!!

Manager Rating
O’Neill – 3 – What formation did we start with?? I honestly didn’t know it looked like Petrov was upfront!!!

He gambled by replacing 6 players and it well and truly didn’t pay off, I reckon if he had started Gardner over Petrov, or O’Halloren at left back with Barry in centre mid, we would have won.